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>oneitis friend (who knows I likes her) asks me to go to Dairy Queen and buy her a chocolate sundae during a break between classes at the college we go to
>I do so and come back about 20 minutes later with the sundae
>she's sitting with some Chad that all the girls like
>"oh, thanks, Matt"
>feeds the sundae to Chad (actual name Nick)

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I miss when this board used to be full of greentext stories with people posting about being NTR'd without even realizing.
It sure looks like you at least realize that, so what do you want me to tell you? It doesn't sound healthy
I'm just hurt and venting, anon-kun...
She's cruel.
This is the part where you cut all contact and ignore her whenever you see her in public

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>5 degrees celsius and sunny
>stacey is outside tanning
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Praise be to those 5 degrees, eh lad?
Holy fucking Canada

Was just 84 here yesterday git gud
>being in university
>wearing plenty of warm clothing because while it's sunny it's pretty fucking cold
>realise people around me are wearing t-shirts and shorts
wtf am I sick

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Now that the dust has settled, can we agree they deserved it?
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my dad died on 9/11. his last words were "allahu akbar!"
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actually found a use for this image now
My grandfather died in a Auschwitz. He fell off a guard tower.

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ITT: irrational fears

>Whenever I walk past sand or gravel piles I can only imagine being trapped under it suffocating
>It has given me nightmares before
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>getting stuck between a moving lift/escalator and getting dragged into the mechanisms
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>Midly afraid of spiders.
>Tfw see a spider as big as my thumb on my bed
>Didn't sleep there for 3 days.
>The fear was somewhat normal for a while.
Fast forward half a year later.
>Having nice cozy dream
>suddely 2 guys hold me down while thousands, if not millions small spiders crawl towards me
>They crawl in and out of my mouth and eye sockets
>They eat my eyes
>Tfw traumatised for life

Also Goose-desu.
I'm afraid of not greeting black people, just in case they assume I'm racist for not doing so.

So I make an effort to greet them nicely, I don't do this for any other race or person, as I am an autist.

Is this some weird reverse racism going on? Is it racist of me to only greet blacks?

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>looking through your sister's stuff
>find this
Wat do?
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What do you think itching powder will do to her insides?
That would mean she's a lesbian, judging by the double ended dildo and feeldo.
Steal them.

I am a shell that never opens up but me and this girl recently opened up to each other and told each other are fucked up pasts.(I was Raped) (i dont feel comfortable saying hers).
I have caught feelings but I cant date her because she wants to be a lawyer and I am on steroids and she cant date someone who does illegal things. I havent had feelings in so long what the fuck do i do? sorry for the frantic typing im crying.
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Dude KOTOR was so good. Thanks for reminding me
What kind of bait is this? Please advise...
Here is some advice, post this in >>>/adv/

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How do I move to la or NYC as a poorfag in upstate ny? I refuse to live anywhere that's not a major city
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NYC sucks
Just go walk there and be homeless.

The Empire State Building does not really have that many floors. New York is full of sham skyscrapers. Mason digits confirm who is responsible.

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How are the jews controlling us?
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Run the media and the banks. They control public opinion and the flow of money the two most important things in the world
In most cases by meritocratically outperforming their competition.
This tbqh. It's odd that whites are taking so long to pick up on this.

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Why did he kill 4 men ;_;
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They were normies and i like to think theat they tried to stop him.
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Because he was mad noone gave him some assfuck
Because he was a retarded cuck who didn't go after the people who actually hurt him like 90% of spree shooters.
Honestly have no clue why most of this board rides his grubby hapa cock so hard.

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>today it's 5 years since little brother died
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We are here for you fellow robo
you're the reason he killed himself

No. I was the only person he could trust. It probably wasn't suicide too.

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>be female
>can do anything in life without being shunned for it

>be male
>make a little bit of small talk to a child in the park, just for fun as children can be hilarious
>all these disgusted faces around me, get called for pedo n shit

Every single fucking interaction I do in life with children/women and elderly I make sure to take extreme caution and keep it to a bloody minimum, its taking so much energy. Why are men always seen as bad guys and women as something like angels. I never asked for this fucking treatment, I wish I was fuckin born as a female, being a man is bloody suffering.
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Why were you making "small talk" with a child? Don't bullshit me.
Maybe you should stop being a creepy pedo OP
>female talks to a kid or gives a gentle smile when he/she looks at female
>nothign wrong

>be male, do the same
>mother immediatly grabs child
>mfw get namecalled for pedo

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Why do normies act like they wouldn't fuck the shit out of Kim Kardashian?
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Because she never wore a pair of assless chaps...publicly atleast.
Her ass is cottage cheese

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Any robots aka depressed khvs, why actually dont want to commit suicide? Why?
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Because my parents are still alive
Because I'm committed to following this wild ride to the end. That, and I actually have it pretty good. Great wealthy family, white, handsome, not a manlet, intelligent. One day things are gonna look up for me!
Parents, thats the only reason fer me

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Let's have an /r9k/ vidjew games thread: no normshits allowed

I'll start: is this basically the most Robot game in existence?

You play as an autistic hairlet robot who goes to normie parties and social events, and unleashes his supreme gentlefury on roasties

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My vote goes toward Hatred. Pretty fun game.

I really, really want to play Watch Dogs 2 but I'm a poorfag neet
I'd say Dead Space

You just some average guy who fights monster while trying to forget about that one girl and then you fight even more monsters and you don't even care anymore but you still can't get the girl but then when you finally do she leaves you and then everyone hates you but you're still fighting monsters. For robots these monsters are metaphorical of course.
>unleashes his supreme gentlefury on roasties
Enjoying your "psychopathic mass murderer" rank?

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How do I fall in love with my phone?
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Step 1) Tulpa
Step 2) ???
if you love it, let it go

throw it in the garbage
One of my favorite movies of all time. I've watched it 4 times and I unironically cry every time.

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