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>she constantly asked me for small sums of money randomly. Usually 5 bucks
>always asked me to take her to doctor's appointments a couple of times
> Got pissed off when she didn't get her way many a time.
>she generally was ]loathed in town because she did a cam show once
>she moved in with a chinese restaurant owner and provided him with sexual favors in exchange for services.
>Started doing heroin last year
>she became homeless for 3 after escaping rehab and got hep C from some 45 year old dude
>she came home after she was being harassed by him after she beat his ass
>she was ecstatic that he died
>everything was fine for awhile
>about a week ago she cut me off
>she exploded at me 5 months after the fact for telling her parents that she was homeless

and said that we were too different and we should part ways

Why do I hang out with her you ask?
>She was honestly the strangest person I ever met.
>She had connections everywhere and lived a weird life

I lost my virginity to her in a fourstep program

>first time I kissed her and she told me to cum on her
>second time she gave me a bj and I licked her nipple till she came
>third time I actually had penetrative sex with her, with a condom and we made out for hours afterward
>fourth time I fucked her while she was wearing clothes because it was cold

Idk, I am so hurt right now I am not sure if there will ever be another
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You're a faggot, you should kill her and then yourself.
You're an idiot who is dragging himself done with a mental case.
idk this is the closest I have ever been to a relationship

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Ohayo! Do your best today! I'm taking a motorcycle course today. Wish me luck!
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i hope you crash and die
Don't listen to that asshole, OP. Have fun and do well. Bikes are awesome.
Good luck OP! You can do it!
You are balance, he is speed.

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Well? Don't tell me you're just a normie.
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I'm a 25 year old NEET. My younger teenage brother is more successful than I am.
24 year old need living with grandma. Younger sister is about to go to college and live in a nice dorm. Parents never even brought up college to me. Killing myself the day she goes as a final fuck you to my family.
24. KHV. No licence. Drug addict (former). I have no intention of ever amounting to anything.

I just want off the ride.

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>Just stick it in robot, it feels just like a girl
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actually literally kill yourself

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Bait aside, I think traps are so fucking sexy holy shit.
The guy in your pic even has cute feet. I literally want to lick the feet of a man. Kill me.
all fun and games until you see their man face

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>gf left me and is getting gang banged by Team 10 right now
what do?
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It's simple, really.
We cuck Jake Paul.
What's team 10?
really popular rap group in my community

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>just finished the witcher 3
>93hrs in and did all the sidequests
>got the worst ending possible

i lost my will to live again.
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Suffering is more beautiful than happiness
l'm proud of you, anon
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Do it better. You can do it. Just believe in Kek, He'l show you the way.

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>check the facebook of a girl in my class
>1500+ friends
What the fuck? I thought normalfags having thousands or even hundreds of friends on facebook was just a meme. Whats the point?
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she knows 1500 people.
and she chats with every single one of them regurally
i doubt it
It's the account of literally everyone she has ever met, you are too young to remember how people got over Facebook. If you said hi to someone twice you just had to add them.
Irl she knows like 3% of them

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>Can't get off anymore without shoving something up my ass

How can I become straight again?
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Stop spending so much time online and meet people irl that you have to look at in the face before talking about daddie cummies and other faggot shit
And I mean people not women or fags
The first time you try something like that you will feel all the shame you have been suppressing your entire life
Go out more, and I don't mean to the club
Why not just get boyfriends? Getting a boyfriend is much easier than getting a girlfriend.

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Is there any way to "suppress" feelings? Something like a brain switch that allows you what to feel and what not?
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What kind of feelings are you trying to suppress?


or drugs like xanax and weed. knock yourself out mate
Cut off human contact for 10 years. In the end, you'll be dead or emotionally numb.

You'll never serve in a conventional world war.
>No propaganda memes
>No war buddies
>No cool nicknames
>No cool non-camo uniforms
>No neato service rifle
>No dog tags
>No looting
>No nationwide sense of unification
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I want to die in a war.
I just want to have contributed to something.
Do you want to contribute something? Or do you want to make it look like you contributed something?

The real reasons wars are fought are never brought to the surface. If you can turn a blind eye to that, you're actually better off.
>Do you want to contribute something? Or do you want to make it look like you contributed something?
Preferably the former, but I'll settle with the latter.
I'm an expendable person, I was born to be cannon fodder.
I just want to die in a way that would let my family be proud of me.

>The real reasons wars are fought are never brought to the surface.
I know it's the kikes.

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>No cars on the road
>Push the button anyways and walk across
>As I finish crossing cars show up and have to wait for no one as I walk past them

Haha, take that normies
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kek, i do the same thing its ok cars and peds have become different entites in 2017 they not longer think of us as human as we occupy a human vehicle and not a motorised vehicle
>crosswalk on each block
>pedestrian decides to jaywalk across the middle of the street in busy traffic

This happens often in my town and I always scream obscenities at them while informing them of proper street crossing conduct
Fuck you, call the cops. See if I give a fuck.

I need to poop but my Chad room mate, his friend and their girlfriends are watching Rick and Morty outside my room.
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>he doesn't have a poop jug in his room
Take the shit in your palm, then go out and smear it all over the TV
>he doesn't run the shower when people are nearby
>he doesn't create a steam poop sauna


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same. same..jpg
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what does r9k think of patreon overall?

yes, I made one, but I'm not here to post it. discuss
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It's a symptom of a sick society.
I want people to give me money to do things I'm already doing too

I don't have a social media presence though so no one would even see it to give me money in the first place

why? I legit thought the same


what if said money allowed you to quit job and do more of thing? (BTW I get like... 15-20 a month from it, just trying to figure out if i should keep it. I'm male fwiw)

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Is he dead really?
Here he seems to find a cute trap for himself

Although the stream footage might be kinda old in fact
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No he's not he has a channel on YT
The one you posted is not on his channel though
No one fucking cares, you're not in high school anymore, you don't have to keep being a faggot, OP.
He was never a robot, let this die already.
How do I qualify for a robot again?

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>will never invite a socially retarded, shy but kind-hearted and sharp-dressing girl to eat double-double burgers together in moonlight sitting on a car together
>will never see her bulge eyes open wide when i kiss her on a cheek
>will never gently kiss together feel the taste of energy drink in her mouth which as sweet as her lips
>will never, ever, ever ,ever see her smile when i buy her a stylish 1940s housewife suit
>will never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever move in together have an old old cat to randomly jump on table as we snuggle under a blanket
>will never have weekly romantic dinners with her at hand-picked by her best fast food joints in america
>will never see her smile when she finds a ring in five guys burger

Everything is clearer now. Life is just a dream, you know. That's never fucking ending.
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holy fuck is that the female version of reviewbrah?

why doesnt he become trap
Wow... girl reviewbrah is gorgeous
A single anon managed to fool reviewbrah into thinking he was being gangstalked, i'm sure a combined effort could lead him to question his own self identity and transition

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