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No niggers. No fags. Asians can stay. Browns can stay as long as they know their place.
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Go back to /pol/ you pest.
Nothing wrong with gays
Go back to your own website xir
>nothing wrong with gays
That's where you're wrong

>Be me years ago
>Starting grade school
>Get into the closest one which is a pretty good school
Although it's a special school made for people with autism and disabilties (but from what i remember only 10-15% of people are like that, it's just that every teacher is trained to teach them, the school is constructed so that it's easy for them to move around etc) somehow the school was on a high level anyway but yeah it's just that 0-4 autistic/disabled people had a high chance of being in every one of the classes which just caused fun moments. Translated to english the closest thing would be 'integration school'. It's grade and middle school combined in one building.
>My class is a mix of cool and not so cool people and 0 special kids, out of 22 people I liked about 4 of them and often changed my opinion on others (sometimes they were kinda cool, sometimes they were cunts to me) and of course I'm talking about boys because girls were like a different continent back in grade school.
>Don't like it that much but didn't hate it either, i can't recall if sometimes I got bullied or just got into stupid arguments, probably the latter
>Study well to stay for the middle school because it was very high level and all the annoying kids would go to the absolute shit-tier bottom of the society, drug using school a few streets away
In my country grade is 6 years and middle is 3 (12-16).
>At the end of grade school some people are sad to the point of crying but I'm not because even though it was quite sad that I might lose my friends I knew I finally got through and worked to be with better people
>Get accepted to the school because of good grades just like my best friend, one guy I didn't like but didn't dislike either and 3 girls
This is where our story really begins
>First day of school, realize that my class is litellary 2 of the guys from my class, 3 girls from my class, 11 girls from their class, 2 autistic guys and 2 autistic girls
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>The big thing which might not seem too big - 11 of the girls are litellary from the same class from a different school
>Me, and the two other guys become a trio of best friends (still best friends today)
>At first we joke about the situation like typical 12 year olds - HEHE WE GOT SO MANY GIRLS BOIS ALL FOR US
>A few days one of my friends suggests something among the lines of
'Hey, maybe we should... you know... socialize with the girls so we can build a nice class from the start?'
>Enter full beta mode
'Nah, we are going to integrate automatically, it will come with time, you'll see.'
>We all fall for that
>Other than that we have a great time joking around with the two autistic guys but we don't bully them
>One likes to draw military, war and soldiers and speaks like he's an aristocrat without realizing it
>The other says most things he thinks aloud
>In the second year a 3rd 'tard' comes to our class, it's a guy from Sweden, he is super tall, has facial hair, keeps saying proverbs and scares off girls with his creepy laugh and randomly screaming their surnames
>The two first years have the most funny moments in my entire life, one month we went so fucking retarded that I was litellary immune to any kind humor for two weeks after that, didn't know it was possible

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>Continue the first two years in beta mode
>Since the 11 girls were arleady togheter as a class before they just became friends with our 3 girls
>Develop anxiety because I only interact with 2 normal people in the school
>All of the girls are pretty cool but I don't have any strong feeling towards any one of them
>Puberty hits
>Suddenly 2 years in one of them makes me feel different, let's call her A
>She is just somehow different from all of them
>Beta as fuck, even lost the ability to look girls in the eyes so asking her out is a mere dream
>Second half of 3rd year
>We get a project to make a short movie lightly base off of romeo&juliet
>3 groups since 3 normal guys for 3 romeos
>I'm in a group with A and a few other girls
>Fight off my anxiety, get to the first meeting
>One girl in our group was named Juliet and I was the only guy so we had the roles down, A was working with the camera
>We have a great time recording
>Second meeting, we have a fucking blast
>This continues untill the movie is done
>Our teacher who asked us to do this project organizes a movie night in school where we will watch our movies, play games and generally have a great time
Movie nights were a tradition in our school, a teacher can ask for permission to stay with his class in the school for an entire night, we can blast music because we are in an empty school and basically do whatever we want as long as the teacher is okay with it.
>Every group's work turns out to be great, we have an amazing time afterwards
>As a class we finally become friends, we go out to walk around town and meet
>Later find out girls thought of trying to socialize with us too but didn't have enough courage either
>We're all sad it happened so late

