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>Be me
>Been single for 2 weeks after breaking up with my ex
>Only get 40 matches on Tinder in 2 days
>Only had sex with 20 strangers since breaking up with my ex
>I'm so lonely, I've been single for so long :( :(
>Hundreds of average-looking men emerge and profess their desire to fuck, date, or be with the me
>I dont want to be even seen with those thirsty creeps
>Man of my dreams appears
>Ended up having a threesome with him and his friend
>Dont end up with dream buy but I settle for his friend and date for a bit
>Had to break up with him after three weeks because he bored me and I want to have sex with different men

Is this what being FA feels like?
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Also pic related isn't me just to be clear.
i like how you posted a slightly different version of this 5 min ago
so she turned you down huh?

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People actually think this is better than KFC? Really?
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go fuck yourself, its miles ahead
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>miles ahead
You need to kill yourself if you really think that

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>fap several times a day to cope with having no female contact
>fapping makes me too apathetic to go and pursue women

How do I get out of this hole
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You don't

Not fapping just makes you feel lonely though, it doesn't actually make you approach women
Start sucking dick obviously

>tfw to intelligent to have sex as a teen
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the irony
*Be a hyper social r-selected monkey so you can play women's shallow desires.

There, translated it for you.
>i was a stupid teenager
>i also didnt have sex

haha really activates the ol' ostrich meatballs

are there like
any irish people out there at all?
noticed that estonian board so i thought i'd take it on myself to verify the existence of irishfags on here
i've always wondered whether or not irish people actually visit 4chan copiously or not, the same way a lot of people addicted to 4chan tend to be generic britfags and amerifats. i don't know. do we exist? are we a constant too?
make yourself known, normies
oh, and have a picture of gerry adams enjoying ice cream on a conspicuously chilly looking day!
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I'm Irish, this place is mostly American. Not sure why because Americans literally can't have problems they're just pussies. At this stage I just use this board to find discords; that way I can use my accent to get cute American fembot nudes and cuck burgers with my superior white nigger genes. Also Gerry did nothing wrong.
fuck you chad

dublin reporting in
I'm not chad, all Irish are above chads to American girls, try it.

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Should dicklets be allowed to pass on their inferior genetics?
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Maybe if an environment favors men with small dicks.
I can't think of a logical reason not to that doesn't involve "but they're human too..."
No, but female nature takes care of that. Which is a good thing for once.

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keef chief.png
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For all of the blackbots here, have you ever experienced racism irl? And if so, how did you react?
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some redneck kid muttered nigger under his breath, I confronted him and he denied it for like 5mins and made me out to be crazy but I knew what I heard
Then he admits it and starts acting all confident
I just swung my fist as hard with all the power possible from the shoulders back and hit him smack bang on the chin. Cleanest knockout I've ever seen, felt proud of it

but apart from that not really
I grew up in the westside a poor, medium sized Texas town. My neighborhood was mostly Mexicans. I used to get jumped everyday on my way to school and on my way home. 9th grade, I transferred to a school on the east side of town where blacks and Mexicans were more mixed together. The Mexicans over there were bros. Still friends with the east side eses to this day.
Ironically enough, I used to go to one of the most racist schools in florida. Never experienced any racism despite this though, it was weird.

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>What caused your depression?

>Realising I'm not the hero.

>Realising I'm not just cynical.

>I'm just an asshole.
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>I'm just an asshole.
This was it for me. Coupled with my degeneracy I realized how fucking terrible I am, how could I ever love myself?
My hopelessness.
>Realising that my life was pretty much ruined from the moment I came out the womb with my deadbeat dad's shitty genetics to be raised by a single mother
>Realising that I'm barely even a person and that anyone I meet is aware of that
>Realising that no one will ever love me because love isn't real and all attraction is based on physical, tangible traits
>Realising that it's only going to get worse from here on out

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What do you guys think about the fact that North Korea now has a miniaturized hydrogen bomb that can be fit onto one of their ICBMs?

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Nobody should be worrying about Chads and Stacies when WWIII seems to be on the horizon.
>linking rt
so? at best, they can take down a few cities, whereas the US has enough nukes to make North Korea look like the Glowing Sea a thousand times over. Kim Jong Un may be a spoiled egomaniac manchild, but he's smart enough to know he has nothing to gain and a lot to lose by attacking the US

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i hurt myseIf today
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How has the robot not logged that string of words yet?
to see if i still feel

I have damaged myself today

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>live in small town
>small city closest to me is 2 hours away
>there's 2 concerts I actually wanted to go to
>if I wanted to go I'd have to ride a greyhound into the city, take a city bus, walk the rest of the way to the arena, stay in the bus terminal until morning for the 2 hour greyhound ride to take me home

This is hell
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Get a car

I originally
>>if I wanted to go I'd have to ride a greyhound into the city, take a city bus, walk the rest of the way to the arena, stay in the bus terminal until morning for the 2 hour greyhound ride to take me home

Call me crazy, but that's my idea of a good time.
It's for an 1-2 hour long concert and would cost like 75-80 bucks for transit alone

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boss nigga.jpg
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He is stilI out there
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>lanklet chad
>black warlord sending black children to kill black people in Africa
If you really think these celebrities genuinely gave a single FUCK about this...
File: r2r2.jpg (673KB, 1000x1337px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>He is stilI out there

What movie scared you the most?

For me it was Planet of the Apes (2001). I was young when I saw it and the tought of gorillas taking over the world haunted me for years.
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Is this really less interesting than trap threads? What has /r9k/ become...
They already are. Look at current western pop culture and western/central Europe
Fire in the Sky.


I was around 8 or 9 when I was flicking through the TV stations and that scene came on. It was late at night, too. Scared the shit out of me to the point that even now I can't stand medical/body horror.

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I've been using the same toothbrush for 6 years.

I was just looking at it and I think I might need a new one.
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You ever masturbate and think, "yeah I'm gonna eat my cum!"
And then when you climax you have post orgasm clarity and change your mind? Except now you have a handful of cum
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Heree more pics
All the time, ever finger your ass while wanking but then make regret when it bleeds and promise never to do it again but you do it again anyway, faggot?

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I've been visiting Reddit for almost 9 years, but I created an account in 2010. AMA
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How about you go back to where you came from you insufferable normie scum?
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maga gun.png
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I appreciate your zero tolerance policy on anime and weebshitery
I just like laughing at some of the funny stuff that goes on here. I especially lol over the raids

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