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>all women reach an age in their lives where they are no longer able to have children, their one purpose in life

What did nature mean by this?
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It's not like they ever reached that age before civilization happened, nature didn't mean anything by this
Because they need to be able to stay alive to raise the child until it hits puberty and can take care of itself.

The normal death ages is in the mid 60s. We are keeping people artificially alive longer than they should be.
Their biological process of meiosis gets fucked the older you get. More dna replication errors form and you get kids with more downs and autism. Nature and DNA figured out , we better shut down this factory before our product degrades in quality any further.

I'm just thinking off the top of my head. I may be utterly wrong

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>mom discovered the prostate pickle
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>slave squeezed the semen sponge
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>neighbor found the blowbang shed
I had a hard kekerino at this

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>Just discovered that my country is in the minority of the world because we take a shower or bath every day

I fucking what?

How does a stable society exist in a country where it isn't a GIVEN that you're supposed to shower every day?

Most of the WORLD doesn't shower every day apparently

What the FUCK
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I shower once a week and I'm worth about 500k

Fuck showers
I only shower if I have to leave my house.
>he fell for the cleanliness jew

I shower 2-3 times a week and people are regularly surprised how young i look.
Also have no acne or skin rash problems.

Constant showering is a meme pushed on us by normies, wagecucks and chemical industries.

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0259 - yOrHKKS.png
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>Didn't win lottery
>Still have to clock in tomorrow
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but i'd rather be working for a paycheck than wait in to win the lotery-eeeh-ooohhhh
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>didn't win the lottery
>off tomorrow

/mu/ get out

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Anyone else here straddling the line between normie and robot?

>Have decent sized friend group, people to eat lunch with
>Some extra-curriculars
>People treat you almost school-shootery, but still nice
>Very dark humor that you have to keep to yourself
>Anime/Vidya references you have to keep to yourself

Who else is like this?
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you mean a cyborg?
>people to eat lunch with
Dude you don't know shit about being a robot. I haven't had lunch with another human being in at least three years.
no, he's a newfag underage phoneposter

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Neon Genesis Evangelion
Nadia Secret of Blue Water(U)
A certain magical index
A certain scientific railgun
elfen lied
your name
tales from earthsea
paterma inverted
steins gate
monster musume
aldnoah zero(U)
spiral:the bonds of reasoning
chrono crusade(U)
attack on titan
future diary
black lagoon
cat planet cuties
akiba strip
code grass
count of monte cristo anime
fate stay night
full metal alchemist
hellsing ultimate
girls und panzer
golgo 13
gurrenn laggen
kill la kill
space patrol lululco
love chuunibyo and other delusions
mysterious girlfriend x
no game no life
now and then here and there(U)
one punch man
madoka magicka
spice and wolf
sword art online
anne of green gables
Speed Racer(U)

probably more I am forgetting that I will remember after I post

Then there's a bunch I couldn't really get into like Legend of Galactic heroes, cowboy bebop, ghost in the shell, jojos bizarre adventure and whatever else. I don't really count ones I gave up on quickly.
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No bleach? Terrible pacing but rukia a cute
forgot melancholy of haruhi suzu-whatever
distinct lack of haruhi on this list

from this list I'm guessing you aren't into SoL though... if you liked Kill la kill you'll like haruhi I think

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literal idiot .jpg
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I'm thinking about getting a job. Is it worth it?
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if you work more than 6 hours per day it's not, no matter how much you get paid
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depends on if you get a real job where you do something interesting and feel like you accomplish things at work that you wouldn't get to do staying at home, like being a pilot and flying around.
not worth it if you end up doing menial tasks in retail
It depends what the job is and what you want out of it

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>touched my ass
>now my finger smells like shit
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what did you expect?
I get curious sometimes and slide my finger along my butt crack and then smell it. Usually smells alright
wipe your fucking ass you pig. invest is wet wipes too, or a bidet

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>mfw new bf is uncircumcised
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Ew, gross. Did you dump him yet?
Well if you ever need facial cream
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Hmmmmm I wonder who is behind this thread

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i love you.jpg
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I'll start.

