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Hi robots, i want to fuck my mother. Seriously. She turns me on so much with her body (similar to the one in pic related) and I dream on squeezing her big tits while i fuck her doggy style. How can I satisfy my thirst? Serious replies only please.
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have you ever seen her bush?
Yes she has it and it is nicely trimmed. I have seen her naked several times and have spyed on her while she was showering
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>Serious replies only please

Only Chads get to successfully fuck their moms. Do you have any Chad brothers?
If so then you could always watch from the side

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>"Kiss me, white boy! I ain't gonna let you leave until you do!"
How do you respond?
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Jump out a window or bludgeon myself, whichever can be done faster
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I'm not going to lie to you, lads. I would happily mount this she-boon, just for the novelty of it.
I'm not going to lie to you, lad. I think our species would be better off if you were crushed by said dire gorilla

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Stop feeling bad for yourself. Stop telling yourself you're useless. Stop sitting in your room all day. Stop wanking off every day. Stop playing video games. Stop letting your feelings control your life.

Be a man
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>Stop telling yourself you're useless
I won't partake in self delusion
What is there to gain?
You have the potential to become someone people love
Happiness and a good life. Start self-improving if you dont want to live a (presumably )miserable life until you kill yourself

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How does one meet super clingy people to be friends with? I'd want to be constantly poked around by someone clingy and love them, give them attention. When i'm not online, i'd want to find tons of messages, asking me where I am.

Would want to play games with those people, sleep together, read them stories to help them sleep. Watch stuff, talk about everything.I don't even know how you meet people like that. The only ones I ever find are from the US and our timezones never match. When one goes to sleep, the other wakes up.
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holy christ are you a fag or what
No. I just had a friend that was like that, but he just vanished many months ago. I miss watching videos with someone, playing a game and having their support. I miss reading a story to someone as they fall asleep. I miss it so much it hurts.

> are you a fag or what

At this point I just want someone like that. It doesn't matter if it's a male, female or whatever.
you read them stories aloud as if they're a child? hahaha

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You can only post in this thread if you have never experience any kind of romantic interaction with another person. That means that nobody has ever even showed interest in you (at least to your knowledge).

How old are you?
Why do you think things are this way?
What made you so undesirable throughout your life?
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>I'm a shit person
>The more control I had over my life the worse it became, so it seems like what made me undesirable was me
>How old are you?
>Why do you think things are this way?
if i really knew i could maybe fix it. i think for one thing girls generally dont like guys like me. i dont want to take charge, only object if something really bothers me. i dont like to tell other people what to do.
this sort of lead to that naive belief i have where i want a relationship to naturally develop as opposed to forcing it which obviously doesnt work.
also i bloomed super late, never gave a shit about girls up until i graduated high school.
and of course im physically unattractive.
>What made you so undesirable throughout your life?
bad acne when i was a kid, never knew how to dress and groom myself (still dont really), hobbies that girls hate, friends that girls hate, going with the flow attitude which girls hate...the only things i really have going for me is that i try to be genuine and that im not mentally ill.
> boring and bitter
I failed to develop any hobbies or interests in my life. I had an episode with tabletop strategies, but got overwhelmed with the cost and gave up quickly. I was also obese throughout middle school and most of the high school.

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who /mischief/ here?

>burn toast
>eat it
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Not me.

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>go to farmer's market
>pick a apple from bin and eat it without paying
>literally eating a carcinogen

Why do you believe millions of Illegal immigrants voted in the election, but that the Trump-Russia story is a conspiracy theory made up by the MSM?
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Because there is literally no proof of such a ludicrous accusation.

Hillary was just desperate, and thought that we were still living in the 60's during the Red Scare when you could accuse someone of being a russian spy and get them locked up.
We have corrupts counties, that let Illegal immigrants vote, or stuff the ballot box with duplicate votes. Broward county is a perfect example (Debbie Wasserman Shultz's county)
Because there are millions of illegals in the US and zero proof to the Russia story.

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General chatting thread, final exam tomorrow edition.

Hey /r9k/, resident normie here. If you'd like some advice, have any question you want to ask or just need to vent for a bit and get stuff off your chest, feel free to post here. No such thing as stupid questions here, I'll attempt to answer each and every post wholeheartedly(:

>inb4 OP off my board reeeeeeeee
>inb4 OP can't inb4
>inb4 what are your qualifications for being a normie
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I wasted my whole night browsing this shit board instead of playing video games I was looking forward to.
Hi normies anon, I want an advice on dealing with unfamiliar classroom or situation when you have to be in room with a lot of strangers.
How can I start talking to people on social meetings without coming off as creepy?

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how can we end the big dick meme /r9k/?
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Convincing people to stop watching porn would do most of the work
Stop giving a shit about your dick size :^)

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What is the perfect female body in your opinion?
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Tight delicious loli body.
I'm fond of the ass. I think about them all the time and long to touch.
chubby +thicc dicc

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Just a question to all you NEETs:

How the fuck can you live with yourself as a NEET? Don't you feel useless and worthless? I just can't imagine spending all that time just mindlessly browsing the internet or playing videos. You're literally just wasting your life. You're technically already dead.

You're missing out social status. You're missing out on lost income. You're missing out on independence.

I just don't get it. What the fuck is the appeal of NEETdom?
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Also it feels good contributing to society. Even if its just working at McDonalds or Walmart. Hey you made someone's burger or stocked the shelves. You've improved society a little bit.

How is that not better than NEETdom?
>He doesn't have any productive hobbies
>His job is the only thing that gives his life meaning
>He doesn't have a guaranteed passive income
Poor poor wagie, you have my pity.
You seem to think that people get some kind of intrinsic value out of doing "good" things which isn't really true.

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There isn't a single virgin in your entire fucking ancestry. Not a one. Explain yourself
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I'll get to it eventually.
In the words of my family, "[my] only real skill is disappointing everyone."
Well obviously. On the other hand many of the people in my ancestral tree had children who failed to reproduce so I'm not anything special really.

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NEET fembots, how often do you shower?
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I bathe when I'm forced to leave my house which can vary a lot but probably like once a week or twice a month on average. It's too much work.
when my hair reeks too much to sleep
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How can you people live without showering? I am a neet too but I couldn't fucking live without showering at least once a day or so.

My best bet is that people who does that are very obese and it takes them real work to get into the shower or bathtub so that's why they don't. Am I correct?

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any one here an older in college?
i'm 26 and want to go back to school for computer science. is it really just a meme?
i currently have a good job (working refinery shutdowns) but it's just going to get slower and slower
maybe woo a qt freshman?
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>maybe woo a qt freshman
you will be that weird old guy at this point, it depends on your looks as well

also computer science is mostly guys, isn't it?
this. OP prepare to have your dreams shattered. all you'll find are a bunch of betas and maybe one chick who won't want you anyway. I speak from personal experience
i concede, there will probably be no girls in computer science, but on the positive side I might be able to make friends? i don't have any friends

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post your height and your parents height

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take that dad
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Dad: 6'3

Mom: 5'5

Me: 5'9

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