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Why have you not adopted this policy with Women yet?

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jotun 11.jpg
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Get a permanent copy while you can.
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Thanks robot friendo, get it while it's hot.

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i r from future
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Oh boy, nigga had a stroke and died didn't he?
Never do crazy suction shit like that it causes blood clots, specially from neck upwards.
Can you explain what the fuck is going on in this picture I'm so confused my head is hurt
those are suction cups. Some were under to much pressure so his head ripped open and so them are just full of blood.

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what the fuck do you think you're looking at wagie?
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Fuck you bro. Why don't you leave this site. Moot is a wagie, yet you still use this site faggot.
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>tfw patrician as fuck

working is the literal definition of plebeian

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>wagecuck neighbor up most of the night drinking and listening to music
>be 6am
>start blasting music
>wagecuck neighbor gets mad
>calls landlord for complaint
>landlord comes to me about being reasonable
>show landlord video where he was up until 4am playing his loudly
>landlord gets pissed
>he goes over and yells at wagecuck neighbor
>says this is his final warning and to stop being a hypocrite
>just now: his boss calls, he needs to come in on his one day of freedom to work
>hear him screaming: what the fuck did I do to deserve this? I contribute to society unlike my leech neighbor next door
>he is in the shower now and getting ready to slave away
I hope he sobersup quickly with that cold shower. He may end up being fired from work because he showed up tired and hungover.
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>it's another neet fantasy episode
So how does him playing music at 4 AM excuse you playing music at 6 AM? You're both guilty of the same thing. By all rights you should be warned as well.
I put my penis into a vagina today after work kiddo.

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If you got a qt gf would you let her shit in your mouth every now and then?
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Of course, I'd let her do ANYTHING to me
so much pleasure she gets from that plastic dildo
OP's pic is confusing me

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>tfw Android spies on you

Therefore I'm going to buy iPhone
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>tfw you get spied on by pretty much everything online

I'd rather save money buying an old android flagship that works rather than a new $700 iphone.

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Any of your on here actively trying to improve yourself and get dates.

I was out at the mall doing just that yesterday but I only got girls I had boyfriends that time. I guess you got to go out on the hunt again, but now with a bit more experience the general likelyhood keeps improving.
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this thread will get 0 replies.
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Ha ha
It wasn't oregano :(
I forgot my smug anime girl picture
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why are you be a shit

Sucking on white cock
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At least post some qt ones
Get that brick ass nigga tf out of here
Get some taste

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>planned to have productive day
>have been watching just for laughs prank compilations on youtube for the past 8 hours
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you should check out Canada's Worst Drivers

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I hate how I feel the need to read boring books because pseudo intellectuals claim you need to read them for "insights" when they just want you to pump up the value of their hierarchy by expending energy within it. I see novels as something to be enjoyed. I simply don't have the balls to live life according to my own intellectual and aesthetic tastes while calling out the dumb bullshit as I see it. I know there are no "insights" in Dostoevsky other than the made up crap that people judge based on fashion. I would honestly give up on most books within 50 pages if I used my taste.

I hate how I'm an ugly 26 year old male with no friends, whoha never had attention from women ever, and hasn't had a social life at all since I was 18. I went through university like this. Tinder shows that women have Chads on tap and it is clear that they live easy lives and society sees males as disposable shit to be bled dry and discarded. I hate how you can't even point this out, and the trivial empirical observations are ignored.

I hate how I eat junk food and coffee to dull the mental pain of my shit life, ruining my sleep and gym strength. I hate how I became the ugly loner beta at my workplace within a few days. It confirmed everything I ever intuited about the workplace and professional environments and the necessity of normieness to succeed.

I hate how boringness is seen as a sign of intellectual worth. I hate how simplicity is seen as proof of near worthlesness.

I hate my desire for a philosophy that will let me know what to do. I know there is no such thing and I would feel like a dehumanised robot if I tried to follow it. I know that the truths are all trivially obvious and most "insightful" thoughts stem from a deviation from them justified by lies and obscurantism (there is no meaning to life, no objective morals, no way to optimise life, no automatic cost for hedonism, no automatic gain for pain, no guaranteed qualities to compensate ugliness or vice versa).
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Start with the early philosophers rather than Dostoevsky, all blaming the world for your problems does is compound them and make you feel powerless.
>a half decent thread
>no replies

never change r9shit, those fembots amirite xD

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Elementary school > College > Job > High school > Middle school
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*curiously observes you walking into the store to apply*
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Haha! Get ready for another "firm handshake", Mr. Pepeberg!
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Hey, Pal...

*drops mug*

apply online!
*pop pop pop*

*cup shatters*

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>1 shot at life
>ugly af (like 1/10)

Who else here is /fucked/

pic not me but kinda look like me without the down syndrom
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damn b you look like shit
that's a solid 3/10 desu

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