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The loan shark you borrowed $10,000 dollars from accosts you on the street. He tells you that he is going to break your legs unless you can tell him how many months it will take to pay him back by paying $1000 per month at 9.5% interest compounded at the end of every two months.
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I tell the shark to do his own goddamn homework and GET OFF MY BOARD REEEEEEEEEEEEE
>Middle School level math
A loan shark wouldn't charge you lower interest than Amex dumb sharkposter

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Why did being an atheist stop being cool
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HAHA fedora faggot BTFO
stop making these threads you weeb
stop bullying me

but this is my first time making this thread

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Give a rough percentage of your porn watching habits Bots.

>50% Trap/Shemale
>30% JOI/CEI
>10% Lesbian
>5% Straight
>5% Other
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idk about anyone else but in recent years i had to add lewd stories to my habits it`s a great addition to my viewing time
>50% scat
>50% fat asians
>90% TG-TF content, mostly from TFgames.com
>8% Sissy hypno
>2% Straight porn

God have mercy on my soul

So, can you guys solve this problem? A jumbo jet is attempting to take off from a treadmill. The treadmill is designed to move at the same speed as the wheels but in the opposite direction.

Can the plane take off or not?
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Why on Earth would the plane take off?
Yes, because the axle is free to spin

A car wouldnt move forwards, but a plane will move forward
No, the plane remains stationary relative to the surrounding air hence there is no lift.

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ITT: Phrases you'll never hear

>"Come closer anon, it's really cold"
>"I love you anon"
>"I hereby proclaim you wife and husband
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I've heard the first two actually, and I'll probably hear the last one at some point.
The third one isn't even how it goes, of course I'll never hear it
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>omg its so big

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What the FUCK do girls have against stars?

They pretend they're into them, they sing about them, they love to make metaphors about them, but they're full of shit. Ask a girl what happens when Iron starts to form at the center of a stars core and she'll make an excuse to leave.

Space is the most beautiful, the most insane, the most interesting thing. Explosions in the sky cause everything. There is so much to discuss, so much beauty, so much depth, and girls don't give a fuck.

I hate roasties. I love stars.
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This image is .01% of our visible sky

Each galaxy has about 100-300 billion stars


there's something extremely annoying about the DUDE SPACE LMAO types
You should probably just kill yourself and stop holding us back

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How does this image makes you feel fellow robots?
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Makes me feel like I'm glad I'm over 6' tall
shit like this makes my sides burst.

i know there's a Game of Thrones one, with Kit Harrington being smaller than the midget
im 6' and so what
its a load of bullshit, id much prefer to be some normal height (170-180)

girls which judge people by their heigh and wouldnt like you for your genetics and be so shallow are not worth even looking at

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You ever just wake up and imagine the childish bliss the NEETs wake up to? I mean I can't lie to myself anymore my job fucking sucks.

With all these NEET threads lately I'm unironically finding it hard to retaliate.

I want freedom, how do I become NEET?
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Have you looked at any of the early retirement sites? There are lots of plans on how to do it
>I want freedom, how do I become NEET?
you dont
being neet is a privilege
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Even though wagecucking is horrible it at least distracts you from how empty your life actually is, gets you outdoors, gives you a daily schedule, earns you money and the validation from your peers that you aren't a complete NEET loser.

NEETs have nothing, they do nothing all day except browse 4chan/sleep/stare blankly at nothing, they can't go out anywhere because they have no friends or money, society considers them absolute scum even sewage workers and garbage men are more dignified. They live by their parents or god forbid their mom's bf's mercy.

This is what we do to misogynists here
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why is there a tree growing out of his mouth?
Are you literally retarded?

You seem to have gotten lost.

This isn't reddit.

>tfw no shut-in housewife-tier gf
I just want someone to iron my clothes and sit on my face when I get home
The problem is that normie females don't actually like staying inside even if they're NEET.
Where do I find a shut-in gf?
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I watched an episode of forensic files that showed how this woman was kept in her husbands house for years and she never went outside, not even to go church. She was self conscious about her seizures and didn't want anybody to know about it. She finally died from one of her seizures and when the police came to search the house there were hand written bible verses covering all of the walls.

So basically find a religious woman who has an embarrassing medical condition and you'll be set.
I like the idea of being a housewife but shit I can barely look after myself. And I'm only truly happy outdoors. Tfw never live in the country with 3 kids and a vegetable garden.

That said I would hate to rely on my husband every time I want to buy myself something like clothes
I can do your laundry and cook your dinner if you can deal with me being mentally ill.

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Once we redpill everyone on nature of women, we will be free that is my testament to all of you.

We lost instinctive knowledge that we all had before mind virus of feminisim/ romanticism has infected our brains, if we are ever going to survive we need to go back to our roots.

-Women are weaker, less intelligent, less emotional, less empathic creatures their primary purpose is to bare children.

if you let women to her own devices she will create havoc in society because womens instict is purely driven by her on self interest, this self interest if left unchecked will ramapge thru society, but if its in controled enviorment its healthy for family unit.

Modern society has given women rights and even more power to rule over the men, women hold levrage in legal and social system.
Women are praised for being more "sensitive" more "caring" geneder while we all know thats utter crap.
Women never invented or contributed in any significat way to society, for them life is like amusment park, where they run till they don't try every single thing in it and then they get bored and crave for more or they become misrable and engage in destructive behaviour.

Weapons to fight against Women priviladge in modern society is

Rule #1 Never Ever get married, Legal and social system is set against you, everybody trust more women and think they are one deserving even cuck judges today

Rule #2 Never Ever give favors to women, if she wants to play role of equal partner, let her pay her bills, earn her money, earn her dinner. Never pay for her dinner, nights out, never jump in to help fix something for her

Rule #3 Never ever tolerate her lies
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I am donating 10% of my income for artifical uterous research
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Has anyone been decieved by society that women are intrinsically good and that they would never do anything bad?

How many have you been burned by this fire?
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>Be 50 yr old whore
>Already millionare
>convert to Islam
>marry rich Muslim
>Wait till prenup expires
>Divorce and get pregnant
>Wait for cash in

Never fall for Love meme and Marriage meme

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How does one know if they're gay or not? Asking for a friend
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Do you like cock?

If yes then you're gay or straight female
If no then you're straight or Lesbian
homosexuality as a sexual orientation does not exist. it is the same as pedophilia and s&m: a fetish. you know if you're into the fetish if you watch loads and loads of porn of it but just like every fetish you can also get rid of it by stop watching that porn.

you might want to put this question at >>>/lgbt/ or >>>/adv/
If you like one or both of the top you're straight
If you like one or both of the bottom you're gay

If you like any combination from the top and bottom you're bi

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Anon why the fuck are you not listening to XXXTENTACION right now?
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>Anon why the fuck are you not listening to XXXTENTACION right now?
Because he's black and he looks like a RAPist.
I don't listen to shitty nigger music
because I'm not a 15 yo edgy white kid

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>I pop them every day, it s really satisfying
if I didn t pop them I would look 4/10 instead of 6/10
why do people say it s bad to pop them?
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I haven't gotten pimples since I was 15.
If done wrong it could spread to other areas also it leaves scarring

never had a pimple

people say its bad because you can make a potmarks or scar the skin

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What exactly is considered "Reddit-tier humor"?
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Anything I don't like
t. A REAL robot
So your original self??
filthy frank/h3h3/jontron and the like

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