I love my gf because she adorable, soft, nerdy, soft and always there for me.
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also she is soft
Twist: OP's """""""""""gf"""""""""" has a benis
XD yeah dude i also love my girlfriend, we enjoy being robots together

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>be neet
>step-sister has her bf over
>they get into an argument
>it starts getting physical
>after a while of loud noises and yelling I hear the door open and close
>see her a couple hours later with a bunch of bruises and black eye
>father and his gf come home and yell at me asking why I didn't do anything
>lie and say I was asleep with headphones on
>'still you should've done something'
I don't know why i'm responsible for some dumb ass roastie getting herself into an abusive relationship.
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Women secretly love being abused OP, I don't know why this is but they get a high off of having a victim complex and being dominated. I know this girl who's been pushed down a flight of stairs by her bf who doesn't work that I could absolutely beat the shit out of if I wanted to because he's skinny as a ducking twig but dresses like a wigged faggot and has a kid that's not even hers. Your sister is just a dumb ducking roastie that revels in the abuse. You're right not to get yourself in between them it's a lost cause that you needn't inconvience yourself for. Tell them to fuck off and that your sister is a big girl now that can make her own decisions. If she gets abused it's because she chooses too. You can't protect a roastie from her own stupidity.
You're a shitty person for not protecting her. She may not be blood-related, but she's family.

Not literally abused, only roughed up a bit in bed.
>You're a shitty person for not protecting her
Im shitty for not wanting to get involved in some stupid drama that I don't need to get involved in. oki.

>people might be talking shit about you
at least they know you exist
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men that gossip are usually incredibly insecure
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>people care about people talking shit about them
literally why
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*repressed faggots

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I'm not a regular here. I've maintained a few close friends my whole life. Never quite slipped too deep into they abyss. Instead of NEET at 21, I joined the Army. Paid for school. Got an easy job. Not bragging, just got lucky enough to get tough love and support when I needed it. So having been where you haven't, I have wonder news for all you forlorn and sad "it's too late for me"s. It will give you immeasurable hope and confidence.

Your dick's experience is more like spicy tolerance than an RPG Lv system. If you go too long without, you're basically a virgin again. Most vaginal nerves are in the first three inches. None of the obstacles you associate with your lack of sexual experience or dick are anything but a mild inconvenience for sex in a relationship. You could still fuck with a micropenis. You think you don't deserve these women but they're fucking dumb and don't have interests. You're legitimately better than them if you have ANY skill. Need to remember that mid conversation with her? Ask what she does for fun. Laugh when she's stuck. She has no interests. She's not the arty fartsy self actualized goddess on FB you stalked. She's a liar in every sense, trying desperately to hide that she's SO FUCKING LAME ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY. This is how you be confident. You are a man. You're only gonna improve.

We're all nervous. We all slip through the cracks at some level. Don't buy into these buzzword memes that dismiss living a life. Yeah, some parts are shitty. Yeah, some people are shitty. Yeah, sometimes you feel shitty. Yeah, being raised by a woman gimps your game.

Pretend you're awesome. Treat people like they're awesome. Suspect they're as nervous as you. You're gonna be okay. She's fucking lame anyway. Who cares if she rejects you? There are more of them than us.
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wow high status post neets on suicide watch
I think the Guts pics and the timing of this post did something for me. it'll probably disappear in like 5 minutes but thanks man I don't want to kill myself as bad
Dude it's half the board. I just wanna help.

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>humans live only a measly 80-100 years
Suicide doesn't seem like a terrible option
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You're not really killing yourself you're just dying slightly earlier
don't want a murakumo girlfriend
Either there isn't an afterlife abd your life and its duration mean nothing when it's over, or there is an afterlife which is literally infinitely more important that the temporal one.

Why do liberals so zealously defend the most illiberal religion? It makes zero sense
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There is no answer.
They're brown so that obviously means they have culture worth preserving
The people that follow this religion are a minority. That's it. Don't think too hard about it, liberals will see a brown person and feel sorry for it.

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