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jews really got to you huh?
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listen to ITAOTS friend
I'm sure it'll be a gas.
I'm German and I want to fuck an Anne Frank look alike
I'm atheist but my fondest memories were when I was fucking a Christian girl
Love that opposites shit

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>sister's friends come over
>start download 16gb steam games to slow it down
>I can hear them whining about it in the other room
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Now go fuck your sister
Do you ever kiss your sister on her lips
>ugh the wifi's being slow
>fine, let's just go straight to Chad's party
>God I can't wait to ride his dick tonight
>me too!
S-sure showed them, anon.

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Any other robots learning guitar?

If so, what reasons are you doing it for?
For me, it's for myself. So i can play and maybe even write some music i love
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I learned how to play the ukulele.
It makes the years waiting for death fly by.
I learned a while ago for fun and now I write and produce songs. Its pretty much the only cool thing I do.
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i've been seeing a weird rise in these kinds of threads the last month or so.
i'm learning so i can make some music and play my favorite songs.
started around december, was on/off until april
and i've been practicing almost every day since for atleast 30 min.
kinda wish i had started learning the piano first, cause i don't want to make regular rock music, but what are you gonna do.

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If this gets 500 unique posters
Mods have to delete this board
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I'm in!

Good riddance.
You will never stop /r9k/
without this post of course
Onward to 500!

Feel I have no future but when I talk to people they think I'm doing great
And I sometimes laugh a lot while just some time ago I was having dark thoughts
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I usually cycle through what I'd say resemble manic and depressive episodes. The manic episodes are usually very short (lasting for a few hours usually) while the depressive ones can last for days at a time.

During my manic episodes, I feel productive, on top of the world. and motivated to pursue my interests and hobbies. The most important part of the manic episode is that I no longer care about other people and their opinions. I do not feel envy, anger or hatred like I normally do.

The depressive episodes consist of a loss of motivation and interest and a return of the anger, hatred, and envy towards others.

It is very difficult to maintain a cohesive and productive front on a daily basis when I feel like my entire mindset can change several times a day.

Now I'll sit here and refresh the thread for a few minutes, get absolutely no type of response, and feel like a jackass for even attempting to offer a thought-out response to a thread.
>Now I'll sit here and refresh the thread for a few minutes, get absolutely no type of response, and feel like a jackass for even attempting to offer a thought-out response to a thread.
Don't worry even if it were so you let it out which is good

I might have bipolar disorder myself but they have features which are similar to schizophrenia

When I get manic or psychotic I crash harder as the economy in 2008
Sorry I don't really have a particularly interesting response but I just wanted to say that I experience almost the exact same thing.

I have noticed one thing though.
I usually live with my parents but as they're getting older they go on long holidays a few times a year, and when I have the house to myself these "manic episodes" as you call them are far more frequent.

I think music helps brings out this state of mind, but also that constant feeling of being in the same building with people who are disappointed in you is a real downer.

At what size is fat considered disgusting?
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When you start sweating and stinking like a pig.
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Anything bigger than this is starting to push it.
It depends on how proportional the fat distributes on a person. Some girls have their fat go straight to their tits, ass, hips and thighs. If it gets to the point where these things start becoming indistinguishable from the rest of her body, that's when it becomes disgusting.

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Post yfw talking to a normie
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The moustachioed man was the normie here. The other guy has literal autism...
That dude was a retard. Nobody was talking to him.
It's kind of coincidental how like in most games pigs are evil

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I got a girl's number. Now how do I start a conversation?
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Open with a joke u clutz
Tell her you want to suck her dick and shit
tell us how you got it

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>tfw never will a giant qt3.14/10 put you in her mouth and swallow you alive and let her body do away with you
i'd be ready to leave if i could go out like this. just let me be turned into a cutie's shit and we'll be done
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blease don't let my thread die
i can't be the only robot with low standards and a vore fetish that's ruining my life
>there really isn't another robot
i'm a cyborg among cyborgs, i suppose

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DIE ANTWOORD: The undisputed robots of the music industry. Discuss.
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no one has psoted in my threat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "ah reeeeeeeeeee" gibbly git :@@@@@
The girl is hot but crazy af
I don't know if I want her or not
Low quality shitpost

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Fell in love in my dream today. Why torturing me like this...she didnt love me back. Woke up. Feel like shit because its related to my life.
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Got a hole in one in golf
I was so excited I woke up, and became less so.
These dreams are fucking brutal. At least for myself, my subconscious is surprisingly loving towards me and I only get either boring dreams or romantic dreams. If I ever have a nightmare I either wake up or start that lucid goodness.
I don't know whether I like to be lucid and know it isn't real, or if I like to take the blue pill and feel that genuine love for a few minutes. But of course that shit hurts all the more when it ends.
>dreamt I was bicycling naked down my street and trying to get home as fast as I could before a car drove by and saw me

What did my brain mean by this?

Why do you like boys dressed as girls?
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>Why do you like boys dressed as girls?
because they are boys and I like boys
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>Why do you like boys dressed as girls?
Why do YOU??
cute is cute my human

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>People who phrase a question by saying "Question. What's your opinion on band t shirts?"
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>wagie threads
filtered for a reason
I'm more of a fan of longsleeved shirts imho
>when i wake up alive

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What should I do? I'm a virgin and a girl finally likes me, she's pretty, we've been hanging out, but her body is so intimidating. She's half black half hispanic and I would say she's close to being fat, but in the thicc category still. I read that it's harder to fuck these kind of girls with big butts so idk
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Try not to let her get on top
I hear many people break their dicks when a fat girl rides
im pretty sure we will be in the standard missionary position
bittly bittly bip bap bodoopity bob bing bang boopadoodly bick back BRAAAAAAP

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I'm in the process of starting up a trade company in Sydney Australia.
Already signed my lease today for my warehouse and I am preparing to fit it out.

I expect to hire my first salesman within the next 6 months or so and I thought I'd see if there is anyone here that has sales experience in Australia that might want to work for me.

I would let you surf r9k, take naps and more or less do whatever you want as long as you make your sales targets.

If you have a doggo I'll even let you bring it to work.
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Can I sleep in the office? I have no experience but I will fly down from Brisbane. I'll get a gym subscription to shower.
I'll work for you, but I don't have any sales experience and don't live in Australia. Also, my dog pisses in the house and I assume he'd also piss in the office.
I have a degree in marketing but currently work at McDonald's. Pls hire me senpai

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