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are anti depressants a meme?

If I start taking them will I actually feel better, or will I just become numb to the fact that I hate myself
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Deal with it and smoke weed. Weed is a depressant but it makes you happy to be yourself for a while. Just smoke weed and do nothing until you forget who you are. I call it an ego death. Oh yeah, jerk off a lot too. It's not like you'll be fucking anyone either. Who cares, right?
I've been taking anti depressants for 5 years now and I still feel like a depressed and anxious piece of shit (and yes I tried different ssris/snris)
these are the words of a faggot

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>in philosophy class
>talking about different forms of government
>some kid talks about how anarchy is the best option
>professor asks me what I think
>panic, have no idea what to say, just say the first thing that comes out
>"there is no such thing an anarchy, because we live in an anarchist world. the structures that are in power now, are in power because they won in the anarchist free for all. if you desire anarchy, look around - you have what you desire"
>teacher's jaw drops, class starts applauding
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Wow, you've had a moment of non-embarrassment at school? Gtfo normiefag, I've only almost shit myself from embarrassment.
Teacher teaching a pseudo intellectual bull shit class thinks your pseudo intellectual bullshit answer was gold....SHOCKING
I'm in a television screenwriting class and I've seen just about every TV show in history because of my deep depression and lack of a social life so I often impress people with my knowledge about TV.

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Why do normies seem to hate late shifts so much? You get to sleep in and don't have to deal with as many people.
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You can't go out partying/drinking after. That's all there is to it.
Surely they don't do that every night though right?
I hated closing shifts because people were always coming in at the last fucking second and I wasn't allowed to turn them away and they acted entitled about it. I always got home 45 minutes to an hour later than I should have. No big deal except I always had to open the next day so my time was more valuable than the extra bit of pay. If it wasn't for that, then yea I agree with you, they are nicer to work and usually have better co-workers.

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Omegle thread
not a cam thread, just a place for robots to talk to live

tags : /r9k/, r9komegle, omegler9k, robot9001,

Get in here lads it's saturday, what else would you be doing?
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Masturbating too much
haha gee fancy that me too. Wanna masturbate together haha
stop this right now. no gayposting here

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No disrespect. I don't mean to be an asshole, but I'm genuinely curious as to why the US has an obesity problem?

Anyone here care to take a guess as to why there are so many obese people here? I see very round and large people all the time at my wagecuck job. I see very little to none of this in certain countries in Europe. It seems very common in the US.

But why?
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Mexico has a worse obesity problem actually. It's all about food culture, our most obese states are in the south where people eat shit like chicken and waffles and grits on a regular basis.
Mexico is worse because Mexican food is fattening as fuck over a larger area
bc we fukin drive everywhere and never walk
Every country has a rising obesity problem and the rate is only speeding up.

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My gf went camping with her friends this weekend
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>tfw "camping" is code for orgy in the woods with a couple chads
you pretty much are going to get cucked.why do you think she went there with no bf?
I know this feeling. Im pretending to learn Russian (its the only way I can get girls to talk to me) and one of them told me shes going on a camping trip.

Im upset.

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Does anyone else on here hate pregnant women? They feel so fucking entitled when all they did was sprea their legs
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They carry life and the future of humanity. Have some fucking respect.
They make me sad because it reminds me that I will never have children with a woman.
A cute white pregnant girl who is visibly pregnant but otherwise hasn't put on a lot of weight is very, very hot.

It's the pheromones they're pumping out. I just want to pick them up and do all their walking for them.

Only when they're rich though. Poor white pregnant chicks obscure their tasty pheromones with cigarettes and fucking Coors Light.

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losing it.jpg
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>fucking mosquitoes
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>open door for a half of a second
>suddenly five mosquitoes in house
eat more green's faggot, mosquitoes are attracted by your breathe and odor. So by holding your breath and eating better you'll avoid the micro jew.
also putting some fabric softener in your back pocket will also help. Bugs hate dat sheeeit

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itt: most nigger thing you have done or do

>just stole cheese
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Eating a watermelon right now.
going to high school isn't a very nigger thing to do, but when I was there over ten years ago I stole everything that wasn't nailed down. Books, dry-erase markers, office supplies, the CPU out of a computer. I didn't need any of it, I just hated the school and the staff so I stole shit from them.
if your shit cheese packets is 30 dollars or more, then i really can't blame you

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Comfy General.

>ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzTzGWWKevA [Embed]
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFt4mTm9k1k&t=1051s [Embed]
Post Comfy Media/Pictures/Links
Tell me what you're doing/drinking/eating/reading

Try and keep things non-political and non-shitpost. Be kind to eachother. We try to encourage everybody to have good feels even if they're feeling bad.

Get settled get cozy and /COMFY/

comfy is a good feeling of wanting to exist in the moments of absolute bliss you find from experiences or in pictures you like. comfy is subjective but there's a few trends you can whittle it down to.
>nature images
>urban aesthetics
>warm colors
>rural houses/landscapes
>the aesthetic of rain or other weather
>VHS filters, 90's aesthetic images, or cyberpunk
>interior design
composition is very important when it comes to creating an aesthetic picture (obviously)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A12JKyzkUC8 [Embed]
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thread theme!
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oy vey im comfy
Butthole surfers. Good taste my dude.

You'd like the deadmilkmen if you haven't heard of them already


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download (5).jpg
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Get in here robots and share your music with us in the meme bar

Here's a track to get us started


The basic instructions before leaving earth
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here's my latest short poem with guitar accompaniment


shall we pass the tick of time and ascend to our godly forms?

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>Decide to visit this board for the first time

>Tendies stories
>Men pretending to be women
>"Tfw no belly GF"
>Obvious bait threads with 200+ replies

This is literally the single worst board on 4chan. I'm going back to /tv/.
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>"hey, this part of the garbage dump smells worse than my part of the garbage dump!"
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you can tell it's old copypasta because the threads he specifically named aren't even up right now. Fucking loser imagine being such a fucking idiot loser you try to bait an anime image board because you are an attention starved pretending to be a retard idiot. Kind of sad if you ask me.
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t.salty /r9cucks/

Enjoy being the literal laughingstock of the internet.

Who /avoidant/ here?
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it blows my mind that there are people - lots of them - who are not like this. I don't know how anyone could not feel this way.
Kill yourself moron-
Me. The worst part is people think I'm either an asshole or creep because of it.

Yet part of me desires to have someone to love and hang around. It's an abstract feel.

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what type of robot are you?

the super autist hit home hard
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2/3 cerebrotonic, 1/3 sloth
Cerebrotronic with a hint of mouse
25% wageslave
25% cereb
25% mouse
25% elephant man

Timid, quiet-voiced STEM meme student with wageslave job, and have a literal facial deformity (and acne too)

maybe one day i'll find the courage to end my miserable existence

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Heres how this will work
>each person writes one sentence continuing the story from the person above him

the first poster starts the story
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Once there was a 24 year old man named Chad.
and he killed himself
The end...? I guess?

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