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>There are people currently browsing this board RIGHT NOW that prefer tits over ass

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Shameful. Kylie has such a gorgeous bum too. Total surprise too since she used to be such an ugly duckling

>"Are you okay, Anon? You look like you're about to cry."
>"Yeah, I'm alright, I'm just tired."
>"Oh, okay."

Lmao, get fucking swerved bitch, I was actually about to cry because I was having an anxiety attack, but you believed that fucking "I'm tired" shit that was obviously a lie.

Fucking normies, they're so stupid.
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I can relate.
People said these kinds of things to me after I had tears in my eyes during class 4 years ago in highschool.
>this was me in highschool
i felt like i was just looking normal
best to forget about it i guess
Top normie.
Real robots rage, not cry.

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>It's another "Anon loses all his online friends because they find people to play vidya with since his shitty computer can't even run games from 2007" episode.

Just fucking end it all, lads.
At least most of you losers have MMOs and shit you can escape to.
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Just buy a console. Sure it has a lack of games but it is so accessible and easy to operate that you won't have to deal with that issue you stated.
If I had the kinda money to buy a new console (Ps3fag currently) id just get a better computer

No one wants to play games with consolefags.
I just dont want my friends to stop talking to me, anon.
it honestly doesn't even matter anon, almost every popular game right now is so anti social it's not even funny, even people in wow don't talk to eachother anymore.

>tfw you just want the old guild wars or wow community to be able to make friends again
shit hurts.

Why aren't you getting cutie chubby thicc 18 year old white girls to send you nudes and call you daddy just by showing your BMC (BIG Mexican Cock)? This is revenge for Trump btw. Inb4 she's fat. I reject skinny white girls because they're too boring.
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can you stop posting threads please, they really just aren't even good, plus this is more b quality shit... take it there, they'll love it.
Because girls like BOC (BIG Obese Cock) more.

It's a man

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Coordinates: 13 48 1.0, -8 28 20.5"
IRAS micron

Revelation 12

Be prepared.

Hello /r9k/ I'm here to tell you of the coming doom
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Satan on google /sky/
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''And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.''

Him closing in on the mother as described - this thing is moving folks
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Satans 7 heads
'',..having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads,.'''

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Does anybody else think that it's suspicious that old people want to die, statistically? Billions of genius minds wasted, we're spending millenia on inventing pointless, trivial items that outlive us. What happens if I forcibly suppress this "happiness hormone"? Will the geniuses wake up? Will we become immortal?
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One more bump, feel free to ignore this.
What the fuck is that monstrosity of a space marine?

I just posted a picture of myself. What are you going to do about it? Absolutely nothing,faggots.
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Your thoughts on my latest production? How do i get to play in movies?

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I have no redeeming qualities. Should I just kill myself?

>social anxiety
>no special talents
>grew up poor + shit family
>not that pretty
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Wtf is a womanlet? No such thing.
>Not that pretty
>No special talents
Do you need a special talent to feel better about yourself?
No just lemme fuck ur butthole
You sound cutie. Chin up, cutie

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>In a thread talking about something
>Several posts go by in the discussion
>Some guy, completely ignorant of the actual topic, decides he NEEDS to chime in without reading more than a single post
Every time
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What does it mean to truly be a robot?
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Anyone else remember the glory days of Nickelodeon from between 2000-2006?

When they had Ned's Declassified, Jimmy Neutron, Rocket Power, early Fairly Oddparents, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Danny Phantom, Invader Zim, pre-movie SpongeBob, Drake and Josh, My Life as a Teenage Robot, and other great shows that once aired on Nick before they started airing retarded shit around 2007+ like the Naked Brothers Band, post-movie SpongeBob, Back at the Barnyard, and Fanboy and Chum Chum.
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camp lazlo was my shit
>ned's declassified
>jimmy neutron
>rocket power
>danny phantom
these were awful though, I always changed the channel when these came on
cartoonnetwork always has and always will be better

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Would you bother getting with your oneitis if she suddenly showed interest in you because you became rich
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That's my entire plan. No one can say "no" to x anmount of money.
I'd date her indefinitely but I'd leave at the first sign of marriage.
No, I became rich, that was my endgame.

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>finally meet MILF with cowtits and she actually gives me her number when I ask her on the street and actually texts me back often
>thinking of what we want to do when we hang out and she suggests going to the beach

God damn it. It's 20 minutes away and another 20 back not to mention the time spent there doing normie things and the time to get all the sand out of places.

Should I even bother or should I go to the hail marry pass and ask her to fuck? Last girl I asked to out right fuck on text she called me an asshole and stopped talking to me.

All I wanted was to milk big MILF titties but now it seems like a chore to get there.
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KEK! I know how you feel anon, but if you want normie things you have to do normie stuff
Go to the beach with her
No fuck you. Its not worth it. Id rather stay inside and play video games.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ud7EqbJ5lRs [Embed]

how wiII these fags ever recover?
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Awesome vid I love this speaker.
>Repeating the "socialists don't work" meme.

You can work a job or you can sit in the gulag and break rocks with other rocks, but you're fucking working unless you are literally incapable or old enough to have worked long enough. No more of this "living off investments" retardation, or just buying a bunch of houses with daddy's money and living off the rents.
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>0 hour work week
im glad the wagies have 40 hours, they would probaly go crazy if you gave them an extra 5 hours off.

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