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>tfw you're happily married and expecting a first born son within five weeks
>tfw you're earning plenty of money thanks to hard work and sincerity
>tfw your dog is cuddled up next to you
>tfw you can provide for your family even though you didn't finish college

wage slave thread
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Stay cozy Pepe.

At least you can enjoy the fruit of your labor.
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Instead of all that I have a bottle of whiskey and my cat/pupper.

Have fun with that alimony and child support once the chemicals compelling you to breed slowly fade and leave you trapped in a failing marriage.
jesus christ
why oh why would you get married and why oh why oh why would you have a child

Don't miss out for a third time. DGB is only 600 sats and will be worth 1 dollar soon. Take advantage of the bubble while it's still small. The ethreal conference happened yesterday and it's amazing how obscure all of this tech is. These are no longer currencies anymore, these are equities. This is YOUR fucking chance to get in on the ground floor.

> guys don't listen to him he just wants your money

The proof is in the numbers, look up the top 10 coins numbers from 6 months ago up until now. You're 300 dollars isn't going to make or break a 1 billion dollar market cap. Dgb is at almost 100 million now. Take this however the fuck you want it.
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How do I buy these? Where do I get a wallet?
How fast does it take to cashout? I used to trade penny stocks before I tried to sell during the start of the crash without anyone to buy it.
Why should I buy THIS magic internet money over some other one? What's causing the bubble?

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qt (108).jpg
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>"uhhh alright anon...I followed you way out here...now what was it you said you wanted me to see out here?"
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your own dying body
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This ring, will you marry me?
benis, hehe

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Wet Pussy Orgasm.webm
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Does anyone else on here get vagina envy?

l don't think I really want to be a woman, per se, but l look at my dick and just wish l had a vagina sometimes. I hate having a refractory period. I wish l could have multiple orgasms. Good sex and masturbation just seem so much more pleasurable for women it makes me deepIy depressed... It feels like biology and my body have betrayed me.
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mods need to sticky this
You fa... I don't even know what to cal you
You need to start taking the girl pills you closeted tranny

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Is committing suicide worth it? Would there really be an afterlife? I've been contemplating suicide for the past few weeks, but I'm not sure if I really want to do it. I seem to be heading in the direction I want to in life, but a lot of things from my past hold me back and make me feel hopeless. I still really want to die all of the time and it only seems logical to give in.
>inb4 think about your family
I don't really have any except for my two cousins. No one would really care if I died though. Their actions certainly don't say they would. All of that is bullshit. People only care when you die, so please don't bother telling me that.
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Suicide is only an option if you've got rock bottom, not if yoyre going forward, dumbass.
I don't think so. I'm hitting rock bottom emotionally. Just because I have other 'good' things going on does not mean I'm happy.
If you're not sure, the answer is no.

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If anyone wants to join my Discord, we welcome anyone who wants to join .gg/HRFYy
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Is this basically IRC for normalfags who can't figure out IRC?
Join friend

IRC can be tricky. I didn't use it for years, because of what happened the first time I tried it.

I had installed BitchX, and unknown to me, the package I used came with a bunch of war scripts installed and enabled.

I had joined a channel, and was chatting; and then one server split off from the rest.

And my client connected to that server, recreated the channel to become an operator; and when the netsplit ended kicked and banned the current operators, taking over the channel.

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it's been 8 months lads
and it hurts as if it was yesterday
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Try 5 years and then get back to me
try 10 years and then get back to me
4 years and counting ..... it doesnt get better il tell ya that

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What embarrassing things did you do as an adolescent?
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Your mother sjdjkddjdndnd
Ask permission to fap to a girl from school
Who did you ask? The girl? Your parents? What happened?

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>Women can't love men

Does it hurt being this wrong all the time?
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>so narcissistic that she honestly had someone take this picture
>decided to put it on the internet for all to see
what the fuck is wrong with women
Look at that setup, it's literally made for Facebook likes
She probably feels guilty for cheating on him while he was stationed overseas

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Who's your main, robots?
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>being a onetrick in Dota, the game where all the heroes are free and countetpicking is the main element of macro strategy

Activate bloodstone IRL please

But if I had to pick one hero to play for the rest of my life, it'd be ur boy Pudge
This is my main

I got to 4k by spamming jungle LC. Slacks got to 5k by spamming omni. My 2k friends are always going on and on about strategy and how shadowblade ISN'T the best item in the entire world on LC but honestly unless you're committed to constantly trying to get better you can have fun just stomping in a kill lane with a friend. Those are the 35-1 offlane WK games.

I've never built a bloodstone in my entire life. Intelligence heroes are for fags.


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>he replies to more than one person per post
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>he refers to boards without slashes ("r9k" instead of "/r9k/")
whats wrong with this


>thread where everyone is having a good time discussion things they like
>one person quotes everyone and gives their post a rating

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>Anon, you know I'll always love your father but...well, there's someone I'd like you too meet...

What would you do robots??
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idk why but i imagine it was the black guy saying that.
I'm ok with this, dad. Enjoy getting plowed by Tyrone.
>Ma...Masaka! Y-you're a Stand user too, Okaa-san?

Hm, this has really made me ponder
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It probably shouldn't.
>I presume you're not a pedo either
Joke's on you...
I'd be gay for dudes but I wouldnt bang trannies. They're messed up in the head.
So are children for that matter which is why they're off limits too.

How do you cope with the fact you'll never be a qt femboy r9k? I literally want to commit suicide over my masculine features

>inb4 "I am a qt femboy though op"
Post pics than faggot
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I mean I don't look like a girl. But girls have told me they're jealous of my body/weight and people have said I have a hot/sexy tummy ^_^
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I am a qt femboy though op : ^ )

>Post pics than faggot
that's not very nice or safe desu
It's completely safe you idiot. What the fuck is going to happen?

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No can do bro
Volunteer somewhere if you have to it looks good on your resume.
>tfw been looking for 5 months and failed my 5th interview


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