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Reporting in from comfy Trebic. How are my Czechbots?
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I mostly just wish I was dead, imagine how I would tilt the gun in my mouth to make it pull all my brains out on the way out the skull, the usual day in "central" europe
>get to psych ward after fucked up train suicide
>talk to psychologist
>psychologist knows 4chan
>knows /r9k/
>knows the terminology
>thinks Chads Stacies and Roasties are shit

I know you readin this
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Reporting from Praha.
Stopped going here for about 2 years.
Had to get my life in order, and other than finishing school, it is still the same shit after finishing. Only worse.

Anyone interested in hanging out, email is [email protected]

My solution to the suicide question was to postpone it for a year when things got really bad. And then postpone it again.

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>tfw you open the front door and see the amazon package
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I always buy little cheap things from amazon so I always have something to look forward to arriving, it makes my life a little less empty. Currently waiting on a 6 dollar dad cap
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I've got a grill ( BBQ ) coming from them.
half the fun is putting it together
who is booby mommy?


How do I lose 10lbs fast?
Maybe do a fastening for five-six days? Or maybe atkins?
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You probably dont need to lose 10 pounds thats not that fat
Do manlets even need to worry about their appearance?
It is relative.
That height is normal here in south america.

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I want to go hollow i want to go hollow, living and struggling is painful please make me go hollow
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That picture you used as pic related is fucking ugly.
But don't worry, I got the better version right here.
>trace a girl
>call it a boy
>real pornstars are too vapid to jack off to
>anime characters are too unreal to get my dick hard

You're both wrong

Why do white robots hate black men? It's not our fault you're a neet virgin.
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because niggers are stupid pavement apes, make no contribution to society and did i mention they're stupid.
Because they took our girlbs
I hate them because the amount of crime they commit. I also hate them because they are the entire reason the welfare state exists in the USA. Since the welfare state it exists it causes illegal immigrants to arrive here to take advantage of it.

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I never like the girls that like me
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>having girls like you
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>but anon, you should be flattered!

same here, only obese or very ugly girls are into me, the girls i liked all had chad bfs

Why do I still consider killing myself knowing full well of the consequences?

It's as if I want to hit a reset button that has a 99.99999% chance of failure
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but that 0.00001% chance of success makes it worth it, right anon?
>It's as if I want to hit a reset button that has a 99.99999% chance of failure

what do u mean just shoot yourself
I said reset button. Not not reset button.

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>Taking a shit when the tip of your cock touches the toilet bowl as you get up
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I hate it when that happens. Haha
Only happens to me in public bathrooms.
I probably have aids now
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>clean public toiletseat vigorously
>leg touches the rim in the front, where the seat ends instead of going all the way around
>it's soaked in piss and I forgot to clean that

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Is Joseph of Nazareth the biggest cuck ever?

>virgin, soon to be wife comes out as pregnant and claims angels gave her a child
>unironically believe it, marry her, and go on to raise another man's son

literally can't make this up
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I love fictional stories too
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christianity 2.jpg
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Yes. Joseph was a goy and raised his wife's son from a nigger god.
Sorry to ruin this for you. But Mariah being a "virgin mother" is a metaphor. They tried to portray her as a "stainless" (untouched) women who is free of sins and therefore they used the word "virgin" or some bs. Learned this in high school.

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>have three iPhones
>have two PS4's
>have Wii U
>have new 3DS and new 2DS XL
>have two Nintendo Classic Minis
>have four ultra boosts
>have five NMD's

And I don't even enjoy video games anymore
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Sell all of that see stuff. You can a lot of alcohol and snacks with the money :)
>have two Nintendo Classic Minis

Fking scalper kys
That's because you play alone.

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Who else here /badperson/?

If a few anons who are bad guys share some stories I'll open up.share your stories about realizing you are a really shitty person.
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I hit my daughter. what do you do?
I drink and scream at my fiancee for no reason. I scream in her face until my face turns red and I can't breathe
it's best if you channel your rage at people, rather than letting it affect yourself.

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Why are you sleeping in, wagecuck? You have less than one day of freedom left!
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Because i enjoy my sleep and I gotta rest up if I'm gonna see my family today. Can't be acting sleepy and wonky! Why are you up so early neetman?
I got fired and so now I can stay in bed all day!!!
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how do i into NEEThood bros? I can't take it anymore!!!

>tfw you look up your childhood bullies to see where they are in life now
>tfw they're all far more successful and happier than you
>tfw you realize once and for all that the "you'll be your bullies' boss" was 100% bullshit
>tfw there's no justice in this world
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Socially developed people that were never put down became socially succesful.
>W E W L A D
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>one of my bullies is actually a low iq thug currently doing time for attacking an elderly woman
>probably isn't a virgin like me though
>tfw you realize once and for all that the "you'll be your bullies' boss" was 100% bullshit
this is all bullshit because the normies want you to believe that so that you don't off yourself early, otherwise they can't exploit you

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Are women even attracted to men?
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That's the biggest Asian dick I've seen
What behavior would suggest if women were attracted to men?
Asking men out.
Do women ask men out?

What can we conclude?
I'm not a woman, but I am.

>20% of all men get 80% of women
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The majority of women are vapid narcissists.

Welcome to the real world
You don't deserve to be inside of a women at all.
Who came up with those numbers anyway?

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