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Who says you need to be a 10/10 Chad to get a GF
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I miss Lego-chan threads. Did she ever post here herself, or did we just share pics of some girl someone knew?
and they're both ugly as fuck
>not wanting to wanting to bless your sons with dem jaw genes

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Do you stalk someone on social media?
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Her name is Lauren. She's bae. We went to middle school and high school together. I've talked to her once in 7th grade about Hamtaro. I just love her so much.
I still fap to the girls i went to middle school with,

I hit my peak in middle school, so I have good memories of girls and then.

But seeing them age and move on to college makes me le cri because im just sitting on my ass masturbating.

Taylor is hot af tho senpai and shes got tons of nice pics on her profile.
Yes. Several people actually

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Ayy fuk u mane
>not the texans
You don't even live here do you
McKinley County fucking blows.

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Anyone else here in art school? Am I wasting my time here?
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If it is a big art school, then yes
This thicc chick is like.... DAMN.... bigasswolf dick
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lemme ask you 3 quesitons
>are you a female
>are you really really talented and have been drawing since you were a child
>do you know how to draw in a computer

if no to any of the 3 above you wasting your time

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If you had a gf, what would you do with her?
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Have sweet, passionate sex
kill her
I'd put wine on her pussy and drink it all

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How much do girls like sex? I just can't wrap my mind around how having a dick stuck in you is fun or pleasurable
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Why do guys want sex so much? I just can't wrap my mind around how having their dick stuck in us is fun or pleasurable.
They actually only enjoy anal
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U-uh... hormones and stuff

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>tfw diagnosed with epilepsy
>car breaks down
>life in general goes to shit
Does this ride ever fucking end
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>he can drive

Fuck off normie go to the movies with your girlfriend
>he can use a computer
Why don't you go swat the girls away from your dick you fucking turbochad
Friendless loser wagecuck who uses his mom's old car sorry for the miscommunication

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Long story short, depression and anxiety has made me ""anorexic". I struggle to eat one meal a day, if that.

I feel as though I may die soon.

How do I get back on track? How do I start eating again? How do I gain weight after being a skeleton my whole fucking life?

(I'm 5'11 110 btw)

I don't even want to be muscular or attractive, I just don't want to look like a holocaust victim anymore.
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>tfw considering becoming anorexic or bulimic for attention
nothing gets you irl (You)s like being deathly thin. I'm already a skeleton though without even trying.
>(I'm 5'11 110 btw)
I am sorry, anon. I will mourn your passing.
I'm 5'9 140 and eat like 5 meals a day at my computer. feelsgoodman

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Is Chad Muska a Chad, robots?
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What do you young kids know about MUSKA BEATZ
Fucking chad muska lmao
Is that what he looks like now? What the fuck happened? Trying to look like Jamie Thomas?

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>filling out job application
>pic related

what did they mean by this also how is the job hunt going robots?
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I tried to apply for a job but there was literally a section demanding I list all of the romantic relationships I've had over the past like 10 years. It was seriously something out of a greentext thread on here, I wouldn't have believed it had I not seen it for myself. Wound up just not applying.
dafuq? I applied for a lot jobs and also had to endure some assesmentcenter shit but this is extreme. Is this for real? Which country are you from?
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I assume the employer is anti-porn but fuck if I know what the hell they are asking here

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Do guys like plain introverted NEET girls?
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You're not plain, you're ugly. Dog shit flavored chips aren't plain.
>Do guys like [insert fucking anything here] girls?
Yes, some do.
>Do guys like plain introverted NEET girls?
Yes, my gf is one (^:

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If you're a NEET or Wagecuck, post in this thread about how your life currently is. Be honest.

NEETs: No memeing about how you're a local celebrity, writing Einstein level thesis papers, or volunteering at soup kitchens.

Wagecucks: No lying about working at a dream job with financial investments that have numbers higher than /r9k/ can count to.
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21, living with parents, fulltime wagecucking over the summer, and going to college for a degree in a liberal arts field. I want to switch so bad, but now that I'll be in my final year I just want to get this degree and get a BS afterwards instead of switching.
>wake up and read Augustine's thoughts on art
>code for some hours
>listen to some lofi hip-hop while cleaning
>code more
>chillin now, on r9k
How do you get money tho

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I need a place to stay and my friends parents recently built a house and said I could stay in one of their 11x10 rooms for $300/mo.
I make $2150/mo and I have bills.
Are they asking a lot? They do have an in ground pool...
I life in southern IL
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300 a month is really fucking cheap.

But then again I'm an aussie
$300 dollars/month is dirt cheap anywhere in USA. And seeing how you don't own the house you probably won't even have to pay for utilities on top of that

Here's a site that will give you an idea what other people will ask for in your location.

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So I got my brother to buy me this eroge last night. After playing through it I really I want to play the other ones too, but I don't really want to buy them since I'm trying to save money right now. Will someone buy it for me
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Learn to pirate.
But I want to support the creators, I really liked the game
Buy it on sale then.

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>I can't stop fapping to forced feminization erotica.
Send help, anons.
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I have this addiction too. It is a vicious cycle of self hatred and horniness. Someone make it stop
I would love to help you, but a new Trap Quest update released today and I am to busy fapping.
I feel ya. I'm a degenerate crossdresser with no physical girl clothes so I resort to looking at pictures of girl clothes and I hate it.

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