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I have fairly bad aspergers and I'm not sure how to act or what to say to my family. I feel unaffected

I know there are quite a lot of normies on here, can you guys tell me what to say? I'm going to the hospital to see my dad (his brother died), I'm on the bus so hurry
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sucks to be you anon my uncles alive and well
Just say you're sorry this happened.
Say that you love him and will always support him. Give him a hug and try to help him with small things, like getting him some food or water.

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>tfw no cool sunglasses bf
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>be me
>call courthouse looking for information
>not getting much headway with the receptionist or whatever
>say fuck it and just call the judge himself for what I am after
>get through to his assistant
>Hi, I'm looking for particulars of a rape case presided by your Judge, I need the case name, the dates, the file number and the courtroom number
>Well, that's a lot of information and I don't really handle this sort of thing
>No, it's not a lot.
>and we're really swamped right now
>uh-huh, so do you got it?
>What's your name
>I'm Anon Mcnonymous
>She repeats my name back to me slowly
>Yep, that's my name
>she doesn't ask anything else about me and gets me what I wanted

I might call her back tomorrow and leave a message for her to pass on to her boss about her rudeness to be honest.
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You'll probably need to file a freedom of information request and they have 30 days to respond

If you're a dick to the assistants it'll be a lot harder

Just how fucking autistic are you op
Actually, I'm skipping it, it's a whole big thing. I realized that I am better off without the information for the time being, but I don't know how interested you guys are in minutiae of publication ban law and such.

I likely will request it sometime though, but there's no rush anymore. Anyway, she was being rude to me.
>Hi, I'm looking for particulars of a rape case

Who got raped?

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So I'm working as a programmer right now, but when I'm working, I feel restless and unfocused on my task straight through. It took me two days to complete a task for work which I could've less than a day if I were fully focused, and it doesn't make me happy that I spend so much time to do so little. In the longterm, I feel this career choice might not work out, if I'm constantly fighting the temptation of internet access on my computer.

On the other hand, I fantasize about becoming a butcher, and preparing beef and pork and fish for a living, and also running a smokehouse off my family property. My sister is living in the old farmhouse on my dad's farm, and she's raising a pig, which should be ready for slaughter in the next couple months. She also has a steer which will be ready for slaughter next year. Also, my dad's girlfriend has a brother who hunts elk up in the northwest, and I might be able spend time with him and help pack out his kills and cure/smoke some of it with him.

The problem is that I am not an outdoorsman in the least, and I have very little experience with anything other than video games and MTG, and due to the fact that I'm working at a startup, I'm living pretty hand-to-mouth right now, so I don't have much in the way of money to fund a big life change like this.

What should I do? I could have an easy life moving into a better tech job, but I'd be too stretched thin from work hours to learn meat sufficiently, or I could take a big risk on learning a skill that might be more fulfilling but will have a lower income ceiling, but will also mean a closer relationship with my family, family business, and the food on my plate. How should I get started on becoming a butcher if going to school for it isn't really an option at this point?
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Spend more time with your sister and have her help you attain your dreams! Call her and tell her you love her right now!
It's too late to call her. Besides I saw her yesterday and helped out with her daughter's first birthday last week. I'm just worried that when pig butchering time comes, her husband will be learning to butcher it with the guy he knows who knows all about that stuff, and I might be perceived as being in the way.

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>mfw Chads have taken over this place
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Chad doesn't go on the internet, dummy.
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it's sad to see really. i don't know why they come here. they're accepted by almost everyone whereas we are accepted by no one. it's like going to a fucking burn convention when you have no burns. FUCK OFF CHADS.
Why do you go out of your way to be offended like a tumblrina?

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>sister walked in on me fapping to furries
>calls me dogfucker now and no body but me and her know why
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>fapping when someone else is home
You deserved it, i started fapping at 13 and never got caught. Should have learned the art of ninja-fapping.
so basically i get to fap like 3 times a year because everyone always is home
im going to be the testosterone-boulderman

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>stop trying to better myself or caring about anything
>instantly become 10x happier
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How long ago was this?

I got your originality right here
that's ancient greece
that's kind of the last stage of rejection. good for you, i guess

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where all the femanons at?

do they exist? where do they roam?
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Girls cannot be originaI robots.

Any eurasian bots lurking?
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if there are will they please be my bf because hapa boys are superior

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Ask a guy who's currently getting his dick sucked anything
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Ron? Is that you? Wtf..
Huh, I actually know this girl.
do you think showing your tiny willy will do anything good for you here?

So how many of you out there aren't actually depressed as shit?

What do you anons do to keep going?
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For me, it's about consistency. To recall that old Buddhist quote, your thoughts really do turn into habits, which determine the type of person you eventually grow into.

If you judge people all the time, and choose to only see their glaring flaws, your flaws will glare too. That's not to say they don't exist, but what kind of existence is worth living if all you choose to do is focus on how trash you and everyone else around you are?
suicide. i have a timeline and if shit doesnt get sorted out by a certain point ill just kill myself. either i find my way into a satisfying lifestyle or i end it all, either way the future is promising so why should i be depressed.
you can be depressed as shit and still keep going

inertia is a powerful thing

Hop on omegle with me robots it'll be fun.
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no one's ever on
stupid ass hypebeast degerate pic delete this

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Wednesday night /drinking/ because nobody else has posted one yet.
Where my degenerates and alcoholics at?
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Sup. I'm an alcy.

Look at this shitty shit I'm drinking in pic related. I can't even be assed to be choosy and selective anymore. I just drink to deal with the pain. I can't stand all this. This bullshit in life. Wake, work, commute, eat, sleep.

Fuck. Alcohol and 4chan are my only friends.
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I guess this is why nobody made a bread
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It's not about the drink my mango, it's all about just getting drunk and having a damn good time.
Fuck everything that gets you down.
I love ya my man.

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Post and rate.
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Nice person


This is what happens when you date black women. Bitch is gonna be making a million a month for the next 18 years
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