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why in the name of h*ck is she so cute, lads
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Because she's not, you're wired to be more attracted to girls who are less attractive and 'approachable' so that your genes stand a chance, if people were only attracted to the most attractive people hardly anybody would reproduce
>Because she's not
She's not cute? You fucking blind?

Dunno who she is she's been posted here hundreds of times.
because she is a redhead (most patrician hair color)

baby face and braces (signals youth and purity)

and because she is bland enough to not hit any of your red flag requirements but engaging enough to catch your attention (fuck you)

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>22 year old neet
>wake up at 2pm
>buy cheap cider
>play vidya, watch anime and movies all day
>parents tell me to get a job
>tell them im depressed
>have to see therapist tomorow

what the fuck should i do? anyone in this situation?
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get a j0b bitch
>see therapist
>get diagnosed with autism
>get autism bux
There's no losing in this situation
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exact same here but I just hit 23. Wanna play some vidya together?

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alpha vs beta.png
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The difference between "I like your personality" and "uhhh I'm busy tonight" is literally only a few inches of bone in your face.
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The guy on the left has a good personality. Trust me I can tell.
and a few inches in your wallet
i am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy uglier than the right. i think i must have done something horrible in a past life to be born such an ugly person. it really is a curse from god

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Dueling Banjos.gif
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See this walking through woods, what do?

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Run like a sperg home
It is funny that people are actually afraid of hillbillies, when it's much more dangerous to walk around in the city.
you wouldnt even make an attempt to help them?
less likely to get assraped in the city too

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Women want only one thing. A cute guy. Everything else is just a bonus including dick size, money, car, Facebook friends, muscles, etc. No girl wants to wake up next to you if you weren't born with the right face. Sorry but that's just how it is. If a girl isn't attracted to your face it doesn't matter how much you work out or how much money you spend on Tony Robbins self help seminars. No girl wants to wake up next to a face they're not attracted to. Learn physics.
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>Learn physics.
>Learn physics
You are quite possibly retarded.
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>Learn physics
i fucking regret even spending the time to read the post.
neck yourself pls

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throwback britfeel edition

Foxlad please come back
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>no hannah
File: Magnum Opus.jpg (2MB, 2553x1534px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Magnum Opus.jpg
2MB, 2553x1534px
I made this years ago. It had Darjeeling
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>doing some maths
>read "the relationship between x" as "you are in a relationship with x"
it's not even close. the tfw no gf is too strong

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>fap 5 times a day for a week straight
>dick shrinks to 6"
>stop fapping for a couple of days
>dick grows back to 7.5
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How do you even manage to fap that much? If I go even two days in a row it's barely pleasurable

I have legit scars on my dick from fapping i took my ADD medication and just ended up fapping for 5 hours straight. Had 40+ tabs open.
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Even the second one feels not that good for me, but five times will be really painful

Serious question: to what extent do you think my hatred of certain groups of people, desire to kill people and create wars, and extremist politics is related to my sexual frustration and lack of gf?
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Honestly your lack of gf and social anchorage allows for a clearer perspective that isn't gauged from the views of others and lets you see the practicality in extremist regimes. you might just be a faggot tho so idk
originally oreganoed
all of that is completely sane. you are clear headed. you can see the past present and future all at once, friend. use your power wisely.

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Hey robots, today is 1 August and that means it's national Girlfriend Day!
How will you guys be spending this holiday specifically devoted to girlfriends?
Will you spend the day with the one you love?
Oh, wait. That's right, you guys are miserable and alone and will never get to enjoy Girlfriend Day because you never even try.
Happy Girlfriend Day /r9k/!
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i like to dress in a pretty dress and make myself beautiful with nice makeup and be my own girlfriend. you are such a loser for being so wrong. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
nanami is the best utena

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Tfw know a food that superfood for the dick but won't share it with r9k because they're mean to me
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I haven't been mean to you anon, you can share it with me and I won't tell anybody I promise

Oh okay. It's coconut water.
Thank you man I'll keep that secret safe

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According to Tony Robbins every single person has the potential to become a millionaire. So what would happen if every single person decided to "stop being lazy and become millionaires" at the same time? Would the economy collapse?
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You'd just end up with japan where everyone works really hard trying to earn shittons of money to be happy but all that happens is everyone is overworked and has the same shit as before.
We would literally have no art, no culture whatsoever. There would be no point to living.
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giphy (3).gif
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he is a con man, one becomes successful at the expense of others otherwise we wouldn't reach equilibrium.

you're the kind of person that fails in life so others can succeed. A noble cause.

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>Used to browse r9k a ton
>During that time I was a raging faggot, shaved my body, wore girl clothes, etc
>Quit the board few weeks back
>Now I'm a normal, functioning male
I came back to tell you all that as soon as you leave, you will be normal again
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Using r9k doesn't turn you into a raging faggot and make you wear womens clothes, thats just you moron.
I came here because i am not normal
>>During that time I was a raging faggot, shaved my body, wore girl clothes, etc
just how impressionable are you?

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>mfw my dicklet friend told me he'd been jelqing for a year and showed me his gains

He's an inch thicker than me now and a half inch longer - he was smaller than me before

I thought r9k said jelqing was a meme
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This is not something even the closest of friends do. Nigga you gay af.
File: hah8zvfk4v8y.jpg (58KB, 248x438px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>This is not something even the closest of friends do. Nigga you gay af.
not gay I show my friends my penis too
Hope he enjoys his chronic impotence by the age of 30.

How is wanting to bang men who dress like women anything but gay?
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Its gay but its the straight kind of gay.
this is actually very well put
it's the kind of gay straight people can take without feeling too gross
I don't want to because you should never stick your dick in crazy. Worst idea ever, especially if it's body image issues.

File: 无标题.jpg (44KB, 1641x1094px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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my dick is bent... like this
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looks sad
try using it more so it doesnt feel lonely
that's because your white
it cant be helped
File: IMG_1095.jpg (28KB, 750x456px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here you go OP, now the rest of your body matches your peepee

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