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>You will never live in the Glorious Nippon
why even live?
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so sad T_T
Who says you can't?
Lots of people immigrate there

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>life's not fair
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L-limp bizkit and method man
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Anyone else here get vagina envy?

l don't I actually want to be a woman, but I look at my dick and just wish I had a vagina sometimes. I hate having a refractory period. I wish l could have multiple orgasms. I am so jealous of females.
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>Oh god it's that webm pussy anon.

Just transition already you crazy whore.
Not really. They bleed and look disgusting. I've heard that they smell really badly. Dicks are ugly too but at least they aren't revolting like vaginas.

I have womb envy though.
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Look, it's the subversive faggot that is spamming the board again. I can't wait to have you faggots banned

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This man slaps your gf's ass
what do?
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How can he slap?!!
>Call my lawyer cousin to sue him, call my banker cousin to shut down his account and pour money on his wife until she spends a night with me
Oy vey, do you even rules of acquisition?
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It's time for a dual

>Denied one of the most basic pleasures possible, intimacy with another human
>Surprised when we root for the downfall of the species

What did society mean by this?
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I turned out okay.
Society means they don't want to hear your complaints. If you're failing as a human, then they just want you to disappear in the corner, forgotten to time and all.

Society doesn't give a fuck about people like us and hate it when we attempt to address our concerns. We failed as people. Thus we don't deserve society's consideration.
He denied it himself. Why should anyone care about him not wanting sex?

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>too self concious to go swimming or to water parks
>i will never experience to joy of tubin' rides again
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bruh, just take your shirt off. no one cares
Nobody gives a fuck. If they see you having fun then the'll be happy for you. Regular people aren't assholes.
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it's never the same second time around anon

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I want a boy to put his willy up my fanny.
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Post picture of vagina and/or tits
how do I get trips?

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What's up my guys.
About to take 700mg of Dex since I have the house alone
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Weed/ alcohol

Don't need no more than that
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Do you want me to kick in your door and rape you when you get drugged? What do you want me to do with this info?
Calm down Zach! DON'T DO IT!

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Who /no meat/?

>makes you sluggish
>body spends all energy breaking down shitty meat

Eat some broccoli
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I am /no meat/. I am 30 and constantly get carded when I buy drinks because I have a youthful appearance. Meat ages you, clogs your arteries, and yeah generally makes you sluggish. It takes far longer to digest than other foods. It was always meant as a means of survival, not a constant. Getting protein from plant foods and nuts is far superior, I bench 250 pounds and weigh 170. My favorite is when fatass steak eaters like to step to me and think they can knock my lights out cause they have meat in em, haha. Enjoy your bloated, chemically saturated animal byproducts you shills. You've made cows chickens and pigs the most populous creatures in the planet, more of them than humans.
I went vegan a couple months ago and will never go back. I've never had more energy or felt better. Good post, OP. Lentils ftw

Damn solid bench

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What are the chances that you going to an hero in the future?
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Probably 0%-5% if I'm being honest, things kind of suck, but they are irredeemable.
As long as there's someone who loves me in my life, I'll keep on living. My mom's talked me out of suicide so many times. This is why I wish I had a gf. I'm scared what will happen when my mom dies.
50% at the rate things are going, really. The week has not been kind, nor has the past month.

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i want friends.jpg
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The weather is lovely,the beaches are crowded and clubs are playing loud cool music.
Phone hasn't ring in over 20 days...
Why has everyone left me behind?
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This post is intentionally left blank
When I was young I thought my teenage years will look like that picture. Now I just realised only cool and attractive people will have that experience. It has been an unpleasant 20-something years, 60 to go.
Have you considered plastic surgery?

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You think you want a gf but you really don't. If you're in love please just ignore it and it will go away, get a hobby, find some friends if you don't have any. Do stuff, just don't get a gf, you will end up with more pain than you have now.
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Only thing I want is to hold you down and shoot my cum up your asshole faggot.
But I want a companion who I can hold and share my feelings with and eventually have kids with.
She will hurt you in the end.

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Has anyone here experienced anhedonia caused by antipsychotics?

Anhedonia is defined as the inability to experience pleasure from activities usually found enjoyable, e.g. exercise, hobbies, sexual activities or social interactions.

What can you do with your time when you have anhedonia? All I do all day is read
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What caused by what?
People with schizophrenia and bipolar take antipsychotic medicine. This makes them feel less pleasure and reduces their quality of life
Yeah, it's not so bad though, I have to admit it's better to feel nothing than the constant of swinging between feeling on top of the world for a bit, only to crash so hard you feel beneath the earth. It's a really hard way to live. Though I miss feeling good sometimes, I just have to remember what feeling good entails for me.

I used to have alot of friends before I started taking my medication but I just kinda stopped talking to them, it just feels like a chore, I mostly just work now, and if I'm not working I just sleep most of the day until I have to work.

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>people die in movie
>think "good, less resource draining individuals"
>realize it's only a movie and they aren't really dead
>get depressed

am I some kind of sociopath?
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I feel the same way about you
I feel the same way about myself
Is it because I'm being mean or because you don't care about strangers?

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We kissed , talked even walked her home . Today I messaged her about going out again and she won't even read the fucking message . Robot lads what's going on ?
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Give more details plz?
We were with friends I knew the girl but nothing much we were playing some random card game and I was sitting next to her one thing got the other and see was hugging me while playing .Told her hey why not guy to the balcony where we can see the stars she followed and while we were outside talking she saw a falling star she looked at me and then we kissed and later made out
You did good, anon. Was there lots of booze? Just wondering.

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