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Can you guys share good music? I need something. Preferably anything electronic/instrumental.
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This song will be playing the night I'll kill myself.

Hope this works

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Femanons, post info about your ideal bf

> His age
> His height, build,general looks
> His ethnicity and location
> His hobbies/interests
> Why do you want a bf
> What could you offer
> What's the most important thing/trait for your potential bf to have
> Deal breakers
> Quick rundown on yourself. Your age, ethnicity, location, interests.
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Nobody cares whore.
bumperooo. is anyone gonna post
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I'm willing to bump this thread.

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Hey there. Wanna talk about stuff? Let's get it going because I cannot sleep over here
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This has never worked out so I don't think I should.
R9k, robot 9001 are the tags
I enjoy meeting you guys so I would appreciate your company

I've been reading about strangulation. It sounds like way to painful and can take up to 20 fucking minutes. Can't do that.

Only have a 22 revolver, probably leave me brain damaged.

Poison...fuck no

Is there a non meme way of ending it without excruciating pain.
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Just live. Theres no bigger meme than suicide. Think life sucks now? Imagine being a cripple in a psych ward
I'd rather not be a cripple, thats why I said a non meme way
If you have nothing to lose. Why don't you try to fix your life? What is the worse thing that can happen you are back to moment.

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School band.
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My sister's baby.
maybe boy scouts so I could have had something more for my college resume but also my entire troop made my life miserable as fuck.
I'm so glad I dropped school band though, that shit sucked.

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What do honestly think about white people?
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I think they are the master race. I am willing to be their slave.
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>what do you think about white ppl
I think the females have delicious asses
On /r9k/ they either seem really angry or really gay. In real life they're either normal or really into one thing that they can't help mentioning in conversation.

School greentext thread. Share stories boys
>be me
>around 7 years old
>maths teacher talking about estimating
>tells the class that there's 100 buttons on the desk, and she wants us to use estimation to make a guess as to how many buttons there are
>we all line up to the desk and answer
>kids in front of me saying dumb shit like "97, 85, 109"
>I get up and say 100
>told I'm wrong because I didn't estimate
>say I know there's 100 buttons so there's no need to estimate
>told I'm not playing by the rules and I have to estimate
>say my guess is 100 and guessing a rounded up number like 100 makes way more sense than something like 102
>told I'm wrong again and estimating means being almost right
>give up and say 99
>go back to my seat confused
>when everyone has guessed, the teacher says to the class "see nobody got 100, but you all got close just by estimating, this is a really important skill in life"
>she ends the class and we all go to the yard for a break
>all the kids are making a game trying to find who guessed the closest number, as if the teacher never explicitly said there was 100 buttons beforehand
I've literally been thinking about this for decades. What the fuck was she on about? I'm convinced I read her mind and found out there was 100 buttons, it's the only thing that makes sense
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Normies are just like that, so wathever, dont waste time on nonsense
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the mind is great at distracting you from more important things by making you sit and think about meaningless things like this

I do this too and think about all the possible paths I could've taken over a situation that recently occurred
just try and forget it but if you need an answer then see >>39144205
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>be me
>at a christian school
>got an absolute BITCH for the "christian studies class
>literally get detention for cleaning the elemntary building's stairs on SCHOOL CLEANUP DAY because I was "out of my assigned area"
>shes opposed to any idea other than whats in the Bible
>one day I get sick of it and vent in the group text that we made for that class cause shes also a confusing ass bitch
>everyone agrees
>a few weeks later the chat has devolved into meme material
>one kid's mom finds it and being that its a christian school, this kids christian parents screenshot it and send them to the school
>kid gets on right after shes done and warns us
>we delete it but the damage is done
>a few days later get called into the office
>this is freshman year of hs so I don't want a suspension or something on my record
>get in and my fucking MOMS in there
>hamplanet of a principal leads with "Anon, are you a christian?"
>"um yea why" i say to help myself
>"well this groupchat was vile and we might have to expel you for what you said there"
>moms crying
>end up reviewing the printed out screenshots that are like 30 pages because they took like all the shit I said
>turns out like 4 other kids had the same talk
>get home
>mom cries
>ended up leaving the school before they could expel me for some stupid jokes in a group chat

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What type of girls do you attract?
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The non-existent ones.
Girls that want their dads.
Ones that are made of the nothingness of the void.

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Post hilarious images
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Ummm. That's actually sad though.

I'm empathy incarnate.
How do you handle 4chan?
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Here's a better ex.

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smug snug.png
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who here /selfcheckoutGOD/?
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Me, I hear so many people around me complaining about how it's confusing to use

Meanwhile I'm already out the door
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people who don't put their shit straight into the bag after scanning deserve to be shot
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>cant buy alcohol at self checkout

literally fucking worthless

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How do you robots make the pain go away? For me? Percs and weed.
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Cocaine or mdma and usually long sessions of vidya.

Makes my blood pressure pretty dangerous

Doesn't help that I permanently damaged my vascular system with past DPH abuce
Do you have a prescription for the percocet? I'm jealous.

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>open up 7 tabs of porn you're genuinely interested in
>cum on the second
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>can only fap once a day
>can't decide which video to cum to
I know what you mean dude, you never wanna waste it on crap.
>wank 5 times a day
> always to the same video because it lets me finish the fastest and I'm starting to hate it


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Post a drawing which looks like you.
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I wish I had the uniform to go with the hair, face, and build.
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Metaphysically me
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She's got a cuter nose.

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How do I stop getting turned on by small penis humiliation, cuckolding and NTR?
Does anyone else here enjoy small penis humiliation, cuckolding and NTR?
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Just stop watching porn. It's the only permanent solution to your perversions.
That image turns me on because it reminds me what alphas can get that I can't
That artist is bad and you should feel bad for enjoying that

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>see girl around campus
>every time I see her I catch her staring at me then she looks away
>sometimes she'll look me up and down

What did she mean by this?
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I would just kill her OP
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Intimidation tactic. She wants to fight you.
why the fuck can't this ever happen to me? op you gotta take advantage of this

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