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Guys this isreal
Id like to go to that.

Going to Harry Hill in Maine for Green Love in June should be fun
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the hill2.jpg
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Fests are fun

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> Just be yourself
Beautiful women like picture related will come to you!
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why is the skin on her face so gross looking wtf

Because she is a slave.

>Dark hair
>green eyes
>Hair everywhere, even on her face

When the makeup sticks to the fine hairs on her face, that is the result.
>beautiful women like picture related
No fucking thanks im not gay, ill stick to my traps and female dick

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How do you get a boyfriend when you were born ugly and have no curves?
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Get a bf who was born ugly too.
>when you were born ugly
How ugly?
>How do you get a boyfriend
By being my gf.

>mfw 17 days of nofap
>I got a gf

You niggers have no excuse to not be socially competent

Anyone that complains about being lonely while they still masturbate has no right to
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>did nofap for 3 months
>never even got to speak to a girl

muh anecdotal evidence
she will drop your ass in two weeks
You have to talk to them dude

Human beings don't communicate through pheromones

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cornell logo 3.gif
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Uni Thread

Where do you go? How's it treating you?
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>any year
>attending cornell
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I am in my third and last year. I still don't have any friends here, haha!

Like wtf, why am I always friendless? As a kid, there was always the group of virgin nerds. I was not part of them either.
Im doing my PhD in Fluid Dynamics at Harvard, did my MSc at Oxford and my BSc at Yale.

I'm also a chef at KFC and make $290,000 a year and have a 10" cock.

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>Be a normie
>Came to this board few months ago
>stayed here to feel better about myself by seeing how shitty other peoples lives are compared to mine
>start noticing some changes in myself
>I hate women now
>I hate myself now
>I've started to masturbate more frequently
>become addicted to r9k
>become bitter about being a virgin
>start thinking of yourself as a beta cuck
>I want to kms
>start seeing women as objects
>become a bitter beta who hates normies
How do I stop lurking here and go back into normiehood?
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You can't leave

Plot twist: you were a robot the whole time. You only now realized it. There is no back
Fuck. How do I leave r9k once and for all?...

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just lift they said, it'll be an original comment they said
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>Lifting gains are determined by genetics
>tfw shit strength genes
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looks bad cause cause his hip to shoulder ratio is shit, however, it looks a lot better than if he was a lard ass.
He doesn't deserve to live.

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Can being an Artist/Painter get you a girlfriend?
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probably yes, chicks love pseudo intellectuals.
That doesn't matter. All that matters is how attractive you are and how much money you have.
Bitches love pointless meme "art", so yes I imagine being a painter could get you a gf.

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Why are you browsing /r9k/ when you could be STUDYING KANJI???
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Fuck off weeb, 4chan is a Finnaboo website. Take your gook shit elsewhere.
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gook begone
I want to be a cute miniRin who gets bullied by being dunked in sticky orange juice and then my master rubs my naughty parts with his straw and drinks up orange juice mixed up with girl juice.

Anyway, thanks for reminding me, I'll pull up Anki and get to it.

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yo, so i made a thread like this earlier which i messed up so ima do it again. looking for some /adv/ really from some fellow robots because i feel like some of you may have experienced it and sorted yourselves out.

So recently i've been noticing myself pulling some sociopathic moves on almost everyone i talk to, even close friends now. (yeah ikr i dont know how i have friends either) I'm not sure if i've been doing this sub-consciously and have only just realised it now, but it is seriously effecting my social relations. Like; i lie, i manipulate and decieve. It's just a game to me now, to see who i can control the most.

Although i can't stop. I'm growing away from friends, but along with it i've gained confidence allowing me to actually look people in the eye and converse with them. I love being able to have conversations with girls but at the same time it's horrible knowing i'm only doing it to control people and at the end of the day i'm going to end up with no friends and terrible family relations.

Have any of you met someone with sociopathic tendencies? or are you a sociopath? help me out here robots.

>p.s. i love it tho, feels empowering to be able to control peoples behaviours though.
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I T S. O N L Y. A. G A M E. T O. M E. N O W.
>looking for some advice
>from fellow robots

>IQ in 120s is now considered"smart"

What the fuck ? Why would you filthy fucking normalfags do this ?
I had one thing, ONE thing going for me, my intelligence, and you're taking that away from me. Fuck you, 120 IQ isn't anything special ree lowering the standards and bastardising fucking plebs
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Why do you write ki the computer way
That looks like mo

write it with 4 strokes instead
if it somehow makes you feel better, Ive got an IQ of 90...
Was going to post this. Looks weird.

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I mean, can you even imagine?
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I like josh hartnet's other movie.

Here on Earth

I don't even remember what happened
kek this was one of those quintessential early 2000's movies

good times
We went to the same high school. Niggas rode his dick hard.

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>jerk off to SPH porn
>actually 6 inches

anyone else know this devilish feel?
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i do it too but i am almost 7 inches
Same. I guess 6 is pretty average though so it's not too immersion breaking.
>pretty average.
Isn't the average like 5?

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I lost my virginity at 22 and by now had a FFM threesome with my gf and her best friend. AMA.
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Pics or it didn't happen

It really paid well to wait so long to lose your virginity, anon. Very noice.
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Do you feel complete now?

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Is it illegal to jerk off in my car, in a public place like a library or a grocery store parking lot? I know there's cameras and I try to avoid them. I don't think I've ever been caught doing this and I by no means do it often.

I'm just wondering what would happen if I was caught. I'm always in my car, wearing a shirt and pants I just have my dick out. And I'm always looking at my phone and I always stop if I see even a single person walking around even though my dick would likely be covered up by the car around me. Is this illegal in the USA?
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>Is it illegal to jerk off in my car, in a public place like a library or a grocery store parking lot?

Absolutely legal, make sure you stare at hot girls while you do it.
Yes it's illegal Jesus Christ
yeah just avoid parks frequented by kids, schools and sorta of places.

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