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Where's the best place to meet a Virgin female aged 18-21 who wants to get married?

I'm 25 btw
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You fantasy would be a good place to start.
Church activity groups
I believe most Mormon women are married around 21, after they go on a mission.

Any fundamentalist religious community would be a good bet. Muslim, Christian, Hindu, etc.

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Do you get caught in these awful loops, robots?

>6:00 AM, up all night
>Get sudden urge to clean my room, work out, do all this bullshit
>Work myself up for like an hour to get it all done
>Get tired as fuck, tell myself I'll do it all when I wake up
>Wake up, wallow in my filth, smoke cigarettes and repeat

I'm getting sick of this day to day bullshit but at the same time I cannot find the drive to do anything productive.
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Start by forcing yourself to stay awake for the whole day and setting yourself for long term objective goals. I've been like that for 2 years. Felt like my life was just a dream where I'm waiting to die. It doesn't stop unless you force yourself to stop it.
That's some good advice, actually, and the part about it feeling like a dream was spot-on. I guess it's just kickstarting that drive.
If your sleeping cycle is fucked up, don't go to bed at 6 am. Stay up and go to sleep at 9 pm or something like that so you wake up at 7 am or some other reasonable time. My sleeping cycle gets regularly fucked up and I feel super depressed when I wake up late in the afternoon and literally see no sunlight for a whole day.

henlo robotos

As of today I finally purchased a home of my own. I live in SoCal and managed to knab a steal of a house in a nice little secluded area in a national forest. I'm giddy with excitement because I'm finally going to be able to truly separate myself from the world and just live in my cabin and go on nature walks and go fishing all the time and basically only have to deal with normans when I go grocery shopping.

The best version of the NEET life awaits and I can hardly contain myself.

Question is, how deep into this should I go? I can probably establish complete financial independence within a couple of years, but I dunno if complete disengagement from the world is a good idea.

Pic related, it's my Hobbit hole.
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Alternatively, who wants to actually live out that /r9k/ house meme?
No one wants to live with me and LARP being beta hobbits? Sadness.
I would if I was in fatty land.

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Is there any fembot out there interested in light flirting, regular discussion on politics and music that also is willing to discuss our insecurities without one side taking up too much of the conversation?

Asking for a friend
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Maybe I should have posted at a better time
last bump before i quit
id be up for that, but i dislike politics

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>took a job in a different country
>stopped being a degenerate, decided to work hard and try my best
>doing ok, saved this business a couple of times without realizing
>about a month in feel completely incompetent and seriosuly home sick
>can tell colleague is sick of checking everything I do
>feel like quitting, giving up and going back home to become a neet criminal again and kill myself with drugs or alcohol
Maybe I was destined to be a neet loser, but I'll never forgive myself if I quit.When I was a neet I wanted a job but now that I have a job I want to be a neet. I dont know what to do
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Inspector Pepe.png
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So what caused this sudden change in mood? Sounds like things were going well at first?
Thanks for replying. Well, I think its hard to pin point it to one thing but I did injure my knee which meant I couldnt exercise for a few weeks and then work became very difficult. I put on a couple of kilos and started to despise working (even though I thought I'd love doing what I'm doing) and things have sort of spiralled from there. Plus its been 2 months and I still don't know anyone despite trying my hardest to make friends so I'm extremely isolated.
Thanks again for the reply, it made me feel good
don't beat yourself up, just do your best and stick with it. you just started, it takes time to get competent at a job.

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Do you practice poses ? I do. I see normies' poses in instagram photos when they're with friends, and there WILL come a time when i have friends, and i will NOT be embarassing. I will have normal but cool and witty poses.
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Like i fantasize doing poses in social scenarios. In my head
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I have practiced dabbing. Party rocking, here I come!

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Why do you want an asian gf so much R9k?

Your kid is gonna be messed up.
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who the fuck cares about kids?
But im asian myself,
asian girls dont even want their own kind, how can you white boys even be robots?
Considering that you're going to have to take care of that hapa retard child for 18 years It seems like it's a pretty big deal.

Thankfully I grew out of chinks in my early 20's so I don't have to worry about it.

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Pissed off Doge..jpg
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Yo guys, lemme ask you a question?
In the age of social media and all dis good shit how can u b lonely?
How can anybody b lonely in today's world?
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some of us are just old fashioned. I don't want to fuck random whores, if I have to choose between that and lonlieness I choose to be alone, no thought to it. In todays world being romantic/emotional is worse than being the biggest abomination of a neckbeard stereotype, ESPECIALLY if you are a dude.
For the same reason getting a dog doesn't cure loneliness.

