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ITT post your fetishes
> bestality, been into it for a couple of days
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Never heard of it desu
mah niga
dominating her too but ahtat's pretty vanilla i guess
brother sister cousin coustin and mommy and daddy to be played out witha non relative is pretty hot
basically myself and a random woman are abducted by aliens and made to have sex so that aliens can learn about human reproduction

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Suffer,is good.Without suffer,we become "dumb",we become one of the masses.We need to suffer to reach some wisdom.

With suffering we see the true nature of things,what things really are,not how should be.

The bad of normalfags is that how they never suffered,they see the world being a good place to be,they see life as good and as a gift,what's an illusion.

Even if we are profoundly sad,we can boast ourselves of that,that we see the world how he really is,how the human being really is,how life,really is.

We're closer to the truth than them,my fellow robots.
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Fuck off, Griffith.
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On a scale of 1-10 how euphoric would you rate yourself?

>tips fedora

Fuck you.

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So are women just retarded?
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They're not retarded, just very mean.
what the fuck is that graph even representing?
Women see most men as unattractive while men are a lot more fair in ranking women's attractiveness.

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What are some cringy anime/games/books/songs you enjoy?

I'll start
>Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2
>Koe no Katachi
>Muv Luv
>NieR Automata
>Chrono Cross
>The Book of Lies
>Vidya OSTs and anime songs
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Atelier series

Any hard rock/metal with high-pitched anime girl voices eg. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVUHjUfbzKs

Also Sonic Adventure 2 is a goddamn masterpiece what are you smoking OP?
How is NieR: Automata cringy? Do I lack the self awareness to realize calling it my GOTY is cringy?
sword art online
whats more, I like it openly

Use the correct OP image for the time of day you silly mongs edition
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First for Crumpet shit himself
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Did you ever try to go super saiyan anon? Tell the truth.
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I know I shill it a lot here, but I'm surprised there aren't loads of cubers on /r9k/. It's such an autistic hobby and the community is so robotic

prove that you're not a normalfag
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Mr. President,

I've been posting on this board, on this website, for 9-10 years.
I have a girlfriend and an active sex life
not passed

Your opinion on transgender people, please. With fundaments.
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Insane and deranged, will likely kill themselves one way or another. Not paying any attention is the best way to go, if you ignore them they'll go away eventually usually by suicide.
They're literally not accepting reality (their gender). This of course is more of a symptom than a cause. The cause is an underlying mental disorder. Another symptom is they're attracted to the "extremes" in sex, politics, etc.
sexy but gay

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Due to the mere mention of ANYTHING political, this post is unallowed in /k/. But please try to keep the /pol/ shit to a minimum, if you can:

I'm a white male liberal living in a liberal town (Portland). I'm usually for gun control (or at least better gun regulations) and what have you. But recent events in Charlottesville, and other similar events throughout the 2010s, is starting to make me consider carrying a fire-arm on me.

Because the world, or at least America, is certainly becoming a less safe place for now. And I've definitely had encounters thus far into 2017 that made me wish a weapon was within my reach. In addition, I'm not only considering fire-arms for protection, but also have one in the hopes of deterring potential ugly encounters from even starting (if that's possible).

So what's a good weapon of choice for someone with virtually no gun knowledge? .45 sidearms have a nice ring in my ear. But I guess I should also come out and say there's a history of mental illness in my family. I've had MDD and PTSD (nothing related to guns) since I was a kid, and made suicide attempts before (but the last recorded instance was 2006). I've been in behavioural therapy since 2005. And I've never been committed or arrested for any reason whatsoever.
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So you didn't give a shit about other people's rights until YOU felt personally threatened? Just stay unarmed, this will all blow over soon enough
>hundreds of deaths due to islamic terror
>no effect on you
>one guy runs over one girl
>ok i need to think about my defense

You're a cuck, and will die soon.
I suggest a 12 gauge shotgun. Aim for your face. Unamerican shits like you deserve to suffer minority attacks or failed suicide attempts.

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>looking for Thai lady boys because of other thread
>find this

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trannys don't like topping, it's just a porn meme
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>The same guy that made the past 30 blacked threads.

You like to play on all teams, don't you?

This, i noticed it too. He posted several WMAF images on another thread
Its very clearly a jew trying to create more racial tension.

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/comfy/ thread with music. Here's 2 mixes that I love alot.


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sometimes i wish to run away from everything
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sometimes i dream to have my own place
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sometimes lifes beautiful for what it is

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What book is /r9k/ currently reading?
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rereading Machiavelli's The Prince until I can get all my books back
Welcome to Night Vale: The Novel
the prince by machiavelli along with discourses on the first decade of titus livius

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Would it be pretentious or cringe to have the
Spear of Longinus in my bedroom?
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Only if you didn't have it in your pants
isn't it kinda big
Better frame a poster or something.

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Welcome to Frogs and Feelz Irish Bar!
What are you drinking lads?
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Give me something from the top shelf barkeep.
100% americans like every other r9k discord?
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download (11).jpg
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Here ye go lad!
Really fancy stuff!
Dont use it often!

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Why are all of you depressed because >Tfw no gf?
Just pump and dump.
Bachelor life is amazing.
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The main reason most of us want a gf is to have someone to have sex with somewhat often with the slightly less likelyhood of them getting a different strain of gonorrhea from a guy every week.
Someone to share life with? But really what do I know I've been alone my entire life.
People want girlfriends for the companionship and love. The sex is just a bonus.

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>Be a woman
>Tell others you're sad
>"Oh no baby what happened?"
>"Are you okay?"
>"I bought you some chocolate"
>"Want a hug?"

>Be a man
>Tell others you're sad
>"Man up"
>"Oh, okay"
>"Yeah, me too"

When are women going to admit that they have it easier than anyone else?
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>"Oh no baby what happened?"
>"Are you okay?"
>"I bought you some chocolate"
>"Want a hug?"
The people who say this don't give a fuck about you. They're responding the way they are supposed to when faced with "oh no sad girl" because it makes them look good.
True hot girls have life on easy mode,

But ugly or deformed girls have it the worst,

Imagine your worth being based on something you can't change and set so low nobody looks at you twice
Never. And this is why i have suppressed my emotions. I can not afford to feel sad and depressed. Thats not the mans job. Only baby boys and gays cry.

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