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Your problems are your fault and only you can remedy them.
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That's not entirely true, some are outside my control. For example:
>25 years old
>Pretty dumb

There's nothing I can do to alter that, I've tried.
not my fault but my responsibility.
Very true. Also, don't ever expect sympathy or understanding from anybody and especially don't ever reach out and look for it because it does not exist in this world.

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we aint worth shit

am i right

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<Thinks Sunny is a good show
<overused green guy meme
>can't even greentext
>reeeeee gtfo
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<lol am i right
<what a faggit

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the frenchies fry.jpg
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>normie neighbour comes home next weekend
>he's having a welcome home party at his house
>he actually invited me even though I really don't know him
>I know a few people who's probably gonna go
>probably gonna be lots of norms there
>maybe even some... g-g-g-girls

should I go?
his house is like 20 meters away from my house so I'm probably gonna hear their music and screaming
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you should definitely go

look people in the eye

give em a firm handshake

repeat their name when they introduce themselves, but call them "bro" or "man" the rest of the night

bring beer to the party
If your heart say to ou to go,go.But if not,not go.
There's not really any reason not to go.
If it gets super bad, walk home.
Also, bring a g-g-girl home and fuck her.

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There are so many underage overwatch markiplier faggots on this board it's been ages since we've seen a good balding thread. I'll start.

>be me
>24 years old
>dread going in for haircuts to the point where I'll sometimes wait 10 weeks in between visits
>hair looks like shit as a result
>each time I go in it the stylist cuts hair in a noticeably different fashion due to the continual recession of my hairline
>each time I inspect my freshly cut hair the damage becomes more and more apparent
>hate life as a result
>mfw death approaches

Is it over lads? Wat do besides an hero?

Post your balding stories and discussion below:
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I have this exact balding pattern. Pretty sure I'm going to look like him in a decade or so.

Currently between Norwood 2 and 3

I'm also a manlet. J U S T
>tfw bald head is currently sunburnt
>What do ?

Take 1mg of finasteride per day and 7 sparys of minoxidil twice per day.

After 6 months, you get your hair back unless you a slick blad when you take the treatment.

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Meditation is making some serious changes in my life to happen.
>Make big mistake during exam performance but somehow proceed completely calm and unfazed
>Haven't played video games in over a month
>Put my Magic: the Gathering card collection up for auction on Sunday
>Met a girl on the airplane who asked me out on a date
>No motivation to court her but an open mind convinced me to agreed to meet her and see what she has to say
It's as if my consciousness is prepping for monk life.
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Forgot to add: I haven't masturbated in three days and I'm still not sure what to do about it.
How to meditate? Any books you can recommend? My consistent nightmares and anxiety have convinced me that it could be a prudent thing to look into.
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How long have you been meditating OP?

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rose thread come home rosebud

rose is pregnant edition
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howdy partner.jpg
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howdy there buds
how are you doing tonight?
Bad. How are you?
what's wrong?
i'm doing okay, a little tired but okay.

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Anyone know where I can get a lifesize doll for cuddling? not even fucking?

I don't want a sex doll, I just want a lifesize doll shaped like a woman that I can sleep next to that doesn't cost $800+

Does something like this exist?

pic is the $800+ one.
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I can make one for you for 500 shrug
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dirty fucking cotton slut

Much much younger white girl falls in love with me (asian)

I tell her I can't

She asks me why

i tell her i can't steal prime women away from the younger generation of white men. it's not right

>feels gud to do the right thing

thanks r9k
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you're stupid, mate
I was expecting a "thanks, brother" ... but okay whatever
admirable but we're much more concerned over >85 IQ nogs than obviously intelligent asian geezers

unless you're an arab/paki kinda asian

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Holy shit, biology college is so fucking fun, it is literally the chad course goddam, i've never been so happy in my life
stop wasting your life doing IT, anon, you only have one.
>tfw discovering the secrets of life while anon cucks his life away in a office
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Having fun learning about the 100s of different genders and sexes on the spectrum
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>he thinks popsci is what I learn in class
don't play with me like that anon

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>finally get prescribed Klonopin for social anxiety disorder
>can actually look people in the eye now
>can speak in a confident voice without stuttering
>can talk to random strangers with ease
>can actually make phone calls instead of having mommy do it for me
>can actually sleep well instead of waking up every hour
>can actually go outside
>actually WANT to go outside
>can actually enjoy things again
>feel calm and happy all the time
>tfw I'm finally fucking alive
>tfw tolerance will build up quickly and this is all just a temporary glimpse into a normal person's life
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man when i read that i felt like you were describing me to a tee, literally every line, jesus christ..
they tried to put me on Zoloft but i rejected more drugs.

i mean i can look people in the eye, but it's unsettling at first no matter how much i do it, it's like i can never get comfortable with it.
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yes... yes.... buy those drugs... they will solve all your problems
I will never trust the drug jew again after anti-depressants made me so horny I'd spend all my money on food on buying womens underwear from craigslist, I ruined every relationship I had left.

Sure I lost weight, but yeah, antidepressants literally flipped my crazy switch, never again.

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Why do most robots have those dark lines under their eyes?
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Instead of sleeping I post on /r9k/
shit genes and extremely low exposure to sunlight
It's genetic 100%. Don't listen when normies tell you to sleep more. It won't change a thing. It has to do with poor bone-structure around the eyes. Only surgery can fix it.

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WHO is she please tell me robots I need to know I can't live my life without knowing who she is. I possibly knew at one point in time but my memory is bad so I forgot (maybe?)
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please............... orignally
That is Cassie
THNKA you my man holy shit i can die in peace

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Your looks determine how people perceive you and where you stand in society. Your iq determines your potential in the socio-econimic market. Your personality is also a factor. You have very little control over how you are perceived in society. Trump was born to be president because he's white, tall and high iq.
You were born to rot alone in your basement with no women because you're short and ugly. Genetics are everything. Looks Money Status.
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fuck off normalcattle piece of shit. Do not berate the NEET lifestyle, reported.
what is the point of this

clearly you're a fucking loser too if you even needed the ego boost that would come from this
this is the same retarded fallacy that eggman deployed

being ugly or stupid doesn't mean you can't survive and thrive. Adaptation comes in the form of niches

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Memaw found the smegma processor
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connor mcgregor found the mountain of cum erected over the margaret thatcher monument
>OCIA certified the sperm ranch
>interpol raided the dildo canyon

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>tfw listening to love songs to get a taste of what love feels like
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>tfw get drunk and ball your eyes out to "love story" by taylor swift
don't tell anyone
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listening to this when I read your post
>tfw listen to songs about successful lives and people who enjoy their social spheres
>tfw sit alone with a bottle in my hand feeling sad
>tfw 25 wasted years
how do i get back on track bots. I wanted to travel the world when I was younger, now i'm halfway to 50 and I don't even have a current passport, haven't been to another nation since I was 17.

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