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>"Anon, can I hold your hand?"
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Sure you can qt
Holy fuck OP. That looks cute at a glance, but when you think about how quickly that thing could demolish that hand with it's teeth and claws it becomes terrifying. I would never want to be in that guys position.
The scary thing to me is people think that big cats only maul people when they get scared or feel threatened. They don't realize that a big cat can maul, dismember, or kill a human when it's just playing. That's how powerful they are. Big cats nip and scratch each other and wrestle, but unless you're Hercules you can't play with them at the same level of strength.

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>hey why don't you come over to my place
>we can cook dinner and chill, watch a movie or something
>I don't want to, anon.

I have already half prepared the dinner, downloaded some movies and bought nice expensive wine that I don't even fucking drink.

Why do I even bother?

Why should I respect women when they treat me like subhuman shit and all they want to do is go jump on Chad dick?
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You came off as desperate you pussy. Meet her at a bar like a normal human being you pathetic beta.

retribution will follow anon... retribution will follow.

>come off as desperate

What the fuck does that even mean. It's a woman I know for three days, for work related reasons. We barely know each other.

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palvin gif (1).gif
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What would you do for a Palv gf?
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Hope there's something to look at in the back. Those veiled mosquito bites aren't doing anything for me.
You're a goddamn fucking liar if you are saying she isn't attractive.
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Is it really necessary to be this autismo?

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>tfw drop out of High School after only going for one semester
>tfw I will never have meaningful high school memories to fall back on
>tfw no amount of good college experiences will make me feel better after wasting so many years lock in my room
How do I stop dwelling on the past?
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Look forward to the future. Maybe one day you'll muster the courage to buy a 12 gauge.
>Tfw when dropping out of high school

>Tfw no amount of good college experience will make me feel better.

Sorry to tell you buddy but your not going to college
>what is GED?
some shit community colleges will even let you do entrance exams without GED

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Or are women really too stupid to realize that tight low-cut pants + thongs is not a very good combination?
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It's a mixture of both, anon.
>tight low-cut pants + thongs is not a very good combination?
It is a good combination for making my dick hard.
But why do even mothers wear thongs?
Explain that shit!

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>if you were born then you touched a pussy

fucking normies get out
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you can't be a robot unless you were c-section delivered and formula fed
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>he breastfed

what a fucking filthy normie
Not true. If you consider being born as touching pussy you're not a normie, you're a robot with a weird concept of touching pussy. Same goes for breasts.

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Would you fuck an argentinian girl?
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argentinian girls are filler girls of the earth
Why are you asking OP? You know an argentinian or something?

The answer is yes btw
Yes, I always wanted to have a big family with a beautiful south american girl and live with her in the countryside

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>come back home after a brisk afternoon walk
>hear sploshing noises coming from your bathroom
>go in
>see this
>what do?
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they look like soulless demons
no thanks
Just throw the towels in the hamper when you're done
Eat some of that smagodt, if it's good shit of course.

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Please can someone post the people with his tongue out like he's looking at something tasty? Here's one in return
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Oh no. Fucking spell check. I meant "Pepe" with his tongue out
File: 1494239831217.png (992KB, 1280x1086px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here's something tasty for you anon
This isnt the Pepe I'm looking for but thank you

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Would you fuck a german girl?
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I'd fuck any girl.
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German waifu magic is the greatest in the world.
german girls are a top 5 acquired taste of earth

Do robots own stuffed animals? Are they any help to their mental and emotional well-being? Certainly you couldn't say no to such a cute object.
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i own some purely because they are cute

no idea if they are any help though since i dont really have any intention of using them to fill any emotional/mental holes
if I were rich, I'd buy some nice ones and use them instead of decorative pillows

you can find almost any animal you want if you go to the right place, probably shit like jellyfish and anteaters
I have this baby rhino.

I got him for an online gf but she never gave me her address so I could send him to her ;_;

>spend hours every week for new music to listen
>forget to look up which artists are in the Top 40 charts so I can talk about mainstream music with normies
>end up looking like a pleb to normies because I'm more knowledgeable about new musicians on bandcamp than new musicians that are popular on the radio
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Then listen to the radio you stupid idiot.
>caring about looking good for the normies
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>hey anon what music do you listen to
>uhhh Michael Jackson

Would you rather have a robot girlfriend or a robot saber tooth tiger?
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I'd buy my robot girlfriend a saber tooth tiger.
Autism the fucking thread
can the saber tooth tiger catch prey for me?

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How much of a normie are you?

According to the CDC, the mean age for males to engage in first vaginal intercourse has been pretty steady at age 17 since around 2002, the earliest date listed. Now of course, being a teenage virgin past that means nothing, I'm sure there are plenty of late bloomers.

From 18-19, 75.8% of males will have had some fort of sex. From 20 to 24, 85.7%. 25-29, 96.2% and finally, we find out that genuine wizards make up 3.1% of the all males. By the age range of 30-34 years, 96.9% of normies will have fucked a succubus.

>tfw of the 14.3%
I honestly can't believe that most males lose their virginity at 17..

https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nsfg/key_statistics/s.htm (pg 22)
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>I honestly can't believe that most males lose their virginity at 17..
If you're normie, it's common to lose v-card when you're 16-17 at some houseparty.
That is shocking to me, I had thought normies would lose it around 20-21. I guess most people weren't playing Minecraft all day when they were 17 like me
>I had thought normies would lose it around 20-21
Nah, it's relatively rare to lose virginity that "far" in college. I'd say 1st or 2nd course is possible.

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thinking man.jpg
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Do you find comfort in giving up on your life?
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Do you find comfort in not having a life?
>implying i ever had a life worth working on
I thought I had potential, but when I became an adult I realized I'm just a shitty person that never had a chance. Giving up saved me in a sense, but also doomed me.

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