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Tonight and early this morning has been a big fucking ordeal. I work at Krispy Kreme and when I get my check direct deposit it comes around 1 or 2 in the morning.

For some reason after I got my 264 bucks it says immediately that it's been western unioned and I'm fucking stuck trying to get my cash back and they're telling me it's too late.

Bro, that was all the money I had. I dont have any other means for money. How can I get to work, how can I eat for the rest of the week. My life has been getting worse and worse but come on man. Really? Like I'm about to fucking cry over this shit man. How do I lose my money and I can't do shit about it. All they did was freeze charges to my account but they didn't think tell me who or what charged me in the first place. I never even used western union
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Well that fucking sucks, can't you just crash at the bank or whatever until they tell you what the fuck is going on? Stay calm though, don't go loony in there, just refuse to leave until they give you some info.
post PayPal and some way of proving your OP . Who knows good things may happen
How can a check be stolen? I'm not American so the concept of checks is a bit foreign to me. Do they have to steal your identity too to cash it?

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What do you do with so much free time? Do you waste it or rather try to be productive in a way? What made you a NEET? Do you plan on getting a job in a future?
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If I don't have my life together to the point that I don't have a job and am not in education, why would I have the willpower to spend my free time productively? Even normies with jobs find it difficult to do that.
So, I'm not NEET yet, but will be at the end of the year. With this time, I'm going to take some time off, maybe take a holiday or two, and try to come up with a new life direction.

I made myself NEET, since I've been working toward the NEET/FIRE lifestyle for a long while.

As for future jobs, I don't think formal full-time employment is in the cards anymore. It seems like a waste of time at this point. I'd rather focus on starting businesses and enjoying what I have.
Been a Neet for a year. All I did was play video games and watch Anime. I always tell myself to do productive things but I always fail in the end. I am now currently studying in a school.

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How the fuck do you neets stay jobless for so long?
How do you survive? Do you live alone, which seems impossible if you don't have a job or with parents?
If you live with parents, how do you survive through them pressuring you to get a job?
I'm 19 and going to finish studies next year and I'm fucking terrified at the prospect of wagecucking all my adult life
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Neets are usually in countries with big benefits

>I dont want to wage cuck all my life
Get a trade and build a business.
They often set themselves up with investments and live very small. It's worked for millions of people
They have enabler parents and/or live in countries that give out neetbux like it's candy. If you ever get inheritance or whatever invest it in something, like for example I'm taking a bartending course and I'm gonna open up a comfy bar somewhere with some inheritance bux.

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did someone leak anything about this site?
did anyone archive the music?
what the fuck is going to happen in systemspace.link?
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Seems like the ride is finally coming to an end
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>did anyone archive the music?
>what the fuck is going to happen in systemspace.link?
We'll find out when the countdown ends. For now, the boards are still up and the FAQ is still accessible
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page source.png
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check the fucking page source its a troll

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Is it time to raid reddit now /r9k/??
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That time was long ago.

Old 4chan used to raid shit sites to send a message now we are the ones being raided.This shit has to stop
>Is it time to raid reddit
that sounds like something a redditor would say
Maybe they didn't put the picture of his cat on front page so he wants them dead

I have $100 to use on amazon.
What should I buy?
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Lady Bugs senpai
2-3 different ona holes and some lube
what other live animals can you buy on amazon?

Why don't you impregnating qt black girls right now?
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Because having sex with niggers only makes more niggers
If you fuck your children, you get nice quadroons. This is the ultimate goal here. If you live long enough, you can even make some octaroons.
you'll make qt mixed kids with superior white intelligence

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This girl is a perfection. Why did she chose to be a camwhore istead of having a good-tier life?
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She looks a bit weird in these pictures. Also she's not perfect because her voice/accent is awful
In her mind she probably decided why not do both?

