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It's now scientific fact. Roosties are trash,
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Women use social media to have plan B in every case. This is why women have orbiters.
Prepare to have your mind blown again.

Water is wet.

>women have incredibly easy, happy lives full of fulfillment, love, sex, fun, careers (millenial women and lower enrollment rates in schools are vastly higher). Sure the top 2% of men might have it better, but 90% of women have amazingly good lives
>I get to rot and wither with nothing and no one
>these privileged bitches are so fucking privileged they literally can not see how good they have it, and how bad I have it, and so they spend their lives telling me I am privileged and complaining when the opposite is true

Does this drive anyone else insane? It's infuriating.
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I think I've gotten to a stage where it doesn't bother me anymore.
When you live apart from the rest of society for so long you eventually stop giving a shit about other people's opinions. It's not like that trait is useful to you anymore, and your brain recognises that and puts it's energy elsewhere.
I know it sounds like memey pseudoscience but there's got to be something to it.
What do you think about the spare 10% of women?
Also I'm sure the percentage for men is much higher than 2
Noone, including you, is doing anything about it. This is the main problem.

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Rob spent over a million dollars on a black stripper. Why didn't he get some blonde sugarbaby to worship?
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been looking for the picture of her vag for ages

anyone have it?
Has he ever been known for making good decisions?
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She looks like a goomba

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Anyone else /scared/ here ?
I'm scared there will be a female somewhere in this world better than me at something, and by sheer chance , we'd meet and she'd destroy me. I can't fucking live with this. What the fuck. I don't want to lose to a woman. How do I get good at everything ? Fuck I don't wanna be beaten by a woman holy shit
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Fortunately, I've never met a woman who was better than me at something I actually care about.

I've met female musicians that were outstanding, but not in a genre or on an instrument I give a shit about. Oh, you can play romantic Era compositions on a piano? That's neat.

Exception being that my guitar teacher is a woman. She's much better than me, but she is literally the only one I've ever met. And I pay her for it.
So here's the thing, why I'm panicking.
Let's say, I'm walking , you know, being an autist, mind my own stuff. Then this girl comes with her group or something, or anything, and somehow we argue. I dunno, could be because I bumped into her or something. So the nearest thing to us is people playing basketball, and somehow she ends up challenging me(or worse, I think she's just a fucking female, and I challenge her), and then it turns out she's really good at basketball. I just signed my death warrant man. How the FUCK am I supposed to live after that humiliation. truly losing to a woman is the worst thing to happen to a man.
I don't play much co-op /online games but I believe there are actually some good girl gamers right ? How do you even cope with the fact that a girl is good at a particular game and you're not ?
>there will be

There is, amount of people on earth basically means there are group of people better than you at X and chances are high what it is a woman, except for very man type of stuff.

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/tv/ is based
fuck off go to bed! nobody cares about your shitty timeline. the 2000s where NEVER GOOD and this music only solidifies that you are NORMIE SCUMMM

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Anyone else ever have a dream so fucked up that you immediately wake up and can't stop thinking about it? I just had a dream about my father narrating his own death and it's way worse than anything I could come up with while awake.
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I once dreamed I was walking through a black and white park, and I saw my brother. I sprinted towards him with a knife and right before I stabbed him, everything went black and I woke up. I don't know why I had this dream. I don't hate even hate him.
I often dream that i get killed and most of the time i get stabbed with a knife. I had like 5 dreams where this happens the last few weeks.
I had one when all my family was standing still, each looking at a piece of paper. When I went over to my mother I read the paper and it said when and how she died, best remembered for etc. Went over to my brother and same thing. They were also wearing the same weird looking hats

>white people
This is the power of the master race?
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Ofay master race
Why are New York people so weird?
A complete lack is socializing has led them all to be stunted.

None of then ever get out of their weird little niche and so they have no idea how normal people act.

NYC needs a fucking plague

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What are your guys bad habits? How did you stop?

My bad habit is nail biting and biting the skin around my nails. It makes them look really gross and I am self-conscious about them. I just don't know how to stop and kick the oral fixation...

Disclaimer: not my nails, but very similar
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This is the only way, sorry bro
same, i keep super glue on my desk becasue i regularly a few times a day bite until they bleed and need to fix it quick.
i hate finger and toe nails and would remove them if i could without looking like a broken
I'm not even kidding buy a damn fidget spinner or a fidget cube or something so you can fidget with something else and not focus on something orally

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halo frens

pls stay hydrated pls

dont di pls frens
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thnaks fren love u
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i lov u.jpg
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u ar gud fren!
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i will drink bier

I thought incels and inferior men choosing to use sex robots instead of bothering empowered women would make feminists and women happy? And Sex robots will probably reduce rapes and sexual assault. Women will in the future, be able to fully indulge in their hypergamy without getting shamed by jealous and insecure beta males , since males will also be getting some. Not to mention there will be Chad sex robots for women, with vibrating cocks.

Yet there's been an explosion of anti sex robot op eds in the mainstream media recently, mainly driven by feminists.


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Because it takes the power over sex away from women. Even if it's the "guys no one would ever fuck", they still want to remain the gatekeepers. Companionship and sex are two different things, and can be mutually exclusive. If a guy is getting his jollies from his sex bot, then he might treat women differently "not on a pedestal" since he isn't looking for a release from them. Historically, the control over the pussy has been the one thing women have had, and they are terrified of losing it.
How do you explain the feminists in favor of legalizing prostitution ?
Basically, they lose one of the two things they can provide; sex and a "relationship"

Men are hard wired to want females for reproductive purposes. Over time and with society's help, that changed into a desire for "love" in addition to sex.

Men can get companionship elsewhere if they have to, or they can live without it. The sex is the real thing they desire. So if the bot can provide it, even if it's not real, women lose their real power.

They probably view it like a disease; it may not affect them now, with only isolated cases here and here, but it is better to kill it or come up with a cure early

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Ive been texting my crush that i met online for three weeks and today we're going to skype but im so nervous
How do I not spill my spaghetti and make it awkward?
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You're going to spill your spaghetti everywhere but if you do it in an elegant manner it should be fine t. Skyped to a cute boy I met here a few days ago
>a person who browser /r9k/
>not spilling his spaghetti when talking to crush

You may choose only one, my friend.
Why are you asking this shit on this fucking board? >>>/adv/

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Why doesn't burgerstan just end the drug war and spend all the tax revenue that they would have on prisons, on healthcare and education instead?
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Conservitards think the government should enforce moral hygiene
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Because allowing criminals to run rampant is immoral and unhealthy for the people and the nation. Public healthcare is a meme and sucks for countries that have it (high taxes and shit health care). Education doesn't improve by sending it more money.
Why should the tax payer be penalized for non violent crime? Education is an investment in human capital that would improve the workforce. I am not advocating for an increase in taxes just changing where existing revenue would go.

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>177 cm
Am I fucked?
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Nah. You're even considered tall in certain countries.
I'm 170cm/5'7 and Im doing just fine. Im not even a virgin. I'd kill a nigger for your height though.
Not with that height you're not.

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I know there is a small number of muslims on this board. How much should I earn/have to get a qt virgin arranged wife?
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Doesn't matter how much you make annually. Just save up and buy one like any other commodity.
Will it even be legal in the uk?
Soon enough. Sharia is coming.

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How does this belly make you feel /r9k/?
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Like I want to squish it.

Yay chubby girls!
what belly?
listening to the dope show by marilyn manson, it's bouncing to the rhythm

>t.edgy kid

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