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I'm just so tired all the time.
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I think Alex is tired all the time.
Read the file name, see a doctor
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>forgets file
but seriously read the file name

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>Start wagecucking because parents gave an ultimatum
>It's not bad
>Stay in a AC room while doing one hour max of work per day
>Rest is spend browsing 4chan or watching youtube because I can't leave before I've clocked 8 hours
>Boss is a woman and super chill
>Coworkers are actually pretty nice
>20 minutes from my house
>~4k in my account after 22 days of it
>Every hour of entertainment feels much more rewarding

I thought wagecucking was going to make me feel like killing myself.

Studying does make life easier later on
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I wish I had such an enjoyable job. I work in a stamping plant and it's hellish. On top of that, the only reason they didn't fire me after 30 days is because my supervisor is gay and wants to fuck me.
4k in less than a month? you're not a wagecuck, you're not a robot, you're chad reaping the benefits of nepotism
I also have a job where I have a huge amout of free time. I could watch movies or animes but I still just surf r9k. I work at night and alone which is also good. Still hate myself.

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why are Asian girls such pigs nowadays?
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like did something happen in the past couple years in Asia?
because they're female and they can get away with anything
america happened

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I hate feeling horny but the feeling of post-orgasm makes me want to die.

Any solutions?
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i feel just like you OP
don't jack off to porn
Stop fapping, stop watching porn. You'll rewire your brain and you won't feel annoying urges to jerk it anymore.

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Is having sex with a slim 18-25 year old girl the hardest thing to do in life? (without paying for it)

Seems like it.
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keep crying, you'll find one for sure this way
Uh, no. There are many things more difficult. Mastering an instrument. Getting a good university degree in a good university. Mastering a sport. Getting a good job. Being fit and healthy. Earning a lot of money.

Most people manage to fuck girls in their 18-25 prime, and most girls in that age group are slim.

Not crying. Just commenting that out of everything I've tried to do in my life this is the hardest.

Well besides making tryouts to get on a sports team past the age of 12.

Both equally impossible tasks.

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In this thread you tell us something unusual about yourself. I will start

>I nonstop listen to recordings of rain 20+ hours a day every day, this also means during sleep
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i am haunted by astral demons
Explain, what do they want?
they want my soul so I must defend myself with the holy weapons granted to me

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>be muscular white guy who's never had a gf
>really attractive THICC black girl has been flirting with me lately
>want to make her my gf and fuck her brains out
>but family is EXTREMELY racist
What do?
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Fuck her and don't tell the family.
dont let your family cock block you. dont be a beta
Race mixing is bad, don't betray your race

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Robots welcome to Mom and Dad Aren't Home.
Just a random discord
Traps aren't gay edition
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Traps aren't gay bloxxx
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Traps bloxxxxx
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Can a penis be feminine ?

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>Alex, give me your best insults
>Hit me with you best shots
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Her eyes look completely soulless.
Like how a murder victim's eyes look.
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I'm trying to prove you wrong, but I'm having a hard time doing it actually
How do you people know my name? Why do you keep summoning me like its some kind of joke?

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/NEET general/ how is your day going fellow neet i'm watching Kobayashi Dragon Maid right now. i'm on the Christmas episode. feeling comfy. have you guys ever tried Kratom?
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I'm practicing my typing skills and learning excel so I can get that data entry job and stop being a NEET.
It was okay. Woke up pretty late but made up for it by playing basketball for a couple of hours. I just wish I had some drugs now
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I'm taking a break from making new Pepe's, to eat these delicious grilled cheese sandwiches that my mommy made me.
pic-related is one of my Pepe's
btw what's Kratom, OP?

post feels you will never feel
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I used to feel that feel until she left me last year
sorry. that sucks.
at the same time, you don't belong here if you have ever had this. get the fuck out.
Don't tell me where to post, bitch

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Does a woman's past really matter?
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You're not looking at it from our pov, only yours. You think you can do anything you want without consequence and still expect to have a family for doing nothing other than having a vagina.
Any relationship works best if you are similar people, sluts don't work with virgins, they just don't.
So you have this issue where a woman's past matters to each other, not just the virgin man, but also the woman who will not respect the virgin.

This never used to be an issue in the past unless the male population got too large, in which the remedy was war.

We are at a point now where the war becomes internal, such as after the last drafted war in the western world, Vietnam. The result was when people came back they became drug addicts and many of their children became irrationally violent, looking at pictures of their escapades. The war can not be faught outside now, it happens here. And so their was a rise of serial killers and spree killers, however over mob type crime has gone WAY done.

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Is she perfect?
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Not even close, anon. She's much older than 13.
I know nothing about her personality, but I bet a night alone with her would be paradise.
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She has a kind of beauty you don't see around a lot this day.

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>graduate from University
>go through an awful two-year period during which I alternated between NEEThood and a number of really shitty jobs
>this February, I got a job as a clerk with the county government

The main problem, Robots, is that I am a temp, and that I earn very little. I only make $8.25/hr. It also bothers me that what I do is very menial clerical work (scanning, filing, answering phones and helping walk-ins, stamping, etc.).

I want to learn more about the actual laws and procedures to make myself valuable, and while I have asked, they tell me that now is not a particularly opportune moment, since they're busy because property values are going out.

I just feel that I'm a total failure, and have constant anxiety over my fragile position. Sure, I've been told I've been doing a "good job", but that's a far cry from "we're making you a permanent hire". It bothers me that my work experience only includes menial work, but no real professional experience. I hate how little I get paid (although by the way everyone talks, the bureaucrats get paid quite decently).

I just really hate my life right now. I thought not being a NEET would make me automatically feel better, but it brought with it a whole host of new problems. I feel extremely jealous of some of the other people my age in the workplace: I'm just a 'clerk' doing menial and unskilled tasks all day, whereas these others are 'Tax Agents' high up on the totem pole (one of them was a barista at Starbucks recently, and never went to University).
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Fuck off, you sound like a pretentious faggot
File: 1431314821199.jpg (58KB, 446x373px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How so? Let me guess, I sounded too "high and mighty" because

Fuck you: I've worked in everything by now. I've been a janitor and a cleaner and an office clerk and receptionist, so you can fuck right off if you think I'm "pretentious". I've cleaned toilets and bathrooms and stayed up during graveyard shifts dealing with the trash that normalfags left behind during their outings.

You go to Hell - I'm tired of people saying I act either pretentious or proud or high and mighty just because the way I talk or text, even though I've done enough to prove I'm not like that at all, you stupid cunt.
kek i didnt even read your OP (or this post i'm replying to) i was just shitposting :^) Got ya fag, haha

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Do you think the world would be a better place if we were all guys, and we reproduced through butt sex? Or we were all hermaphrodites with both dicks and vaginas.

No more fighting over women. Much easier to find a partner.
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I mean you guys seem to really be bitter about women.
I'm up for either desu
(file too large)
how do people not find this attractive?

i get why you wouldn't want to fuck man ass that's hairy as shit and muscley
but this is some prime boibutt
freshly shaven and hungry for your wang

how could anyone with a dick turn down such an inviting invitation?

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