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>but still best 3 months ever
>3rd and last year is coming to an end
>Still didn't make moves on her
>Accept that even if I tried I'm not someone that would be worthy of having a girlfriend, I'm not interesting or good looking, I'm not really what you'd call a good person at all
>Maybe one day in high school I'll be a better person and meet her
>Pretty much have to accept the fact that it probably won't happen on 99%
>A few days before the graduation we have a big ending party
>Think i'll do terrible because I'm still pretty beta and can't dance for shit
>Turns out I'm having a great time, just shaking my body around, no clue what I'm doing but it doesn't seem that bad
>Get enough courage to ask girls to dance with me
>It's pretty horrible because no one can dance properly but everyone is having fun anyway
>Get enough courage to ask A to dance with me and she agrees
>It's okay, I'm happy I at least did that
>Later we sit at one of the tables with my two buddies and discuss how we feel about the last three years


He is 5 inches hard, my gf asked the size one time and after i told her that she said me
to start using my fingers instead of my dick, this made more soo sad that i broke up with her.
i watch porn daily and this makes me anxious.
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transition pls u will never be a man
Your penis seems more than enough to please anyone, it's even thick which is great. I'd suck it clean and then ride it
> Watching too much porn
That's the problem
Those are the things I've heard can make your dick grow larger. I can't guarantee they'll work since I'm too lazy to try it myself and they may actually hurt your dick if you are not careful, so do it at your own risk. Only other option is surgery.

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I remember you from the discord server
nice to see you again anon
i don't even post on discord servers
i think you're mistaking me for someone else

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Anyone else here have a terrible dick?
I have about an inch and a half of circumcision scarring, hair that goes more halfway up the shaft, a cracked head and follicles where hair never grew out of, but they're still visible so they look like an std. The only consolation is that at the very least it's about average in terms of size.
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it's okay nobody is going to see it anyway
Some of what you think is scarring might actually be the remnant of the smooth mucosa of your foreskin, that was repurposed to serve as the skin of your shaft.

Some guys are circumcised in such an extreme style that they actually have no skin on their penis at all--just a glans, then mucous membrane all the way to the base.
Only terrible part of my dick is the girth but I've noticed my erections getting thicker since I've started cardio and losing weight

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Why don't you use your quirky robot personality and draw girls in by being mysterious and different?
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Not even joking but I think that may have been how it worked for me. I never actually chased a girl in my entire life. Still from about 16-25ish, I couldn't stay out of relationships.
> quirky robot personality
> mysterious and different

these two are not the same.
Wtf is even happening in this picture
>white preppy girls

How to make artist/writer weirdo friends ?
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if you want the true weird writer friends theyre hard to find, i went to alot of my poetry clubs at uni and they were all "indeh" females who just want attention read sylvia plath and have blunt bob haircuts, the real weirdos wear the soul on their face and are hard to find
>tfw my school is all based around stem
>tfw there are no poetry or writing clubs
If you find people who do psychedelics, a few of them should fall somewhat in that category.

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>I stealthily roll my chair over to his desk and start digging through his files
>To his credit, he did know a thing or two about computers
>Found backdoor access to blocked sites, and a second party browser
>Malice runs hot through my head
>Go onto his personal account
>Find a mass stash of his meme idol, doge
>Add a few special ones of my own
>Send them and cryptic emails to a few key administrators on campus
>Change his background
>Log off
Next day comes, Xander is not in class
>Rumors eventually reach me that he had hacked into the school's system to access porn
>More rumors
>Say that he was involved in an investigation that found zoophile pornography on his computer
>Xander comes back eventually, a shell of his former self
>People say that he fucks dogs
>He gets mocked by chads
>Eventually loses it
>Cries that he was the victim of a cyber attack by an international terrorist
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Not all heroes wear capes.

