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My dad took me to this concert and I had no idea what I agreed to. I'm in the middle of downtown Houston surrounded by the most normie normies Ive ever laid witness to. Roasties and their Chad handlers everywhere, surrounded on all sides by hostile entities.

If I don't make it back tell Eliza I love her. Godspeed
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woger that tendie one, we weed you woud and cwear
Give us signal and special ops of school shooters will be dispatched to your sector to cover you during evacuation
This is now a normie thread.

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>he does the virgin walk
I really hope none of you do this.
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That looks uncomfortable as fuck.
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>He doesn't do the Chad Stride

Gosh anon, what's wrong with you?
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i just found out i've been doing this for years

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>Used to be 168cm (5'6)
>Recently grown to 171cm (5'7)

We're all gonna fucking make it /b/ros chad status HERE I COME
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Top kek

You caused me to laugh anon i appreciate it.

>currently 5'6"
Age? I'm 22 and gained a cm this year from putting on weight (was skelter before)
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6 foot someday right bros??? Haha

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anyone else addicted to candy? i'm not even overweight or anything. i eat well otherwise
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im the same but with alcohol

I never even think about sweets. just salty fatty crap.
All i want to do is eat grape jellybeans and rural king brand red liquorice all day.
I can almost taste the colors in those candies

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Is Marketing worth it? Some of the jos look cool but Im not sure they pay well
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yeah, it's a great college major, don't worry about the stigma of going into the easiest business major ever, just follow your dreams
Normie career
>don't worry about the stigma of going into the easiest business major ever

I thought that was economics

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Haha doggy fell asleep in my lap! Sometimes he pretends he's running when he dreams!
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he dead bro, time to euthanize
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No he breev
I like to watch him breev
See here his eye opening during sleep
Haha he having really bad dream and is yelpin in his sleep! His eyes were opening up and rolling back! I like it when my doggy dreams in my lap!

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I used to fap to trannies until I start taking my pill. Now they disgust me.
My conclusion is that anons who fap to trannies are insane and must me isolated from normal human beings.
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What pill? How do I cure myself of degeneracy?
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>be a retarded fundie that believes in "degeneracy"
>fall for the big pharma and psychology memes anyway

>this disgusting post

Go take a shower.


Any of you robots want to join my comfy-ish server? Mostly anime shitposting. Not very political. Use the invite code above if you want to hang out w/ us tonight.
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It's a discord server btw.
Isn't everyone who like animeposting already in a animeposting chat? What ganglion in satan's blue rectum do you faggots spawn from?
>doesn't like anime

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I have officially accepted being forever alone betafag.
>be 17 living in east coast
>meet girl on MySpace (west coast)
>she invites herself to my prom cuz she feels bad
>we actually kiss and stuff
>we take turns flying out to see each other in our states
>we say we love each other
>plans to move in
>"I actually don't want a bf anon"
>mfw this took 6 years
>be 26
>meet girl playing WoW
>told myself just friends that's it
>exchange numbers
>"I like u anon"
>skipping details
>she pretty much cycles through random guys like me and after a month of messing around she moves onto the next and blocks them.
>I'm just another one of them

I'm fucking done. Wasted so much of my youth on a long distance thing. And then went for seconds with a fucking "gamer girl" shit. I have no social skills to meet someone in real life.
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reee get our normalfag yadda yadda you know the spiel

Although truth be told i just got dumped my my girlfriend so i guess i feel similar, hope you find someone better.
>at least you had a gf
The first girl and I didn't even label what we had.
I'm 27 and never had an actual gf.

I cry myself to sleep every night about it. I wish I was a normie and be happy
If you call one month of hand holding a gf then yeah i suppose that's what it was.

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Have you ever gotten an asshole job?
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>asshole job
So...anal sex?
worked for a few assholes in my time
That's one name for it.

>benzos are just happy pills bro
>they cure social anxiety man just try em
>just take one or two mg of ativan bro itl help

now i'm just even more tired and scatterbrained
why on earth would anyone make a pill that just makes you tired and dumb
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Benzos don't make me think before I talk, and I can carry on conversation much easier, but if I take a higher dose it will just knock me out.
>Benzos don't make me think before I talk, and I can carry on conversation much easier,

that's what booze is for though
Having used both I much prefer drinking to benzos
Benzos dont give you a hangover though

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>tfw I'm probably retarded and there's no way I can prove I'm not
>tfw people are only being nice to me because I'm retarded
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I'm so socially inept people think I have aspergers, I've seen people start to treat me differently after 3 seconds of conversation, it's kind of sweet desu
>I've seen people start to treat me differently after 3 seconds of conversation, it's kind of sweet desu
Strange, for me it makes me want to kill myself.
I wouldn't even notice if people treat me differently, I'm too socially unaware to even notice something like that.

I'm not the man you think I am
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upon the sand upon the bay
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I dont get this meme, irogoajfly
>tfw you look like a slightly uglier morrisey

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Because I didn't feel like committing suicide today...
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Absolutely brutal.

>ywn have illegal sex with your hot teacher
>still a 30 year old virgin
>15 year olds have gangbanged 300% more women than you have ever gotten close to

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Women are literally animals, and are not capable of rational thought
If they like a band, or have a hobby that is not basic as fuck it is because they think they are "supposed to like it", just whatever is on the TV or whatever
If you ever meet a girl who has an interesting or "unique" taste in either music or literature, it is literally just imprinting from one of her previous boyfriends
Women are not "treated" like cattle, women ARE cattle, they need to be hooked up to a machine and milked and smash their fucking heads in with hammers SASH their fucking heads in
Males still rule this fucking world. In most of the world, a fucking bitch can get killed for looking at a man straight in the eye. In America and Europe, every day dumb sluts get their holes penetrated without their so-called consent, which isn't rape, just them getting the fucking dick they deserve up their asses.

Sexual abuse is on the rise, spousal abuse is on the rise and more bitches die every year. Fucking cunts. I am so glad I was born a man. I am so glad there is a bunch of retarded sluts jumping trough hoops just to get my cock.
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you're regurgitating that junk like a parrot
literally an animal
you've never had a sequence of original thoughts
just some feelgood lines you been fed by your masters
Nay, thee
i don't speak horse
how many animals are in this thread

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