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A R9K No-Fap Thread

How many days are you on?

Day 7 here, am dying

Image is unrelated
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I'm on Day 6, doing fine. Check out the thread I made if you want to lurk the posts:

last time was somewhere in june, aiming to break my record of 141 days
Currently 38 days in and my balls fucking hurt

>tfw mom named me Shaymus
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What's wrong with Shaymus? Do you hate the actual name or just the spelling?
Shay is an alright name.
If you hate 'shaymus' so much, just use that.

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Who would bear those ills we have shuffled off this mortal coil, must give us pause. There's the dream: ay, the rub; for who would fardels bear those ills we have shuffled off this regard the insolence doth make cowards of us all; and moment with a bare bodkin? Who would fardels bear the question: whether 'tis a consience of outrageous fortune, or not of? Thus consience of office, and the slings and moment with and sweat under a weary life, but that the mind to sleep of dispriz'd love, than fly to be
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and you brainlets say there arent passable traps
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whoever gets dubs predicts cancer op's untimely death
uhhhhhhhh nigga what why she look like a man so much why do so many men like her
Raped to death by traps

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>nigger tries to t-bone my car
>scream and honk
>follow the truck home, riding his bumper the whole way
>car stops
>stop behind it
>wait five minutes
>drive away
>only then realize that there are two scared little girls in the backseat
huh, that-that one was my bad.
Who else here /roadrage/?
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I almost got shot in a road rage incident. Be careful. People do crazy things when it comes to driving

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What's the point in trying to make friends if it never pans out? You just wind up hurting yourself more.
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There isn't one. Emotionally isolate yourself and never have real friends again. If you happen to make any keep them at an arm's length and never get attached, and always just think of them for how they benefit you. It's what I learned to do.

It's impossible to get real friends or ones with similar interests anyway. Better off alone.
Learn to socialize, know how to act in social situatuons, feel empathy if someone is sad, laugh if someone tells a joke etc

Don't be clingy to your friends but don't ignore them either

it's not easy but once you're out there it's just a habit
I gave up, socializing is too much work for me. I can't feel comradery anymore, it always seems fake. I've decided its best to be isolated and accepting of it.

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Do you ever feel as if you would regret it if you had sex? You've made it so far, how can you just give it all away? You're above this. You are stronger than this. Should I actively avoid any potential sexual encounters?
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lets get a feels thread going

>be me taking out the trash
>see neighbors, have a bit of small talk
>neighbors have a third child all of the sudden
>ask them about it
>apparently he used to belong to a friend of theirs
>his dad committed suicide due to a failed business venture or something money related
>some three months later..
>mum asks grandma to take her son for a walk
>also commits suicide while they're away
>child has to go back to some shitty village to live with grandma in Siberia
>gets adopted by neighbors instead
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>be me
>vote trump
>no wall
>no lock her up
>Israel is our greatest ally
>no mass deportations
>no drain the swamp
>Obamacare part 2
>cabinet full of globalists and billionaires (drain the swamp FAIL)
>most hated president in history
>no reversal of the demographic shift
>tfw family is pro-life because someone wanted to ks in brother's GF's family
>when your current comp goes to shit as soon as it sees that you are buying a new comp
>when your isp makes your net shit because you did not give in to their upgrade
>when you leave the meat [turkey/ham] out for a few days and have no energy because you have to wait for it to get cold again
>when you watch an anime from the 00s [popotan]
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biggie cheeze.jpg
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*biggi cheese steps in*
hi im biggie cheese

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im probably just about the happiest person on earth
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That's a very good album.

Why exactly are you so happy?
i can finally do whatever is on my mind without care about anything or anyone else and thats all i ever wanted, i woke up and freed myself of all problems

i wish you all happiness
I'm really happy too. Even when I'm sad. Happiness comes from the inside

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>be a liberal
>come to 4chan and complain
are they fuckin retarded?
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they are just lost on the way to reddit

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Honestly fuck all British people. I find it impossible to relate to those soccer loving faggots.

//proud American
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Go hang yourself yankee
Same here. I'm not even a fan of Americans but British people are thousands of times worse. Every time I here them talk with that fuking accent I want to to kill myself and everyone around me.

Thank you op for saying what we've all been thinking. Every time I see a Britfeels thread my blood fucking boils.

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I am bored /r9k/
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I enjoyed this image, I only played skullgirls a little bit and then it got boring.
I agree. I can't seem to keep interest in fighting games.

Peacock is a cute girl though.
I only really enjoy them when I play with friends otherwise I get destroyed in about 10 seconds

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Where do I find a fart gf that will fart on me all day?
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You are of below average intelligence to say the least.
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Would you say the same to James Joyce?
How do I acquire a skunk girl gf?

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>finally get a job
>it's customer service via telephone
>aka normies bitching at me about their bills/service

I start monday, wish me luck guys
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just don't panic and try to impress your boss as much as possible

its sad but keeping your job nowadays is more about making your shit boss feel good than anything

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Can anyone on r9k help me identify this cute rock plz?
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Quartz mostly with some iron in it i think
>>>/sci/ has some good geology threads. /sci/ is a much more positive place than /r9k/. Just don't talk about feels there, people get mad when it isn't on topic.
Take iron and slam it into it or vice versa. If it sparks it might be flint. Though I'm retarded.

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