Originally very original content btw fuck the originality check robot and whoever wrote the software should die asap.
holy fuck this is amazing
i love you anon
shit story telling skills fag and shit story

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>community college fag
>almost every ARTS class is already full
>none of the accounting classes are even close to full
Why don't people like accounting or finance? You learn so much about how money works and how to incorporate those principles into your spending. This shit is so useful and hardly anyone realizes it.
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There is classic Darwinism, then there is economic Darwinism.
What state? Here in SoCal everything fills up really fast.

I've taken arts classes, accounting, auto trades, political science, and various STEM classes.

Honestly nothing appealed to me other than political science and history classes. I liked arts classes, but the people are even more obnoxious than your typical SJW in a political science class. Trades were full of idiots, and the starting wage for mechanics these days is just terrible, so why bother?
>Why don't people like chemistry or physics? You learn so much about how the natural world works and how to incorporate those principles into making meth. This shit is so useful and hardly anyone realizes it.

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Post your most autistic hobby
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>Post your most autistic hobby
File: IMG_7010.png (2MB, 968x952px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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playing ukulele the most amateur way possible and making songs, my lyrics are all awful but i like it

pic related, its my friend Rupert
10/10 would hang out and make synths go bloop bliep bloop bladderdieblap

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Why are WMAF women so fucking crazy?

Pic related, "mookichan", a slut who scammed people by promising to send nude photos and then had them all leaked.
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I have more if anyone wants it.
wow haha i wonder if yoshi eggs smells mario embarassed?? haha
Lay em on me, sir

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>feeling sad and hopeless
>went for a walk
>while doing so thought of an idea that made me excited and optimistic

>forgot what it was by the time I got back
>now even sadder
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Go for another walk, in the same place you went before. Bring a notepad this time. You'll probably remember your old idea, or at least think of a new one.
Welp I remembered it thankfully
Tell us op, what's the idea?

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>Be me
>Be in high school computer class
>Sit near obnoxious redditard
>6' sweaty manlet who unapoligetically wears custom made meme shirts every day of the week
>Let's call him by his internet persona; Xander
>Brags about how much of a counter-culture internet renagade he is
>Claims to be part of anonymus
>Quotes memes and is always laughing at 'Doge' pictures
>Calls everyone else a normie and goes so far to insult introverted classmates
>Never liked him, but could tolerate his existance
>Normal day
>Log in, begin assignment, document work, etc.
>Some other classmate comes over and asks for help
>Shyer kid, younger than most of the class, could hardly hear his voice
>Xander makes a huge scene of how much of an idiot the kid is for not knowing how to navigate Excel
>Kid wanders back to his seat
>Hear Xander mutter 'Faggot'
>Anger festers for a week
>Work ethic decreases as I can't stop thinking of how insensiive Xander is
>Instead of logically telling him off, I plot his demise
>Almost a month later, I'm in class after school attempting to finish a chart project
>Xander comes in and leaves
>He left his computer on
>He's still logged in
Part 1
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Bump until part 2
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this is gonna get gud
File: 1485046574108.png (211KB, 307x311px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>22 virgin NEET
>get tinder out of boredom
>dont take it seriously and basically joke constantly
>somehow end up getting 3 numbers
>one is chubby with nice rack so keep talking to her
>one is ugly so stop talking to her
>one is really qt and start texting for a week
>pluck up courage to finally ask for a date
>get this

Is this it then? its over?

I feel like i want to kill myself this girl was so qt and i was so close.
what am i even supposed to say to this.

the chubby chick want to meet me as well but i dont even give a fuck, i think im in love with this qt. is there anyway i can rescue it?
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why is every message ended with X
X is a kiss
Dont talk to her again until she sets the date.

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How does /r9k/ feel about men who hit their gfs/wives?
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Alpha as fuck. Only beta nu-male cucks let their woman talk back to them.
Demonstrates a weakness of character, imprudence, and dishonorable conduct that men should not descend to. If you're pissed, go outside for a few hours and cool down. Don't give them a satisfaction of having gotten a rise out of you. Also, you will be villainized and ostracized by every one you know.
alpha answer

beta answer

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