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muscle vs thicc.jpg
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Do you prefer left or right?
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I prefer the right and anyone who says left is a flaming faggot
orange twigman or sac-o-shit... hmmmm... I guess i'll take right
Right, because she is whiter and less masculine.
If white worked out a bit and got a flat stomach she would be a 10/10

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ITT: minor greivences II: Electric bugaloo

>Cyclists swerve randomly into road then shout at you if you try and overtake
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>Be in supermarket
>Walking to open till
>Cashier turns the "till closed" sign on
>people not indicating on roundabouts

Fuck you guys

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I can't go work at a fucking call center. But now it looks like I'll have to for some time.
With that being said, what's a robot friendly job that pays at least fourteen dollars an hour (preferably slightly higher though)? I assume I'll have to get a degree or some kind of certification to get it. Give me one that I could get certified in in 1-2 years that meets this criteria. Nothing that requires manual labor though. Bad back.
Live in AZ if that helps.
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Cam whoring.

Trust me when I say you're gonna fill a hell of a niche.
God you fucks are so goddamn entitled. I hate you all and you deserve your shitty situation.
Do IT faggot, you can fuck around with computers while looking at milfs.

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Just missed an important exam because I thought it's going to start later this day.
If I fail it next semester I'm going to get kicked out of uni.

I feel so helpless.
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at some point it'll be more cost and time effective to let you graduate than to kick you out. if youre past that point, the school will bend over backwards to pass you. you have options, you also have an entire infrastructure behind you to make sure you pass. USE IT.

t. kicked out for failing and got back in
Go in asap and talk to your professor. Beg on your fucking knees if you have to. Most importantly, don't let this make you despondent and whatnot; you have to keep going to class and taking exams. YOU HAVE TO. Even if you feel like it won't matter or make a difference, it will and it does.

t. dropout who had to work his ass off to get back in somewhere else
Say you were throwing up and physically couldn't make it to the exam

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Someone explain this to me

>at work (its a shitty casino)
>putting some empty beer bottles in the trash
>there's a drink girl and some other guy in there
>hear one of them say "here comes your husband" and laugh
>look and see some fat old guy at least 25 years older than the drink girl
>assume they were joking
>decide to look her up on normiebook a few weeks later
>They're actually married and have a kid together

what the fuck, m8s? What is going on here? why would a solid 7 (who is like 25-27) get with some fat old guy who makes barely over minimum wage? Are all women not whores?
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The only thing I can even think of is that he has a horse cock
Love is a hell of a drug, OP
This. He's probably keeping it rolled up like a hose under his pants

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>get paid
>already broke
I just wanted to buy fucking Splatoon today...
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Maybe get a promotion?
I'm starting another job in 3 weeks and the pay will be a huge increase.
but for now I have to deal with my shitty job.
>buying shit when you're poor
Spend money in a way that lets you earn more/spend less in the future.

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What is a good website or app to sell nudes using PayPal? I tried using Instagram but no luck so far, pic related is not me but basically where I got the idea from
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Telegram/whatsapp porn groups

Chaturbate, but you have to make yourself famous before an income
Ugh but I need it quickly
go back to /soc/ and don't come back roastie. i hope you get raped by Jamal

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My parents are having sex I can hear them I hate this
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looks like you're fucked
If you can't beat it, join 'em!

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whats some stuff to do for when i want a cigarette? i decided i want to stop smoking but do it out of boredom
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smoking a cigarette always takes cravings away, for me at least
File: 1499910528406.png (2MB, 747x954px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I used to smoke three packs a day. I used a vape pen and gradually stepped down in nicotine levels until I hit zero. Then I quit caring all together. Been years since I had my last smoke.
trip on acid desu

>tfw no gf to take on a vacation
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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>only matches are accident swipes

Enh, whatever, I just wait to see if they are going to message me because I sure ain't.
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do you have a reason for posting this thread, op?
i have a mild interest in fucking girls
you got a lot of hustle kid. You'll go far. have you tried hanging out at the mall and waiting for women to ask you to dinner?

why is culling humans illegal?

>pic unrerlated
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because nerds would be culled and then nobody could fix chads internet

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alone in new city
now what
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same as you do alone in your old city

see ya later
File: 1447088655672.png (146KB, 375x424px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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yeah but the 16yo girl i used to stalk does not live here

File: 1464685918858.png (220KB, 484x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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G-guys, I've been messaging a girl off tinder for a few days and she's down to come over to my house next weekend and mentioned wanting to get drunk.
I asked my family to leave because I wanted to have friends over and they were so relieved I was showing signs of wanting to socialise they agreed.
Am I finally going to get laid? What do I do? I can't take failure again at this point
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I hope you like her anon, and remember to just be yourself/.
File: 1498279513974.gif (469KB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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she's ok, everything she talks about is normie tier like pop music and going to the pub with her friends but she seems innocent and relatively intelligent. She's not ugly either although is 18 and I'm early 20s. I just know I'll drop spaghetti
be yourself, she wouldn't come over if she didn't like you or trust you.

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When is thicc too thicc?
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When it's clearly photoshopped.
When it looks ugly
This picture is definitley pushing the edge of the thicc/fat boundary.

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