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Is depression just a meme? Are you depressed? How does your family treat your mental illness?

> my parents are disappointed

>think I'm a lazy loser

> don't know why I can't just get up and make a change.
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stop being a whiny faggot and man the fuck up, 'depression' is a made up illness that describes teen angst
Bumping original
This is an original post
You forgot to say that it was made up by jews

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>itt come up with a rapper name

Lil nigger
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Lil necro
steve blackman

What would you do if you woke up with a (fully functional) elephant's penis in place of your own?
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die from blood loss to the brain due to morning wood
Kill myself. Why do you have to be such an autistic shit, OP?
Kidnap little girls and reenact all the loli + huge_penis hentai I've fapped to

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Would you let a cute girl step on you?
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I like cute girls kick me in the nutsack. So sure if they step on me they are bound to step there. But I'd rather they be shoed like the Pic..cuz I don't want no gross ass feet touching me
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>tfw permanently scarred from that one ballbusting gif that always gets posted

heels are weapons
What gif was it. I usually don't post stuff where the heel of the heel is om a testicle. I don't like the idea of possible piercing

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qt (47).jpg
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>"Ok, anon I followed you out here in the woods..now what was it you were so excited to show me out here?"
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Edgy supreme.jpg
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Haha stupid roastie, you have fallen for my trap. Prepare to die.
*rapes viciousIy*
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finger trick.jpg
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This cool trick of course

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>Robot doesnt think about minerals when chosing food
>Robot drinks tap water and no tap water
When will you guys realise the superiority of minerals
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*no mineral water
I take a multivitamin + multimineral. All my micronutrients are accounted for. Bottled water is a meme.
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>not living dozens of miles away from the nearest city in an environmentally protected area
>not enjoying unpolluted spring water from an actual flowing spring

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>Wake up in your room
>See this
What do?
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please tell me you have more brown nipple webms
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smug sucy.jpg
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-Fuck those tits
-Shoot her because it's MY private property
Drink her nutritious breastmilk then fulfil my breastvore fantasy

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>smiled at a pretty girl on the train
>she didn't immediately smile back

Is this what it's like being a robot?? I feel horrible. How do you live like this??
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>get on the train
>old man sitting across from me and he tells a funny joke
>laugh and notice to my right a cute blonde with the biggest smile on her face towards me
>go instantly from laughing to a look of confusion
>she doesn't look at me again

i think smiling is just a contagious thing some people do if you do it to them
Well... It's not like we have a choice anon. Not all of us were born into good homes to good socially healthy environments, or been given a free ride through life.

But whatever, no-one cares
no, its even worse.

robots attract old people and repel young people
matter of fact, robots get the most respect from the elderly

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Any femanons want to work as a bangmaid? $1000 a month not including free rent, food, water, electric. I'm not strict and you can still date just don't bring any guys over my place.

Please respond
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Wish I could throw a band a month to buy a wifey
Where are you located? Are you a fatty?
disgusting. fucking neck yourself stupid roastie-enabling degenerate cunt.

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qt (56).jpg
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>"Anon, your not like...part of the 'alt-right' nazi group or whatever, are you?"
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In fact, I am.

*unsheathes Swastika*
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assad spurdo.jpg
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Nah, I love Bashal al-Assad and hope for him to purge the terrorists
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qt girl(male).webm
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>"heh, no my love, I am part of the trap-right, killing degenerates and subversive jewish influences while fucking that sweet sweet boipuss"

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We had a poll. 1,000+ votes to get rid of the gays. Why are they still here? Why aren't we making a dedicated effort to get rid of them?
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because like 3 autists were changing their ip all day to vote 250 times each

>Why aren't we making a dedicated effort to get rid of them?

We are. Join now and spread the cause

all of the self-hatred on r9k need to stop

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Why are mods letting us do whatever the fuck we want?
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Because the mods are Faggots who aren't doing their jobs at all.
stop posting eromanga shit
Maybe the mods went on a... Diet!


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winter wojak.png
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>summer is almost over

Just a little longer, bros...
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Winter sucks. Early spring and late fall are the best seasons.
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Ice cold pepe.png
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>It's only going up to 75 F today

Here's to an early fall blizzard guys

Spring and Autumn are the best seasons , both are aesthetic and comfy

Why am I such a shithead, r9k?

>up all night (pdt)
>mom comes home from work at 7
>goes to change and comes back out to the kitchen to make decaf and then sleep
>i come out of my room and i talk to her about her night, everything
>i stayed up all night worried about her because of a friend who works the same job is dying right now
>get my mind off of it, and i ask her whats for breakfast
>she apparently got me a burrito while i was asleep the day before and had left it in the fridge
>brother ate it and I'm upset about it
>i make myself some cereal and sit down
>she tries to be playful with me like she used to when i was a kid
>take out my frustration on her, hence title of thread
>she gets upset, finishes her coffee and grabs her phone
>while she's leaving, she says "don't talk to me anymore."
>im sitting there alone and i finish my cereal and come back to my room to sit my ass back here for some more hours.

tl;dr I'm a jackass and what's the fastest way to kill yourself without access to a firearm
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How old are you? Once we know we can get to the fun suicide part.
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It's not a huge deal OP, just make sure you apologise later and learn not to take your anger out on other people, especially your mom.

At least you feel bad about it, a lot of moms really do have shithead sons who walk all over them and never feel any remorse.
Just turned 18 about 2 weeks ago so this is my first post after browsing for about 5 years

Should I hire a dominatrix so I can lick and worship her feet and asshole?
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most women aren't into guys that like being submissive. they all want to be dominated
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no just no..gif
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stop putting the pussy on a pedestal, it's the reason you are this desperate in the first place
How do I become the next Mike Adriano / Prince Yashua / Mark Wood / Le Bald "Johnny Sinns" Brazzers Guy?

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