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Who /superioritycomplex/ here?
I appear inferior to my peers in almost every concievable metric, and have almost zero agency over my life yet still feel I'm better then them.
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I know this feel.

It's a complicated one.
I have a superiority complex, but that's because I actually am superior
>big dick
>make decent money
>not ugly

Let me guess, most of your friends have /inferioritycomplex/ an you can't stand faggots like you.

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Im tired of this shit. The
>jus b urself
>height isnt everything
bullshit needs to stop. Height does matter. All the fucks around me that are 5'10" and higher all have gfs at my campus. They say its fucking impossible not to have a gf in college. Literally the only person in my bio class without friends or gf. Im done. I want off this fucking earth. Why couldnt I be a woman or taller. FUCK
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how tall r u? oregl;lkjhg
Well below 6ft you should take HRT and transition I mean lets face it you wont ever get laid become a sissy bottom
Tfw 5'7.

I understand your pain famalam

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>tfw mom yells at me for being a skelly
>tells me i look like a prisoner from auschwitz and this is why i'll never get a girl
>mfw this is true
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Are you american? To them anyone under 200lbs is skinny and unhealthy.

fat fucks
I'm european. Im 6'2 tall weighing 150 lbs
lmao just eat more

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nazi pepe.png
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>Be me
>On verge of becoming full fledge Nazi
>Meet girl on omegle
>She's super insecure about her looks and suicidal
>Constantly asking me to rate her
>Wants me to describe what I don't like about her looks
>Tell her that I'm attracted to white women
>She's ethnic, like lebanese or something
>Says I'm the reason she's going to kill herself now
>Says she can't be pretty because her skin color so why even bother going on
>She stops replying

I'm afraid she'll actually do it, I do feel kind of bad. I don't want to be the reason someone kills themselves, help robots. What do?
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Fuck it, you'd be doing her a favor desu if she's that insecure about herself that she can't keep living.
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Guess you can say I'm kinda evil for thinking this, buy you totally could've manipulated her in to doing a lot of nasty shit. If she's insecure about her looks, you could've said something like
>"Hmm, you seem pretty cute, but I don't have enough of an idea as to how sexy you are. Think you could try acting sexy?"
Easy cam sex buddy-boi
if you're a true nazi, then you wouldn't care. It's her fault for falsely blaming you for something that had a long time coming.

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is she.jpg
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Do you find non-White/Asian girls attractive? If so, can you give an example of one?
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I don't like ching chong bitches.
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I pretty much exclusively like Latinas and black girls. An ofay or dog eater will never have an Aztec goddess or Nubian princess' body.
You guys do realize that every vagina is the same right?

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I had sex a few times (don't worry /r9k/ i'm a diagnosed autist) and I noticed all the girls i've been with have a weird dense chemical sweaty smell. If I put their jeans on my head id probably gag even though its not a bad smell. just an incredibly dense smell

what is it?
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thats just body odor from either their diet or lack of good hygiene. People can build up some real funky grime on their skin even if they shower. Some folks dont actually wash their body correctly.
It's all the weird products they use.

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>tfw my foreskin is swolen and hurts aftee my 16 hours long edging session
I Think this is a new lowpoint for me
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Do you enjoy showing your bruised pee-pee to strangers on the internet, anon?
Did you even ejaculate?

I edged and decided not to ejaculate the other day, then had blue ball soreness 30 minutes afterwards, presumably from the tightness of seminal clogging and muscle straining caused by denied ejaculation. I ended up deciding to masturbate in order to release the tight clogging.

Please exercise caution in edging, OP. It might feel good, but too much can be dangerous for your health.
Yes I do
I did ejaculate als I know the pain youre speaking about

Though my dick is worrying me. Could a medfag chime in?

