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Left or Right, /r9k/?

Elaborate your opinions
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right is definitely the bimbo you can fuck the same night in a really degrading way. left is cautious and has some intelligence. right all the way
I'd flip a coin, because originial.
right, because im a tittymonster fiend but sux that theyre reserved for chad only

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virgin fight.png
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Tell me about your virgin fights /r9k/
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I enjoy this meme but why does Chad always have early 90s kid slang on his shirts?
got drunk and started fighting with a mate. I wasn't being serious, he actually tried to hit and kick me but I just restrained him. Must've looked pretty gay but I didn't want to hurt him
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>high school
>beta steals my phone at lunch to impress friends
>no mood
>get behind him and put him in arm lock
>tries laughing it off at first
>starts struggling when he feels im serious
>desperately reaching out
>friends think its hilarious
>starts turning purple
>let go when he goes limp
>grab phone back
>didnt wake up for a solid 10 mins
>disoriented and crying
>never felt bad man

Dont know if this counts as a fight or straight up assault

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>crying hysterically all weekend
>give up food, exercise, hobbies and sleep to work on coding homework
>log 20 hours of work in 2 days
>still not done

Should I give up or take more xanax
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Take adderall you fucking idiot
I just wanted to go home and celebrate Father's Day with my dad
I emailed all the TA's, posted on stackoverflow, no one can help me. I'm literally almost suicidal over this or it may be lack of sleep and caffeine.
You log the number of hours you work on your homework? The time you spend on it is irrelevant as long as it's above a minimum. Work smart, not hard.

Do just enough coding right now until you hit a roadblock. Then, go eat healthy, walk, sleep, and shower. The answer should hit you out of nowhere.

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I want to run kids over with a school bus. What about you?
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see help immediately. before it finds you.
You should do it and livestream. I wanna see the face of a girl while a hand covers her mouth as she gets stabbed repeatedly. There's gotta be some kind of porn for that
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I am a good noodle. I have never wanted to do anything bad in my life.

i'm a kv, what do I do?
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thats really fucking gay anon
>getting blacked by a tranny
Show them your ass. Or stop being a faggot.

Why aren't you fucking hookers right now?

>InB4 "muh love"

Literally no woman loves a man for who he is, just what he can offer her. You get sick or lose your job she's outta there.

So tell me.

WHY aren't YOU fucking hookers RIGHT NOW?
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>Literally no woman loves a man for who he is, just what he can offer her. You get sick or lose your job she's outta there.
Just because women can't give love doesn't mean I don't want it still.
Believe me OP, if I had an infinite amount of money to spend on whatever I wanted, the very first thing I'd probably do is buy a harem of whores to fuck for a night. Unfortunately I don't have that large of a disposable income.
With all the bro love in my heart, stop that bullshit. They only want your money or your dick or your status. THEY WONT LOVE YOU BRO.

Meet up with an escort every few months. Just few hundred bucks.

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kurt cobain..jpg
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Murder or suicide?
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Neither, both are selfish and unproductive.
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select I don't know. thanks for voting xP
who gives a fuck, nirvana was shit

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>tfw there's no good threads
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but that's where you're mistaken, friendo

what are you talking about anon? don't you see all the racebaiting cuck shit and trap threads??
a bread died for this

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What are some robot-approved podcasts to listen to? Been listening to:

>Dan Carlin
>Interesting Things Explained Well

but I'm out of new episodes. Any recommendations?
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These guys actually go on 4ch but not on r9k. They're a pretty good podcast for general things like vidya and anime. The only critique I'd have of it is that the guy in the sweater brings up homestuck a lot (like at least once or twice most episodes) and the other guys sounds a little odd. It may not be good for robots, but it's perfectly fine for 4chan in general.

The Daily Shoah
Fash the Nation
Paranormies are alright sometimes...but the host a shit

Chris Cantwell

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Being a betacuck permavirgin is a flaw

Well I'm getting married to a hot blonde valedictorian who is obsessed with me in a few weeks so that's one flaw in your homo loner plan.
not making white children

Please offer anything, encouragement, advice, etc. I'm getting very anxious thinking about this, what if they don't even hire me? Why do companies do that?
I'm wearing slacks and a dress shirt. I really hope I get this job, I need the money and I'm willing to work.
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Your gonna do great anon, just be confident and think positive thoughts. And even if you don't get the job there's plenty more oppurtunities out there :)
Thanks anon. Good vibes sent back 2 u 2.
Acknowledged and appreciated, my guy

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>about to move into small room in a shared house
>it's with three girls
>one's 24, I work with her
>one's probably 25 and annoying
>one's 29 probably and has a little kids

What am I getting myself into here? Should I just stay with my mom?
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Pretty much. We discuss this topic and more in this discord

OP here again, I really want to bang/date one of the girls should I try it?
>Live in house with 3 random asian women
>never talk to them
>don't know any of their names
>haven't even seen them in like 3 weeks because i only leave my room when they are not around
This isn't like my Chinese cartoons at all

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What's the final solution to the female question, /pol/ ?

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Remove mobile phones, force single mothers to wear pictures of their children on shirts.
Real Social Dynamics. The real way that you interact with women and be an alpha. MGTOW is half baked Real Social Dynamics without any of the skill or work. MGTOW is for betas. RSD is for real men who want to rule the world.


Why are my fetishes so retarded?
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>giant girls
>try to look up giantess porn
>have to dodge onslaughts of vore, feet, farts, poop, overly visceral murder, awful 3D content, deviantart tier scribbles, and every creep that is vocal about this fetish and leaves weird inappropriate comments
What do you have against vore, faggot?

>every creep that is vocal about this fetish and leaves weird inappropriate comments

That's 98% of us. This fetish attracts the same incredibly autistic people as furry shit for some reason.



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do you use the tags when searching:
-futa -herm ?

my favorite tag is:
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People draw what they wanna draw. Maybe chill.

You misunderstand. I know how to remove them from my sight, what I mean is otherwise fantastic pictures being ruined by bullshit

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