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All I want is a virgin wife.

Everyone says it gets better later, or that I'm looking in the wrong places. Yet I see forum post after forum post which are invariably answered, "They do not exist."

Give me something resembling hope
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They really don't exist my dude, forget this idea.

The only way to get a virgin wife is to be her childhood friend and thus fuck her before marriage, other than that,
she would have to be retarded, disabled or have an even worse problem that surely would make it not worth the trouble.

So rare that it won't happen.

The one time I ran into a virgin girl it was freshman year of college. She was a sheltered Christian girl. I fucked her titties and left her. She might still be a virgin but her boob virginity is mine.
You'll end up very disappointed if you get what you want.

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I saw a femanon discord link the other day but can't find it. I'm a pure petite femanon may I join the enlightened ranks?
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Only if you post your tits for verification.

Can't give it out to just anyone right?
life so difficult for flatchested femanon
Yeah, I feel you.

But you know how it is, millions of orbiters trying to get in. It would be a mess.

Better luck next time.

The most NEET character of them all. A true robot.
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>finding this show funny
You guys have low standards.
I miss Aqua Teen. It died too soon.

He had a house and a cool car, he wasnt a robot, andhis neighbors were fast food, thats pretty cool

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R9k what do you think of this? Also generall metal thread
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Oops forgot link bois

Bumping up my thread originally get in here motherfuckers
Bumping it up baby,orginoli

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Me and my mom were talking about college and careers she told me to find something that i really like doing
>no interest in things because depression

fuck i really don't know what to do ?
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the only things i do like are
do one of those then?

you can complain when you enjoy LITERALLY nothing
You're an adult. You don't have to listen to your mother unless it's the only way you'll continue receiving financial support. If you somehow feel too guilty not to listen to her then you're not all that depressed and obviously still care about things.

If you don't know what you want to do, then don't waste your time at college. At most take some short course at a technical college that'll help you get a certification or whatever and then just get a job.

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>TFW the partner tells me i'm fantastic
>Got great reviews that will get me promoted
>Parents are really proud of me
>Friends are envious but happy for me

Everyone says my work is hard, but I feel like I'm deceiving them all and I have shit self worth in myself.
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the partner? you a fag, son?

heh, makes sense, typical fags worryin over fucking nothing.
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whomp crab.jpg
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I didn't mean any of that, sorry

you're experiencing a common feeling of people with success

fuck you
Partner as in my boss. My company is structured as an LLP.

>tfw you'll never be a tall black pretty boy
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He isn't tall though.
Why A$ap Rocky look like a single mom
>When you can tell he's saying some stupid nig memerap shit that no one really needs to hear
>you know after this line a hypeman most definitely said 'yup!"

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Robots who moved out from your parents house: Why did you do it and what age?
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>I hated how oppressive my parents were. I didn't have any choice in things ever.
Pretty much the same reason for me except I was 17.
Moved out at 21 for school moved back in at 24 FUCK living alone or with strangers dude it made me freak out.

I'm not moving out again without a gf or hetero bro life partner to room with.

>made friends with this guy from school
>hang out
>play vidya and so on
>he gets a gf
>not that good looking, personally I'd rate her a 6/10 but a very kind person
>feel uncomfortable with hanging out with them
>slowly drift apart from them
>lonely again

Fuck my life.
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Are even 16?
why didn't you ask that friend to just hang without his gf?
No, I'm last year of hs . So 18

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You are given the power to cure one of this two diseases



Cancer: A harmless treatment is created that cures you in a week

Depression: You take a pill that creates a balance in your brain chemicals, you feel like a normal person both joy and sadness.
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Just remember, curing depression does not give you a gf.
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>cure a real disease that's painful and kills
>or some fake meme bullshit virgins use as an excuse for being lazy and unmotivated

This is the key thing right here. A happy pill is basically a band aid. I'd cure cancer if I could. I lost my pupper to it a few years ago.

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have you made any friends recently /r9k/?

where'd you meet them? what do you talk about?
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I haven't made any new friends in like 5 years, though I've had the same friends for well over a decade now and that's enough for me since I'm almost 30.
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I've met a few friends from r9k that I talk to on Discord a lot. We usually just talk about day to day stuff. It's nice.
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Roasted some roastie earlier today, but felt like we got along.

Thread ended, didn't ask for contact details. Was probably just a guy anyway r-right?

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Has anybody else here /discovered the truth/

There is no real hope. We are being deluded by a select few that are trying to impose normie culture on the general population for personal gain. Nothing is special about normies. They have no unique characteristics and make up the majority of the population, hence the name "normie". Because they are indifferent from one another and so insignificant, they seek assurance from others and are happy to accept this "normal" culture in order to get their recognition. The select few try to impose this way of life on us for money and power. They tell you what to dream: a degree from a good college, a good looking wife, a high paying job, and successful children. There is nothing special about normies and without the normie culture they would be as depressed as us. Their culture gives them something essential to a healthy human mind: hope. This sense of hope is false, but they want to believe it, so they do. Those who are different in anyway from the normies or don't adopt their culture are rejected from these normies and harassed and in some cases targeted. This causes them to lack social relationships and their mental health to deteriorate. They don't have a false sense of hope they can believe in, so they chose another path: suicide. Normally, the people controlling the population couldn't care less, but they have to for several reasons: it is seen as immoral so politicians and local leaders discourage it, and its one less slave to be in the workforce, participate in the economy, and pay taxes. Once you attempt suicide you are sent to a psych ward, not to get better, but to scare and force you into becoming a functioning member of society. They don't care enough about you to spend the recourses necessary to actually help you, and they can't force normies to accept you.
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TLDR: nothing is what it seems
wall of words much?
How else was I supposed to explain it? It's kinda hard to greentext something like this

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What's the most you've ever done for a girl?
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Read her thesis.

Don't be nice to girls fampais they get incredibly weird and clingy. It's like they can't separate undying friendship from just being nice.
Not approach her to begin with.
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>not wanting girls to be clingy
>not wanting girls to obsess over you
>not wanting girls to be your pet

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so, how do you guys measure up? this is literally the basic you need to be to get a fat used up girl in her mid 30s
tall (and handsome)
smart (good paying status job)
ambitious (good paying status job)
makes me laugh (pushover)
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Nope I'll keep my insane political beliefs thankyou very much.
you need to grow up and stop being a manbaby?
how else is she going to support all those kids she never had and now its too late
>tall (and handsome)
pic related
autistic and depressed isn't a good combo
I'm leaving uni next month
>sense of humor
how about you kys?

Where do you think you are? Nice bait,

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ITT: Weird things your body does.

>get an erection whenever nervous or anxious

Also does anyone else know this feel?
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i get a rash whenever i try to exercise, take a bath, go outside on a sunny day, or have to talk to someone i dont know
getting a rash in general
also some of my joints can crack in predictably ways, i can make my elbow crack if i put my arm to my chest and hard push on it
I get an erection within 10 minutes every time I drink water and it won't go away until I pee.
Am I dying, bros?

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