It's not genuine human contact.
I've never been able to find a person I have some sort of connection with, online or in person.
Because social media isn't social interaction. It's basically blogging about stupid shit. Most people that want to be your online friend on shit like facebook just want more farmville squares or however that game went. Not to mention the majority of the population is not meant to interact with so many people at once. Everyone is either a mini celebrity or a number.

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lol did u get diddled or something?
did daddy make cummies in you?
But this is our board. There are other boards for normies.
I have a feeling this whole pedo shit is a psyop in line with the trap and /lgbtbbq/ threads

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Why aren't you settling for a trap gf instead of sulking all alone? They're evidently easier to please and are more willing to date you desu.
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Do you think Lenny and Jason double teamed that tranny?
There are exactly zero traps where i live
Because I'm not gay


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I'm starting University and they're talking about forcing us into to groups and forcing us to socialise. FORCING ME TO SOCIALISE.

I took IT so I didn't have to fucking socialise.

I haven't had a friend in over 5 years. I don't like people. I fucking hate being around them and talking to them and putting up with them. I'll kill myself rather than put up with normal conversations and social interaction.

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ur studpid and edgy and therrers nothing wrong w u. waahhhh i hate othe r humans!!! :((( ur just a shy boy so shut up
Then don't go to college, or get over your autism. For crying out loud, the people on here are insane.
You could just go home to reddit and his teacher could stop with this shit.

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hi robots FEMALE here. i was born w a girly voice and want to put it to good use. im willing to toss u guys a bone here. i'll pretend 2 be ur gf on the phone w ur parents so they dont think ur incapable of forming human relations. how does that sound?
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post voice, faggot

better not be a stupid smelly trap either
I'd much prefer your just talking to me, not my parents.

Implying you're not hiding a dick :^)
"pathetic. tiny dick. loser. do you really believe any woman would want to have sex with you? you're disgusting, and your dick is sooo small anyway. i mean, how do you even live with yourself?"

pls do an audio for this

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How does one become more apathetic?
How did you stop caring?
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Over exposure to the dark side of life.
This, to be quite honest. Just let the container fill with acid and once it overflows you'll know.
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Watch the world around you, see the unspoken rules, the red tape, learn as much as possible of the world and slowly you will become jaded when the reality sets in
>women are sluts by nature
>everyone is looking out for themselves and are indifferent to other people
>systems set to place long ago have been long since corrupted and people who are supposed to have peoples best interests in mind have become nothing more than cash out puppets
>life has no meaning, religions are bullshit with no basis on reality, governments are there to keep the house of cards barely standing so they can milk their citizens dry while barely doing their job
>people are extremely incompetent, hard work only nets you more work, money doesn't bring you happiness it only removes inconveniences in life
>people are shallow and only autistic people live by the standards we are all supposed to be raised to uphold
>power corrupts everyone eventually, people in power are oblivious to the struggles of common folk
>nothing will ever change because they are so deep rooted in the system removing them would topple the whole system leading to anarchy
>only way to win is to join them, every good deed is taxed one way or another
>if you join them you will become psychopath and you will become "hollow" for losing what made you you in the progress

I chose the path of NEET'ing to escape their game, after some years of solitude and time to recover i looked into getting back into society, society doesn't want me anymore i am unemployable at this point

Once you realize that your efforts are pointless you can stop giving a fuck and waddle through life without caring about what others think, what you do or what happens around you, kind of like letting the stream just take you down the river after trying to swim upstream for long enough
It is a strange feeling at first but it made me content with life, all i do now days is play games, watch anime, drink and smoke weed, nothing truly matters to me anymore

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Label the yellow guy, robots.
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>Label the yellow guy, robots.
And here's our template.
Simple, and classic yet current. Very nice.
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You know it's true.

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What the fuck is going on

I felt really good about myself after looking in the mirror so I made a Tinder account and put a good picture on

I still don't have any matches after 3 days of non-stop swiping.

I can't believe I can't attract females on the easiest place to attract females
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Same. Luckily I'm a fag... All I have to worry about is catching STDs and finding a faithful boyfriend.
Desperate fucking idiots. You've been put in the spam pile on tinder.
this isn't fucking true you asshole

I swiped left on the outright ugly girls and trolls. And when I say ugly, I mean 30+ and grotesquely obese. Someone I wouldn't even get hard when trying to fuck.

I'm NOT in the fucking spam folder you CUNT

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