> Have minor brain damage after a failed suicide attempt
> Have lost my ability to be as articulate and smooth as I was before
> Have a slight slur/stutter, often lose my train of thought, constantly have awkward pauses in sentences
> Have lost the ability to operate a vehicle

Is this the end?
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Well, all you have to do is finish what you have started.
How did you attempt it? I've felt a bit off since my last OD as well. Just sort of like I lost a whole bunch of memories and I don't feel like I'm the same person anymore. Sorry to hear that though OP.
>Is this the end?

well obviously not

y'know, cos you botched your suicide

suicide being perceived as 'the end'

and y'know... you botched that?

so no

by definition

this is not 'the end'

... course neither is suicide really

y'know cos of the whole immortal soul thing?

and an immortal soul will exist eternallly

and eternity has no end

but this post does

The End[/spoiler

>be me
>order a DNA test from the internet for 150$
>wait a month
>it finally arrives
>can't wait to try it
>go to a desert a few kilometers away
>finally finds a donkey
>makes the donkey spit into the little test tube
>go back home
>two days later, sends the DNA test back to the lab to check it

now I'll know which race fucked donkeys
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Why wait two days?
Didn't have the power to go to the post office that same day
The donkey isn't gonna have human DNA, numbnuts.

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>140lbs several weeks ago
>106lbs now
Is it normal for your weight to fluctuate like this?
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No. This is an unhealthy level of weight loss and is putting stress on your organs.

Did you just decide to stop eating or what?
File: IMG_2463.jpg (36KB, 645x778px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>130 lbs about a month ago
>150 lbs now
I-it's just water weight right guys?
So if my weight keeps shooting up and going down it's bad for me? Yeah, sometimes I just don't feel the need to eat and I only have one meal per day out of laziness. On the bright side I can eat a fuckton without consequences every once in a while.

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>tfw GF doesn't want you to kiss her because of bad breath
>tfw you say it's okay and that your feelings aren't hurt
>tfw they are, because it just confirms your other suspicions that you're just not good enough for her, otherwise she'd be willing to deal with the bad breath
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just brush your teeth faggot. Also use listerine and floss you delusional fag
studies have shown that there is a negligible difference in oral health between people who floss and people who don't floss.

Yeah, women will put up with cigarette smokers whose mouths taste like an ashtray more than guys who take care of themselves.

Guys who take care of themselves = spending less time taking care of their female's needs. That's why you see white women go after ex-con niggers who chain-smoke Newports and sucks down energy drinks.

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Why do women get jobs when they can just do porn?
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>they can just do porn?
Most of them can't do it professionally. There are plenty of camwhore wannabes who was out. I doubt most of them make much money at all.
I ask myself the same question everyday.

Original content.
why do you live when you can just kill yourself

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>Fuck you dad I can date and love whoever I want I love him even if he is a black man

What is your response as a father?
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>What is your response as a father?
"I don't have a daughter."
first off she wouldnt be saying fuck you, She'd be raised better than that. secondly, im not white so she can date whoever she wants as long as shes safe and happy, ill be raising no racists

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>be anon
>decide to start off with a positive day and shower before I go outside
>shower is going pretty good
>decide to work on my hygiene and figure out the "optimal" way to shower
>eventually decide to spray out by butt and stuff with the showerhead on the jet setting
>works pretty good
>accidentally blast my asshole directly with a power stream
>feels super fucking bad and weird before I can realize it
>asshole flexes for some reason and just ejects a turd onto the shower floor

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You gave yourself an enema you dum-dum.
File: 1492466533947.jpg (22KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Not liking the power stream.

I played with my ass frequently as a teenager, but never used a jet stream. I wish I had a bidet, at least for cleanliness purposes.
File: sadbutsmilingseal.png (289KB, 542x366px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's what I figured it would be like; a bidet. Instead I just kind of want to cry. So much for seeing the sun.

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People sometimes call me crazy. Give me any psychiatric or psychological test and I'll pass it. I'll get all the answers right. Meanwhile Chad will be shown to be impulsive, violent, in need of anger management, and prone to drug abuse. 30 million Americans are currently taking antidepressants and I'm supposed to be the crazy one?
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Y-yeah... hehe. yeah, you're so right man. Hehe. I'm just gonna... gonna go over here, hehe. right man. Hehe.
Elliot Rodger was what you might call a god. From his masculine features to his fearlessly dominating personality he was an all round catch. I have it from reliable sources that every girl who saw him on campus creamed their panties, such was the degree of his sheer masculinity. Don't ever think you can top Rodger, in life or death.
What car do you drive?

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