With a women of her looks,You still think Chad and beta orbiters won't lap her up even after the fact?
probably banking on early retirement. doesn't she make well above a decent living just from showing her pussy on cam? i don't watch porn anymore so i don't know what the latest scoop is

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>4chan teaches me emojis are bad
>literally can't communicate with people in text because I don't use emojis
thanks a lot faggots
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I write full sentences with proper grammar when I text.
Me too, I also write emails with correct spelling and grammar then get criticised I'm "writing War and Peace". I didn't know people were so badly educated.
The only emoji I can't take seriously is the crying laughing one. I keep thinking people are being ironic so I multiply my emoji use in response but they think I'm just mocking them :(

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I have a Kindle but I typically find reading extremely boring.

What do you like to read /r9k/? I need ideas.
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How to be a faggot by Charles fagerman
I didn't know you were an author
I'm reading Exquisite Corpse by Poppy Z. Brite right now. It's fucking phenomenal if you're into that sort of thing.

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Who else has an odd perception of beauty?
Such as struggling really hard to understand why some people are ugly to normalfags. I can't even tell why and how ugly I am. Also the girls I think are really attractive are ugly to other people while the top tier attractive people are not attractive to me. It's not because I'm worried they're sluts or that they're out of my league I just have absolutely no desire to have them.
I'm not sure, but I feel like it's possibly because typically attractive people all hover close to the golden rule of attraction making their faces more similar and therefore boring.
I've also heard this is a symptom of autism.
So, what's your prognosis, robots?
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I suppose so, though mine isn't too alien i don't guess. I personally only find tall and more ?masculine? women attractive. Short or even average size women are a pretty big turn off for me.
I agree, and am also autistic. The people I find the most attractive are 'alternative' people who also look plain and awkward. The people who are considered attractive by society I usually don't care about or even find unattractive.
For example I'd take a short, overweight, emo autist with bad skin and green hair over a tall, slim, conventionally attractive blonde model almost all the time.

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People of /b/ told me a belong here. So hey guys! Don't worry I'm not as cancerous as 90% of /b/.
Don't really know what I should post so ask someone with Borderline Personality Disorder anything I guess. What's it like in r9k?
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What's /b/ like now? This board is trash, btw. It's just middle-class kids rebelling.
Fuck off twelvie. Lurk here for a couple years and maybe post when you're at least 18.
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/b/ is sorta really sad now. Just porn everywhere, no original content. You can get the occasional good thread (and my thread too) but it's pretty rare and not worth sifting through terabytes of barely legal porn, hentai and gore.
Are there any features in this board that isn't in /b/? I've been living there my entire life so I dunno about setting names and subjects in threads and stuff.

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> How many hours do you study each day?
> How do you have a balance life with all the studying?
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>do you ever get aroused when examining a patient?
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>tfw no medbot gf or medbot friend

Life truly is painful
graduated med school in 2010, finished residency 2014. used to study a good 4-6 hours a day in med school. in residency you cluster your studying in the 3 months around board exams. now i only work 2 weeks a month and make around 1400 dollars a shift after taxes. never have to study or read anything anymore off the clock. life is pretty comfy

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>all euro countries are homogenous, nice countries
>suddenly they're all forced to take in millions of useless subhumans
>terrorist attacks every day
>women getting raped by pakis
>filthy commies ruining everything
>UN literally calls it replacement migration
>normies see that nothing is wrong with this
>xDDD diversity is so good

Really makes you think, doesn't it?
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Preaching to the choir friend

This is better aimed to the euro cucks complacent this garbage on /pol/ and /into/
dude r9k is for personal problems take that shit to pol (i agree with you)
It's because not enough cogs are being born into the machine to make it run, so instead governments just import foreign cogs.

Either the people in power don't realize they're tearing their own nations apart or they don't care. I'm guessing they just don't give a shit as long as they're still the ones on top.

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Thoughts on these bad boyz?
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What you do to that you should do to my beter
Never tried them, but it irritates me that I instantly remembered the jingle when I saw your pic.
pretty good
in an original way

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