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do they fap 24/7?
do they watch anime 24/7?
do they play video games 24/7?
do they shitpost 24/7?
What do they do?
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they do menial shit man idk how to describe it

they do what normal people do i guess
I'd also like to know. Where do they go to spend time?

I would like to meet one
they have tea parties with their stuffies, retard. duh.

i unironically hate every single american in the world and wish i could nuke every city in america and wipe every degenerate burger off the face of the earth.

any jews left alive in the world should be wiped out after that as well. and southern anglos as well.
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Why not Israel first? What about the middle east? You're a shortsighted retard
>butthurt amerifag
Im with you famalam

What is your greatest desire in this life?
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I don't really have any desires. I think it's a symptom of low testosterone.
why there is a homosexual picture there?
To have a nice husband(fag) and have biological kids- oh and to have enough money to have a nice house for them and be able to travel every 6 months or so with them

>applying to first job at 21 with no high school diploma

need help on how to fill this out

here's the .pdf for the application

>when available for work?
what exactly is meant by this

pic related, job ad
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>forgot the .pdf


the ad today is now 4 days old but its still up on craigslist
Honestly for something like this if you really want the job just go to the warehouse office in person. They'll probably hire you on the spot
>what exactly is meant by this
It means exactly what it says. When are you available to start? Sometimes people are currently working and need to give two weeks or something. For you, you'd put "immediately" or something like that.

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Be originally honest.
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probably average 2 a day
about 6, sometimes 7
Once a day or two

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How conscious are women of the "male gaze"?
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They base their entire self worth on it.
Hate airports so much.

>Hey lets make the seating all face towards each other so people have to stare at greasy strangers for an hour while we get our shit together
also the fucking charging stations where you have to stand up at a bar

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Humans are social animals and being alone is unhealthy to you

prove me wrong

pro tip: you can't

inb4 sour grapes
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I have ascended beyond human.
i have gyno

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what you desire.jpg
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Why is it so hard you for you to admit you crave this? How much you desire to mount her and give her your seed? How satisfying it would be to put her in her place by plowing her raw and breeding her warm, tight, delicious shithole?
Girls don't want you. But she does. Give it to her. Breed her. Once you do, you'll become addicted to filling her up, leaving her a quivering mess, her shithole leaking with your seed.
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we know yer shills go away to /lgbt
No thanks.

Rather not get AIDS
Man this board is gay af

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>Family over
>Pride yesterday
>Mom keeps saying out loud
>"I think its a great thing. Nobody should ever be ashamed about who they are and if they ever want to say anything they should say it without fear."

I fucking hate being a KHV
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Your mom thinks you're gay dude lmao
At least you know they're fine with the fact they'll never have grandchildren
shouldda told her, yeah white pride, 14/88, mom.

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What's Reviewbrahs endgame?
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To review his own death and gain immortality
getting added to my wordfliter
Is this real or is it inspect element shit that poltards love

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how can I find young not buttfukcugly men i rl who would love to become a literal slave to a girl?

a-asking for a friend
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No way, slut.
There's an ancient secret technique. We'll tell you if you post porn.
>not buttfukcugly
make them wear makeup or something

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Do you have a waifu or husbando?
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Arc is my wife, thanks for posting her
Nah, not yet. I'm still searching for The One.
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We met about five years ago, and we've been happy together ever since.
You'll know it when you find her. None of my past fictional crushes have ever made me feel the way Hanako does.

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>be experimenting with drugs for the first time
>drinking for the first time
>aged twenty three
>end up trying spice
>trip so hard hallucinate and the world looks like toy story almost (stop motion animation) or maybe super mario world two
>end up seeing hallucinations after going through alcohol withdrawal
>can see things every time I close my eyes until it's over
>get isolated sleep paralysis more often too during the synthetic time period, even though only smoked sporadically
>take benzos
>they do nothing
>take months worth
>fucking nothing
>smoke random herbs because poor that don't get you high
>when going through booze withdrawal one day couldn't visualize and developed aphantasia temporarily
>friend always breaks things when drunk (the only friend I had in the past five years)
>always wants to go outside
>high asking cops stupid questions
>parents always bothering me too, won't let me smoke in peace and quiet, have to go to the cray cray's house, with no AC, going through booze withdrawal in FL
>because not allowed to do anything but booze, and they bitch about that too, end up wrecking myself far too often
It's best to be alone.
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I took a 600mg dose of LSD for my first trip, Alex Grey style, and at the peak of the trip Latch by Disclosure came on. I had a bad time.
When I got high off weed for the first time I got nervous and threw up. I only took three hits too lol
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Ive done psychedelics quite a few times but only had one bad experience. I ate an unknown ammount of shrooms, like a big handful and took a few dabs. Immediately start feeling uncomfortable.

>experience an overwhelming feeling of having disappointed my loved ones.
>feel so sad and heavy i go lie down
>suddenly unable to move and the room warps into a distorted hospital room.
>hear my fanily around me crying talking about how i had brain damage fron eating the wrong kind if mushroom
>everything warps again, room is utterly dark void.
> i feel like death is near
>feel like a candle being extinguished. Feel like im shrinking and turning into ash. Its hard to explain, but thats what it felt like.
>"die" over and over for hours.
>gf comes to check on me and can tell im having a bad time so she gets in bed and cuddles me.
>this helps a little, stop dying repeatedly at least.
>stuck in a loop where i constantly forget who and where i am.
>for the brief periods i retain my mind i am certain ive done something horrible like murdered a child.
>fixate on this and start sobbing with regret.
>gf keeps stroking my hair and reminding me im not a murderer.
>finally pass out, still not sure what the hell is going on, and sleep for 14 hours.

That was not fun. Havent dine shrooms since. Acid is nice though. So is dmt. Dnt is too overwhelming to he frightening. You forget cibcepts like fear when you do that stuff. At least i do...

>Pray to become a girl before going to bed
>Wake up
>See yourself at the mirror
>See this

wat do?
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Have Chad ram by bootyhole
kill myself to take another braindead stacy out of this world
Live a happy fucking life.

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>cutties will defend this
How does it feel to have a mutilated cock? To never feel what a blowjob or even masturbating COULD feel like?

I feel sorry for you. I truly do. You got Jew'd. And restoration doesn't restore the lost nerve endings btw
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I'm circumcised and happy with it. My dick looks nice, I can masturbate fine. Don't have to worry about dick cheese or phimosis.
>Don't have to worry about dick cheese or phimosis.
neither do I
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Ok, I now have questions
How do I know if I'm circumcised or not? I mean, my dick is covered by skin when flacid, but when its erect, its not. I'm really confused about this

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