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>be me
>have girlfriend all of high school
>me and her fought a lot
>we break up but i kinda regret it because i made the last mistake
>join the army because i have nothing better to do
>dad hung himself from a garage door when i was like 2 i still don't know why but i think it was drugs
>after training get sent off to afghanistan
>made a decent amount of friends
>every one in my squad but 2 died
>watched most of them
>get sent back home
>become a steel mill worker
>go on 4chan because i lost contact with all my old friends
any questions ?
me in pic
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What's the welfare queen life like
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Thank you for your service to our country.

I'd like to know this too, being in the service is pretty much NEET equaivalent. The taxpayer flips the bill but the true NEETs bill is cheaper

Anyone had a parent commit suicide?

>be my dad
>be making $80k as sales rep for a sports company in the early 1990s
>referee college basketball games on the side, have contacts in the NBA
>want to referee in the NBA, get told I don't have enough experience
>despite this, I know black guys with far less experience getting more calls and offers
>there's a scandal at work and a guy who I've always covered for lies and says I was stealing corporate funds for personal use
>I literally gave this guy my spare shirt when he turned up at work piss drunk one day
>get fired, they find out a week later that I was right and the guy was a liar
>boss is profusely apologetic but says "we hired somebody else the next day to replace you"
>find out a few months later from old coworker that my replacement is a black guy who barely gets any work done, boss wants to fire him and rehire me but HR won't let him because he's black
>get another job, pays $60k
>my old company goes belly up not long after
fast forward to 2008
>gone through 3 different sales jobs and was laid off during downsizes, see lazy dishonest coworkers getting kept
>get fucked over again due to another coworker pinning the blame on me to hide his fuckups
>another apology, another "sorry, we hired someone else already"
>decided I've had enough
>in about $200k of debt from credit cards, pool, and mortgage, savings are dry
>jump off a bridge and leave my family behind
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Sorry about your dad anon. He seemed like a cool guy.
Well, he never really taught me anything or tried to be influential in my life, he was very distant. My mom says he was a shadow of his former self after getting fucked over so many times and watching dishonest people get ahead.
did he never or just not during your teenage years?
my dad's quite the same, as in the bitter distant -kind of person. can't judge him however because I'm practically acting the same as he does

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What does it mean when women call me 'sweet', 'kind' and 'calm'?

Does that mean I'm beta?

How do women describe YOU, /r9k/?
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she's keeping you around for emotional support while riding chad's cock
I've been called "nice" and "kind" too, in my case the only girls I interact with pretty much act like I'm "one of the girls", so you can probably figure out what they mean by that.
bad news
bad news

This is okay. Women like strong, steady men. Still, if she isnt' already fucking you, it aint' happening

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What exactly is wrong with being a wizard?
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You end up as a cuck raising your bullies child who hates you until he realizes what you've done for him and he still fucking hates you.
snape dindu nuffin
Snape was more of a wizard than Grindelwald's BF over here ever was.

He is the ultimate cuck.
File: tBXb6a6.gif (1B, 486x500px)
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he was also b e s t b o y

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/tv/ is making fun of us again. What the fuck.
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/tv/ is the worst board on 4chan everybody knows that

they have cuck porn threads every night that stay up for hours
Every board on every chan laughs at /r9k/.
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big guy for r9k.png
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>this damage control

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>Two little mice fell in a bucket of cream. The first mouse quickly gave up and drowned. The second mouse, wouldn't quit. He struggled so hard that eventually he churned that cream into butter and crawled out.

crawl out or drown robots
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drowning in cream sounds pretty nice, sweet sleepy time forever :-)
You feel good about letting things beat you down and giving up?
stupid phrase for today.

Imagine when you were chruning the butter that a bunch of people just put a lid on the bucket and laughed.

no way to escape, just stay forever and slowly die in the bucket of butter next to a corpse.

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Anyone want to Omegle?
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I want to undress this guy and suck on his nipples, #NOHOMO
I can't right now, but I will later tonight.
No dangies, I'm not like that slut Kiki.

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How do you know you have depression and that you're not just a lazy, unpleasant coward?
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I don't know, hopefully my doctor will be able to tell me after I meet with him tomorrow.
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i would reckon that individuals possessing major depressive disorder or other depressive disorders are more likely than the average population to be lazy, unpleasant cowards

could be that depressive disorder develops from inability to cope with one's self being those things and an inability or unwillingness to change one's self or the perception of one's self

me, i tend to try and de-sterilize my depressive symptoms when they arise; wouldn't at all claim any depression out of principle. i tend more towards the explanation that character defects are the root cause, and certainly not some unassailable chemical imbalance that is only solved through psychotropic medication

i probably sound a bit bonkers but i'm pretty alright imo

Let me know if you get an pill shakabrah

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If you were going to to an hero it what would be your last words, or your last line in your suicide note?
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I'm sorry for the mess, I'll clean it up later.
>I'll see you on the dark side of the moon

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How do we purge /r9k/ of degeneracy?
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Less irony. More sincerity
>trap fetishists
>traps, trannies and /lgbt/ posters
>/pol/ posters and other racists
>Pedos aka loli fetishists.
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Need a fembot to step up and fuck us like in my hentai doujins

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Do this test. I am curious to see what the norm is here.

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I'm not bored enough to do it right now. But I remember it was mostly
Like the anon above, don't feel like taking it again but I am 99% switch
I'm unexciting and unoriginal.

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Who /starving/ here?
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Enjoy destroying your body
Me but not intentionally because that's fucking dumb, I'm poor and there's nothing to eat.
I don't care, tired of being a fat fuck.

What's for dinner robots 05/08
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I saw my dad and he made lovely cheesy pizza with chillis and potato chunks covered in chili-ower and stuff

lovely food
Stop drinkin 4loko w/ your texmex food.
Nothing. I ran out of most of my food over the weekend and I'm too depressed to leave my bed and go grocery shopping. I think I'm just gonna starve and see what happens.

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>tfw still missing her even after she ghosted me

anyone else feeling the same?
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>tfw still missing her even after she blocked me
I still miss her even after I started ghosting her.
why'd she block you bro?

guys, i want to go on an adventure and die young. what do you suggest?
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Road trip in africa
that's not the way i wanna die though
A trip to Detroit.

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