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How does one get into exercise?

I don't want gym.
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Convict Conditioning

I don't know how to do a pushup and don't want to waste my time with bad form.
I've been doing 300 push ups a day to help stay in shape. I'm going to start running too even though I hate it.

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Do you have any weird fetishes, r9k?
>scat, piss, farts, guro, anal vore
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>Do you have any weird fetishes
Killing faggots like (you)
I have lots of weird fetishes
They're not fetishes, they're paraphilias.

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>every 15 minutes take out phone to look at a picture of my waifu
>in toilets always wait until the restroom is completely empty before taking a shit
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>while making spreadsheets shove pencil down dickhole
I just have my waifu as my phone's background, so I get to look at her every time I turn I use it.
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The second one is not autistic. You can release all your shit with a single, epic blast without disgusting someone.

>I sometimes think of war scenes from movies and I try to match the sound with my voice.
>pfffffuuuuuu ratatata aaaah
>tfw doing this in public
>tfw several people saw me doing this

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Can someone give me a quick explanation?
I understand the concept but is there any timeline how this started? What was first? lookism, PUAhate, did everything started from misc. or was R9k/fit always the place for this kinds of redpill?
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just watch The Pickup Artist show from VH1 circa 2006/07
There have always been angry idiots who think that getting women is something you do with a consistent magical formula.
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It's mostly a sham.

My co-workers made a fake Facebook with my pictures and have 200 female friends and are flirting with them and making an ass out of me.
Why do normies torment us like this?
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They are asking for death.

It is justified. Bring it to them OP.
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Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor, let bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the, FLOOOOOOOOOOR
It meana you need to use that FB account to set up Tinder and get mad pussy.

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How do I drink and not get fat?

>tfw spirts is way too expensive
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there's this amazing thing called exercise which keeps you fit and healthy, even if you eat and drink things with lots of calories!
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Count calories, faggot.

Pisswater is an option. Most sour beers are quite low in calories too.
What I do is that I eat one meal a day then I get ridiculously drunk during the night hours on 40s and vodka typically. Still haven't gained weight from my drinking habit, because I don't eat much during the day anyway.

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*blocks your path*


What would you do?
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>implying i leave my house
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Take the opportunity to actually talk to a real girl in person for the first time in a couple months and maybe lose my virginity, what do you think?
Get out of the way sluts, i have a gf

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Failed my second driving test. Why is this thing so hard. whyy
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>Not being able to fucking drive
Unless you live in some cuck state that requires parallel parking I can't imagine how you would ever fuck up a driving test.
probably nerves, he's a NEET after all
There's a lot of nigger cunts that work at the DMV that automatically fail all whites.

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Anyone else want to really badly date a deaf girl now?
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lol you missed a thread like yesterday of deaf and mute chick looking for a bf who knew sign language
This is board is autistic enough to learn it no doubt
what about a blind girl who can't smell instead

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>work in gas station
>on the first of every month a bunch of poor people come in and spend the entirety of their welfare checks on lottery tickets
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thats why they are poor
because they are stupid
is it really that stupid though? what if one of them wins?
worst part is that, even if they win the lottery, their stupidity would cause them to waste all the money away sooner or later, taking them back to square one or worse

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FUCK I want to smoke some fucking WEED man, i haven't had any in like 7 months and it was super easy at first but right now I need some
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What country are you in OP? Don't tell me you're in the U.S.
Yes I'm in the us and I'm on probation
Oof, how'd you manage that?

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How can i give up on cigs?
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stop buying them
stop smoking them
stop being a pussy and just stop

Looking for a gf.
I'll post this every single day until I find someone interested.
Day 3

Today is a good day and things are going well.
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Hopefully the day wont be bad if you dont get a reply.
perhaps this thread would interest you somewhat
good luck OP!
Nope. It's not like this is the only place I use to look for someone. It's just interesting to do and see how many days it could potentially take of posting the same thing. Even if I hit the 365 days mark without a reply, I doubt it would really get me down.

> tomoko posting

You know, no one cares about you or your problems, right?
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Yes that is why I pretend to care about other peoples problems cause most people like to think people care about their problems
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>You know, no one cares about you or your problems, right?

I learned this a long time ago, nobody gives a fuck about anybody and we're all just looking for someone who does care.
>You know, no one cares about you or your problems, right?

Yeah I am tired of being a burden to people. They deserve better not a fat useless pathetic virgin loser who does nothing but eat and fap. Who can barely provide for himself and has always looked for a way to run from his problems. He should have never quit his job. His sister and her lover don't need his shit he just ruined there life.

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can a girl be ok with an average dick?

i mean, she will miss those big dicks...
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I left a robot bf of 2 years for another robot with money but a smaller dick and I regret it and think about cheating every day
Dude, the whole big dick thing is for the most part a meme. Often time big dicks can't go fully in a girl's vagina dude, if you ever watch porn. And it often hurts women depending on the position, but porn is an act.

Dude, you are probably a white male. Your penis was made the length for someone in your gene pool, aka the same race as you, a white female. If you were born a girl your vaginal canal would be the same length when aroused(just like your penis when aroused) as your penis is today.

Do you understand OP? Girls just like to insult men this way by calling their dicks small to gain power over you. They can only get power in the sexual realm because that is where they rule today only. Men rule society, women rule relationships in liberal society. Also black men boasting about big dicks and making fun of white men are insecure blacks who know they have no real achievement or history as a people and are jealous. It makes them feel good insulting your race.

Next time OP, be wiser and don't fall for so idiotic memes and lies.
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An extreme faggot of epic proportions made this post. Haha, what a FAGGOT!!!!!!!!!!

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