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ITT: Post the most outrageous bans you've ever gotten
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I got banned for one month for "Pedo bullshit" for arguing about stuff that is discussed here over and over again. It obviously happened because the guy I was disagreeing with was a mod, and a moral fag at one.

I was a little butthurt but actually I felt bad knowing there's someone so pathetic that would become a mod to ban people that disagrees with him.
I've been banned for 'trolling' once, when I made fun of some tripfag occultist on /x/. Turned out he was a janitor.
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I'm currently banned from /tv/ for excessive Daisyposting.

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I want to take a girl in and provide for her. In return, I expect companionship (cuddling, talking, etc) and some light housekeeping. (I'm a neat person)

I'm a software engineer that makes 100k+ a year with my own place and not interested in a serious long term relationship in the normal sense.. but I'm human and still want someone to talk to sometimes and cuddle, among other things. We can talk about things like societal issues and gender roles in the future (I know), but I'm also a man.. and as a man, I feel good providing for a girl.

Southern California.

>Age, sex (real)?
26, male, straight. White.

>Whatchoo lookin' for?
I'm looking for a cute young girl who wants to live with me and be taken care of. You can be into whatever you want and everything you want will be provided for you. In return, you will have some things you have to do like housekeeping and cooking among other things. We can talk more about expectations later. :)

>Your ideal match be like....?
Someone open minded and nice. I prefer petite, any ethnicity. Can't be judgmental and preferably straight forward about problems instead of passive aggressive.

>Money talk: what flexibility do you have in this area?
You will have your own room for yourself and food, as well as whatever you want such as a phone. I have extremely fast internet (100 MBPS download) too.

>Contact info goes here...
[email protected] is my throwaway email. (I know )
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>I prefer petite,
reeeee ;~; want a senpaii to take care of me. Damn my looks. What race are you anon?
What do you consider yourself since it's not petite? :)

I'm white.
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i would say fat would be best word. I know you sound like possible serial killer but that all sounds so good.

How long has it been since you've played katawa shoujo robots
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I used to play Hanako's route every anniversary of KS' s release

I haven't done that in about 2 years
I played it after 5 years a week ago and played Lilly's route. I wasn't ready for all the feels
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About a year I assume

>tfw no handicapped gf

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Do you like Ecuadorian women?
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>Do you like Ecuadorian women
In other words
>do u like getting aids from niggers?
No faggot kys
you really don't know what the fuck you're talking about
Are you from Ecuador anon?

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>seeing a selfie of oneitis in a bed next to a guy
>the guy is a huge tall blonde chaderino with a shit-eating grin wearing sports clothes and tilted baseball cap
>they obviously just fucked

I just want to die. This hurts more than I can take.
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>Remembering that death is inevitable
Satan pls stahp
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just take me away satan-kun

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How does r9k deal with "real" panic attacks?
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Don't think I've ever had one.
>tfw too headstrong for panic attacks
either i try to calm down as much as possible and avoid having one or i just have to sit through it and hope it doesn't last too long
I was fortunate that when I started getting them I went to a doctor who told me, "I can give you anxiety medication but just know you don't take them on time or stop you'll have a huge panic attack".
He recommended learning to properly breathe and meditate. It took a couple years but I was able to curb them. I noticed a connection with food and panic attacks too so I regulated my diet so I'm not too full or hungry better.

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> Anyone else worried about their first time (hypothetically if it happens)?
> how long do you think you can last?
> will you do enough to please your partner?
> will you be better than her last partner?
> will she leave you if you suck?
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Kill yourself, underage newfag.
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im not worried about my first time because it's never going to happen
God, everything about this bedroom is fucking hideous.

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>12 year old normies are having sex right now at this very moment
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You're getting worse. You realize this, yes.
I can't stop thinking about it.
When I was in high school, kids were having sex very blatantly regularly on the school bus. It made me realize how much of a robot I am
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What's the point of giving a fuck

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>he does the aspergers walk
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There actually is a clinically defined autism walk. Not all autistic people have it but those that do all do the same thing. It's called toe walking. People who toe walk put most or all of their weight on the ball of foot and toes through the entire stride. Heel may not ever make contact with the ground.
do you have a video of it? it'd be fun to see in action
I do this a lot but only to avoid the cold and the feel of the floor. That's not autistic is it?

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>take a 3 month break from 4chan
>first day back
>nothing has changed
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>way more discords threads
>fags increased by 200%
>zeemaps threads deleted on sight
>way more failed normies than before

The only thing that hasn't changed so far is people's shit taste in vidya in those steam friends generals
yep, nothing has changed
it's only gotten worse, fucking somehow

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>make Tinder
>get a few matches
>get ghosted all the time
>realize profile picture looks like shit and change it to a picture I think I look good in
>swipe right on roughly 70+ girls in the span of two days because I bought TinderPlus like a fucking idiot
>not a single match
Should I just end it?
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I'm pretty good with tinder, can I review your profile OP?
I don't want to post it on here. I don't think it's a matter of "put this in your bio brah" Chad tricks man, I think I'm just unattractive.

I can probably help you out like, idk how I could contact u tho

any proflile can be improved with good pictures + a good bio

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Robots I know this isn't the board for this.

But i've never watched an anime all the way through.

I've only watched like 25 episodes of naruto and then stopped.

I don't know which anime to start with, I need your help robots
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well what kind of genre do you like?
don't watch anime, get into video games, it's the superior robot hobby.
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done my part

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What is the perfect height?
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t. Mummy told me so
I'm 6'2, and it is best because I say so.
6'1 is the true protagonist height

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cody cigar.jpg
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You're in a bar and this guy comes up to you and slaps your ass.

What do you do?
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>You're in a bar
haha nice one OP
Ok, you're at a /r9k/ meetup.
Breack his neck 4 real

Should I get my ears pierced? I've always had big earlobes as a child and other kids would point them out and said I should get gauges. I'm a man but don't know if I should and if I do which side should I get pierced or should I get both pierced?

Suggestions? Pic not me some random hoe
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>other kids would point them out and said I should get gauges.
Other kids are fucking retarded.
If you dress/look like a robot then it would be pretty stupid, but if you could actually pull of the alternative look then go for it
If you're over 20, then no. You missed the chance to pierce your ears (its super cringey if you're not a teenager) and you can't go back

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