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cant wake up.png
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Are any of you guys worried for your mental health? The warning signs listed here
seem to be pretty standard and each and every one of them applies to me. My mind is pretty much always in a fog and sometimes when anxious I feel a slight pressure inside my head. Am I losing it? Are you losing it? How can we stop this?
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Yes. I have bad obsessive compulsive disorder. I feel like breaking it is comparable in its difficulty to an nicotine addict quitting smoking.
Just go to a mental hospital for a while. It worked for me.
Check your blood and vitamins. I had brain fog for years and it only went away after I started taking a multivitamin + B12 + Vitamin D daily(one pill per meal). I also take two tablespoons of flaxseed daily(in my breakfast smoothie) for omega 3 and be sure to drink 2L of water a day.

This might seem like normie-tier advice but this is ultimately what saved me.

Let's talk and be friends
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Stay the fuck away from me you vermin.
lets be friends anon, i like alternative rock, art, lifting and skating
>i like alternative rock, art, lifting and skating

End yourself.

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Haven't had one of these in a while. Let's get these parasitic roasties extra toastie. Pic related is what's happening to our board, we're on stage 4 going on stage 5
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Oh fuck off. What a faggot. You want to know why women are so bad? Men let them be bad. We enable their behavior on every level. So you go on /r9k/ and make women hate generals and whine and fight with femanons and all you're doing is letting them absorb your energy. Anybody who makes these threads is a faggot. This is a waste of time. Especially since women keep ruining our board BECAUSE YOU GIVE THEM ALL THE ATTENTION THEY WANT AND THEN SOME.
t. virgin
You don't have to be so bitter that you're undesirable. As a girl, of course I prefer Chad Thundercock. He's nice, successful and physically attractive. Sorry. ;^)
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Classic for /whg/

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>why is there trash and bums everywhere in this neigh-
>AYO I thought I told to knock off that FUCKIN white boy shit anon, before I beat yo ASS
light skin ethnostate when? These coal-colored "people" cannot be considered our equals.
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one drop rule my man. you don't get to run from your nig blood that easily.
I don't know. Why don't you make one? Stop being on nigger's side all the time and be more vocal about your mulatto pride.
The one good argument for not having mixed kids, they can be hated by either side.

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Do you always go through people's files? Do you save things for yourself? What are some interesting things you found?
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no i only look whats installed and how much space is left

File: 2017-05-26 14.23.34.png (1017KB, 2315x970px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2017-05-26 14.23.34.png
1017KB, 2315x970px
Style thread. Here is mine to start us off. R8,h8, and appreci8, my
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File: 1495216111267.png (23KB, 2315x970px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here is the template. Go crazy.
File: 1495462623283.png (571KB, 1324x970px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is the most me image possible
Wow that's fucking 3xtreme. How did you do it

okay bots, lets play a game. i'll go first
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File: IMG_-43c8p3.jpg (310KB, 955x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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behold niggs
Does this count as an "anime action figure"?
nah, im talkin dolls here

friday night out with the lads edition
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Roasting out lads.
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>Friday in with the Anons edition

Might head down Omegle later to pick up some slags m8s
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Who here /waitingforcomfyweather/?

Why is /r9k/ so delusional?

>Make a thread asking why femanons hate male virgins
>Thread gets filled with replies of self-proclaimed femanons and guys circlejerking about how virginity is a "virtue" and how femanons don't insult guys about being virgins

Good lord you people are fucking delusional. Virginity is not a virtue, anybody who says it is are either trying to justify their virginity or they are trying to make someone else feel better about their virginity. I thought I was delusional and not self aware enough but it seems you're all worse than me.
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So instead of listening to femanons I need to listen to you, right? Why?
Why are you posting with a picture of a jewish camwhore/prostitute larping as a natsoc?
Femanons are full of shit, dumbass. They repeat what robots seem to like to get all that attention their ugly faces and fat asses cannot provide in real life.

Newfags are fucking dense, jesus.

>I fell for the "tell your crush you like them" meme
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You did good anon. At least you won't have any what ifs now. Fuck that bitch if she rejected you. You probably have shit taste in girls anyway.
Literally never works out

Any time you get a crush instead of trying to find out ways to get them to like you you should try to find ways to make you stop liking her
It sucks, but it's the advice you get because it saves time. Rest easy, you never had a chance in the first place and now you saved a lot of time.

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So I found this fat chick online who is willing to fuck my fat ugly ass for $100. We facetimed so I know she is not a dude.

She is definitely not worth $100 but I am thinking of doing it anyway just to lose my v. Should I do it?

Pic is her
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you're gonna have to pay this whale to fuck her...just save up and hire an actual hooker man jesus
Pic/description of you for comparison needed
your dick isn't going to even reach her vag because of all the fat rolls

File: es.webm (2MB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1280x720px
jured hired an escort to lose my virginity

what can I expect

is it safe to eat her out?
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>You won't last long
>No, it's not safe
jesus christ, why haven't we figured out how to eliminate asian males entirely

female-only races exist in sci fi all the time. it must be possible
Shit, his titties are bigger than hers

>you finally get a gf
>she goes into the bathroom
>comes out with this on
>orders you to get on all fours

what do
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This is my fetish

Originally, of course
Suck it like a good boy
Then turn around and bite my lip and spread my cheeks.
Yes is she is cute and not tall. No if she is pretty and non-gentle in tone, then I'll lift her up and fuck her instead.

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>1500 hours in dota 2
>2.5k MMR
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>1900 hours in dota 2
>1.3k MMR

Granted, I haven't played ranked since 2014 when I first got my rank around 200 hours in, but still...
>tfw about 800 hrs in Ability Draft
Fuck ranked matches especially since I have to put my phone number in.
Just blame your Russian/Peruvian/pinoy teammates and watch as your self doubt washes away.

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>go into supermarket
>get cart full of items
>get cashier to scan them
>say i forgot my wallet and leave

whos feeling /mischievous/ today anons?
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Order from a pizza place
Tell them my order be sure to be confusing and speak quietly
They bring me the correct order
I tell them it's the wrong order and yell at them
Get the pizza for free
Get coupons for discount on next order

ragie wagies btfo

didn't leave a tip for the driver because of "bad service"
>order pizza
>have it sent to random address
>ring an hour later complaining my pizza never arrived
>order from Burger King
>tell them I want it to eat in
>when they give it on a tray say I want it in a bag
>take bag, carry it to a table and eat in anyway

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