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europejski neet.png
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How are you holding up, eurobots?
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I am just glad that I'm not american, so am feeling comfy.
How about you?
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i am holding up pretty good..

fuck this word filter though
Hello friends how are you guys. My life is making miserable and i want to kill myself soon. Fuck

t. polish anon

You will become Chad in the next life

>be 6'4
>totally /fit/
>able to can bang any woman

But only if you can kill yourself right now in the next 15 minutes. How do you go out?
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Tragic autoerotic asphyxiation accident.
Car, it's the only way i could think of that would be able to set up fast enough
i won't kill myself because I enjoy my current life :)

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Am l gay?
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Yes now come choke on my cock
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>Am l gay?
Yeah :)
Do you wanna suck wiener, ride wiener, or fuck a boy? If no to all these answers, then no.

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I'm a 23 y.o white male, and I have a strong desire to kill people.

Not innocent/random people, I'm not a psycho, but my enemies, I want to hunt evil people who really deserve to be dead. I have phantasies about craving a sword in someone's chest and see it bleeding.

Is that normal? Am I wrong?
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that's how a lot of men feel all of the time, it's pretty normal

all those violent assholes in school that you just couldn't understand? it just hit them sooner

just find an outlet and get over it, unfortunately there's never gonna be a cool war for our generation so you have to lift weights or watch violent movies or something
Its normal to want to be a hero, but you take it a little too far. Be on a SWAT team if you really want to kill.
I want to kill pretty sluts

I live in a place were there are tons of pretty sluts (hint hint: Elliot).

There is no outlet other than killing them.

How does manage to be /fit while being smart and knowleageable and socially fit?
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he looks like a regular neighborhood boy
Because life isn't an RPG you fucking autistic shut-in.
The two tend to coincide for obvious reasons but there's no reason you can't.

I have an IQ above 150 and I'm in excellent shape. I just like knawledge and I also like working out.

If you make fun of me with a hat meme I'll tip that fedora right into your bootyhole, so watch your tone.

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Why is starting college so hard?

There's SO MUCH paperwork. So much to do. I need to call my old high school and get them to send over a transcript. Send a letter to the county with multiple proofs so I can get a certificate of residence. Get a physical examination and immunization records from the doctor's office. Fill out federal and state financial aid forms, with all my income and taxes that I've filed in the last years, apply for scholarships and awards, schedule placement testing then registration after that, rsvp for orientation and more and more and more and more there's SO MUCH TO DO AHHHH.

Every thing with it's own specific requirements and forms to fill and paperwork to provide and one single mistake fucks the whole process up. How do people do this?

It would be so much easier if they could actually streamline the process into one easy checklist. Do this, do that, when everything's done you're all set. Instead it's this schizophrenic mishmash of shit spread out all over multiple webpages hidden in little nooks and crannies on the college website. Not only there, but also in the state's website, and the county's website, and none of them interact or talk to each other so there's really no way of ever knowing when you missed something.

Do they seriously expect braindead 18 year old kids to figure all this out?
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Think of it as natural selection

Original comment
did you drop out from HS. normally you get helped in HS for that stuff. but if you drop out you're on your own.
I'm starting college this year too, it's a pain in the ass. My fafsa didn't even go through correctly so i have to fix that soon.

How do I get a romantic relationships like the ones in anime?
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how do you not? (if you're a girl it's that easy)
They don't exist. Anime is a work of fiction. Real life is not. You will never have a perfect relationship and true love is a meme.
Date a 2d animu character

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>mom found the cum cannon
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>police found the semen separator
Give us greentext OP
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rain drop
drop top

>mom found the bIood in the poop sock

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how do i make a thread on here
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>how do i make a thread on here
wait a second ...
I dunno, can you help me post a comment?
How do you get a 4chan pass?

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>Went to Asian massage parlor
>Decent looking mom-tier Asian with okay butt and legs comes in and gives me massage
>Flips me over and points at my dick "Is okay?"
>I say yeah
>She gives me an oily handjob while I feel on her butt
>I blow a load on my own chin
>All that for $50

Does this count as losing my virginity? I feel dirty like I lost it
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grats op
youre now gay
no penetration so no

You didn't tip? Lol

What's your guys' favorite television series? Pic related is mine
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pic related is mine
i really enjoyed the series and cant wait for the second
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Pic related was way too relatable
I really liked that one. A bit slow at times but when he was possessed and broke into the place to save his sister the disaster he left in his wake (the guys submerged in the ground) was awesome.

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I love to shit. I love being cleansed. It's liberating :)
You take half an hour to shit?

Dude you have some problems. I would go to the doctor if I were you.
Half hour?!?!
For me it is 30 seconds max.

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I know how much I'm adored here, it's so pleasant.
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I don't understand how anyone can enjoy this show. The main character is a fat homosexual
>an overweight homosexual
Are you the steven universe avatar fag?

If yes, I truely adore you.
That's objectively incorrect.
Yes, and yay.

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How do you feel about people over 30 with nothing saved for retirement?
I work at a joint nursing home/assisted living home. There's the luxury side I work at and the other side for people on welfare. Most of the residents on my side are genuinely happy people. We go on trips to horse racing and stuff. We have happy hour once a week before dinner and Sunday brunch. These residents pay a 200k entrance free before rent and expenses. Then there's the other side. They eat basically bottom of the barrel slop. No outings, hardly any activities, no family comes to see them. A good amount are literally waiting in bed to die. All they have to do is puzzles while we have wii sports. Comparing the two, my side is in much better health. You can't walk 10 feet without passing someone who lost a leg to diabetes. There's very few diabetics on my side. There are no obese residents on my side. Money really does buy better health. I've can spend hours chatting with our residents. They're really interesting people. The poor people are eager to talk to anyone who won't walk away from them, like I do. They only reason I would ever sit down and chat with a poor resident is to find out where they fucked up in life to leave them here.
Sofrry for the rant. If you could experience this too, you would have such motivation to invest and save. One more thing. The smokers. These are some of the most suicidally depressed people you will ever see. The only receive $10 a month from their check and that's only good for one pack here. I've seen poor residents crawl into the trash can in the employee smoking area looking for butts to smoke. There's a group who are up all night, all in wheelchairs, all missing a leg. They literally face a brick wall, don't say a word to each other, and chain smoke hoping today is the day they die.
You see the difference for yourself, I promise you, you will take retirement seriously.
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I'm working my way to FIRE and I'm surprised this board isnt filled with robots with the same goals. It's the fast track to comfortable NEETdom while being self reliant.
Implying I'll be alive until retirement. Lol you fucking normee fuck off
It's not just retirement, it's life in general. You have to take care of your health, your relationships, your finances, your appearance, etc. all the time, always, forever.

When you totally give up on some aspect of your life, the harder it is to bounce back as time passes.

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hiiii anon~
eat my rear pls :3
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Anything for a cute anime girl
But he is roleplaying gay.
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H-hi Hifumin~~

S-sorry I don't know if I'll be good at it...
But if it's what Hifumin wants~

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