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>tfw in love with a lesbian
is there worse feel than this?
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>in love with a straight girl
>know she's being dicked by chad
It's better to know that you weren't n option at all, rather than knowing she thought you were inadequate and wanted another man.
if she was straight i could at least delude myself into thinking I had a chance

>down to my last two ramen packets
Guess it's time to starve
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I bet you eat 3 ramen packets a day you turbo baka
>3 ramen packets a day
If I was that rich then I wouldn't be in this situation
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Misaki will arrive soon anon, hold out till then

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That cute (straight) guy from work bailed on me today. He asked me last week if I'd like to go with him to a wine-tasting event, or, barring that, get together and drink some wine. I said yes, and got very excited, since I like him very much in every way (romantically, even), and even more since I have no social life.

So today, I ask him if we're still going to do it, and he gives some vague excuse to the effect that he can't, saying "maybe some other time, I'll hit you up." And it leaves me devastated: but what's worse, he goes to that handsome gay guy (who's so handsome that - even though he's gay - he would never deign to look at me) and asks HIM if he wants to hang out.

And my day gets even worse. I'm all depressed now, so I go to a restaurant to order some wings and fries to take home to have while I drink. I put the food on top of my car while I open the door, and forget about the food; I drive away, and then the food falls into the street and ends up as a splatter-mark. So now I had to settle for some disgusting fast-food joint.

God-damn, it's been such a shitty day. I hate straight people and normalfags. I wish I had friends; I wish I had a social life. Everyone's out there enjoying life, and I'm sitting here on a Friday on this awful site drinking beer and eating disgusting food and watching old movies, and those two guys are hanging out with their friends, and then they'll hang out with each other tomorrow, and come back to work on Monday with hilarious stories and memories about their fun times, while I'll have to invent some semi-interesting anecdote for when I invariably get asked : "What did you do during the week-end?"

I should really kill myself. I just wanted to go out with this guy I like and have a fun time for a change.
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Wrong board. Easy mistake.
im like you except straight and also i dont have conversations with anyone
Replace your chicken wings with weights, anon

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>tfw no bf

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what happened to that one guy
That says tfw no tomoko gf
do you want a gf or a bf
Make up your mind
you should avoid

cebruz is a disgusting turkish steam user that gets a new "boyfriend" once a week or so and then dumps them, he's just broken mentally and will never get better, if you have a savior complex i would recommend trying to help him and then seeing that he's beyond saving

copy paste this in all his threads desu cause i'm 100% right

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Can someone redpill on the best dating site or app to use? Keep in mind I'm a Hung 5'9 Latino Manlet living in California
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as another hung latino manlet in socal

good luck
File: 1497723756159.gif (184KB, 500x394px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Your only hope is grindr
>Can someone redpill on the best dating site or app to use?

The "redpill" is that these apps are garbage and you should meet women the normal way unless you're extremely good looking which is highly unlikely given you're asking this question in the first place.


Stacy destroys $200,000 gallery. Women are so fucking stupid. I wish sexbots would hurry and get here.
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don't worry the price is only that high so some gangster can launder his money
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Looks like a scene straight out of a cheesy romcom.
Of course it was 2 gook bitches, literally the epitome of vapid cunt whores.

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I'm a gay guy and I've noticed a lot of black guys, expecially the thug types fuck dudes or at least get blow jobs. I've seen some "straight" white guys do this but a lot more black guys do it. What's your take on this /r9k/?
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I sucked my first black cock last Saturday op do you want to hear about it?

I'm a straight 25 yo Latino male
I've been fucked by plenty, but the biggest dick I've been fucked by was a chubby white guy. His dick had to be almost 10", god blessed him probably because he was balding, pasty and fat.
This is the gayest post

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Who is this girl /r9k/? I've been seeing her for a bit but haven't been able to figure out who she was other than threads about not living past 50 if you do heroin.
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Another whore that gets shilled around just about as often as any other useless cunt.

She looks tired and has blue eyes; that's about al it takes for a typical robot to fall in love unfortunately since a robot has zero social interaction and will cling to anything remotely related

Literally worthless with shit hobbies that revolve around spending
Are you mad anon?
idk people here like to shill for these mediocre looking nobodies for some reason.

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Why lift when it's about political connections, wealth, and looks
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Damn, i thought i made this in /fit
He has a purdy mouth.
lifting is part of looks, faggot.

Hey champ, I think you're really talented guy. I've seen what you been doing on the computer there, and I'm just blown away by how good you are on the computer. And so... you know what? I got a job for you. You're coming with me, you're hired! I got an opening for you at my firm, and how's this, starting salary; $200,000/m. What do you think about that? Listen champ I need ya on my team, I've seen what you can do on the computer!
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Hell yeah dad! Here's my resume, with good eye contact and a firm handshake.

I want the job, Dad.
*smiles and firmly shakes hand while maintaining eye contact* Yes sir! I can't wait to put my talents to use, I'll make an excellent addition to the workforce!
my dad actually thinks I'm good with computers
it doesn't help that I have a CS degree
it doesn't help that I try to help him out all the time
it doesn't help that I keep all my own desktops

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>playing vidya
>randomly get insulted cuz girls are present/bravado is high

>heart starts fluttering insanely fast
>can't think of anything to say back

>leave server
>suddenly come up with brilliant responses

how can i train myself to not sperg out and go full battle autismo mode anytime this happens
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Recognize you can't outwit women and subsequently recognize that women prefer to converse with you like a bro who happens to have boobs. Just act like how you would around guys minus the sex jokes.
No anon; it wasn't the girl that did the insulting

It was her orbiters that were trying to impress her; this happens literally every time a grill joins any server
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>play video games
>12-14 year old girls start making fun of me
>try to insult them
>other guys tell me to leave the server because I'm a weirdo
When did mini vapid whores even start playing video games

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>tfw no Hex Maniac gf

How do I get a girl like this? Where would I even look for one?
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Try a graveyard.
File: albedo all smiles.jpg (55KB, 503x518px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
albedo all smiles.jpg
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This OP.
If you search and dig deep enough you'll find a girl that wont reject your advances.
Back off my fuckin wife anon.

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Realistically speaking and all memes aside, what are the qualities that define and make a "Chad"?
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Anyone doing better in life than I am.
>Does he get laid regularly?

That's it pretty much.

t. actual oldfag
This doesn't make any sense. Any regular dude with average skills can pick up some ugly girl and fuck her, that doesn't make him a Chad.

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>meet a really cute girl last week
>we're randomly paired to work together on a university assignment
>professor put the groups together so I'm super relieved at not having to try and find someone to work with me
>girl is actually really cool
>while we're introducing ourselves hobbies come up
>she's telling me how she's into music, I ask her what she listens to
>she says she's listening to Beethoven and Schubert right now
>asks me what I'm listening to right now
>tell her Death Grips
>she gives me this weird look like she wants to laugh but it also disgusted
>tells me "oh yeah my 15 year old brother is really into them, he likes to run around the house rapping about going places and guillotines"
>she says we should just get to work
>treats me cold as fuck now

What the fuck, /r9k/? Death Grips is patrician as fuck, it's not a fucking pop band.
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she could tell you were a fucking pleb lmao
Sounds like a stuck up bitch
Not that you should be surprised when the people she fucking mentions as her """"""""""favorite"""""""""" are ancient composers
lmao, death grips is meme shit, an insult to be called music. You got out-patricianed by a girl lmao

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What are you thankful for despite being a robot?

>Tfw not balding
>Tfw not a manlet
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Raised in a country where English is the primary language
cheap thrills and time wasters
>no acne problems
> good eyebrows
> normal looking nose

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