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Who /flood/ here. Houston here. I don't think we're going to make it. Looks like waterworld out there.
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>Fallout: New Houston
is it still raining?
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>tfw unaffected because I live on the fifth floor

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We all love traps, but don't even bother.

They will go for women or other traps.
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Fuck off and let me dream damn it
Trap here
I go for other traps.
Masculine features aren't attractive and men simply don't have anything to offer
>implying women like us

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Post miserable pictures and stories so we can enjoy the misery of others and each other
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boasting more fuk the robut
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fucking bobot go to ell
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fucking street signs go away

post the best virgin vs chad memes
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here origijalkally mine
god that could be bait if some of that chad stuff was remove because it's completely true.
make me laugh good work
You're supposed to post more faggot

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>only like painfully average/ugly girls on Tinder
>still no matches after 4 months
>not even ugly
Holy fuck society is done for guys. All girls just want Chad. I think I'm gonna kms
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>not even ugly
Yeah sure kid
I'm not Chad, but I'm not ugly.
White, 5'10, decent fashion sense, normie hairstyle, proper hygiene, decent facial aesthetics

What's so wrong about me that I can't get a match on Tinder?
Boring profile, shit pictures, a whole lot of competition?

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anyone notice how when you watch different shows movies etc really late at night its a different show then before
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really late meaning 2am
Do you mean when you watch a movie at 2pm it's a different experience than when you watch that same movie at 1am?
I mean really late at night my perception of reality changes

>live with brother and his girlftiend
>his gf is low IQ christfag
>ask why god would give me schizophrenia and have me attempt suicide and kill both my parents
>hurrdurr god gives strongest battles to best soldiers
>tell her Christianity is a mythology like ancient Greek or Egyptian religions
>"since you want to get ignorant, I'll get a little ignorant with you "
>goes off on how I'm selfish for attempting suicide
>ask her what that has to do with religion
>"a lot"

I fucking hate Abrahamic religion and the dogmatic stupidity that comes with it
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>having a conversation with a girl
>she also believes in the sky fairies
>>ask why god would give me schizophrenia and have me attempt suicide and kill both my parents
Did you actually kill them or tried to
No like why would god kill them my mom died when I was 7 dad when I was 17, aneurysm and stroke respectively

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no it doesnt, fag.
Yes it does. It doesn't feel good at all.
It just makes me feel lonely and paranoid.
you never considered you did it wrong? i mean what did you have around you at the time? were you playing music? what?

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>mfw a wh*te boi tries to talk to me

umm... no sweetie, black cock only.
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>this type of threads
saged and go choke on it

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There is nothing I love more than cute (biologically) female butthole
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Holy fucking fuck, those hips. Hiplet women need to be executed.
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cute bhole 4 life
That is the most normie looking sex I've ever seen. Look at her hat. Look at his Chaddo boat shorts and non-pathetic penis

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Hello robots,

This guy attacked a tutorial at my uni a couple of days ago. Because there are no guns, he used a baseball bat and ended up getting 4 injuries, no fatalities. His name is Alex Ophel and his youtube username is Thane Jekyll.

Is he a robot? I believe yes. He says that he was a Kissless Virgin at 18 in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6IJgIdExwU
and reads an edgy poem in another. Anyone else interested in some digging?

Here's the student newspaper's article about the guy: https://anuobserver.org/2017/08/27/alleged-copland-attacker-left-disturbing-videos/

Was this the lamest beta uprising attempt yet?
When will the Stacies and Chads of the world understand that they cannot keep the robots down forever?
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Alright, I'll throw you guys another bone.

This was the guys last video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_ytHCXmwfM
Sped up and basically a runthrough of exercises he does when nobody talks to him

He's also subscribed to MDE, need I say more.

If nobody responds from here, I'll take the hint and stop posting.
Wish I actually bothered going to uni and this was at my tutorial. Would have loved to smash this sad cunt.
just watched his first vid on a perfect society and he shares the same views as Adam Lanza , he could of been the next rampage killer if guns weren't hard to get here

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who else is constantly trying to avoid seeing their own reflection, because they can't stand how ugly they are?

I can't be the only one
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i do that often but when i go out people still stare at me and give me nasty looks because i am short and ugly so i can't really forget where i stand at any point in time
havent looked in a mirror for like 4 days - so yes
To be honest I'm fascinated with my reflection because I still can't tell if I'm ugly or attractive.

Societies to blain for the reason you're a racist sexist anti-social turd with a warped sense of reality induced by your irrational sense of entitlement

Jews are the reason you're anti-anything white & male. They forced you to waste 20 years of your life jerking off in pitiful envy instead of putting your best foot forward and working to accomplish anything.

You're so deprived and disenfranchised by these "normies" it's unreal!
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this isn't /pol/ dumbass

we're misogynists, not racists
nigger detected. you can't be a robot if you aren't racist.
societies to lain?
societies to blain?

is this that ebonics i been hearing so much about?

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>r9k summed up in one character
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frollo minus the power
Hugo, from hugo

>a girl i like just posted "can anyone help me? i needed to read something in public but i can't go, could anyone read it for me? i'll wait for someone until the end of the day"
>i'd love to do that but i'm too retarded to read in public and i'd probably sperg out
>i'm scared to even message her what did she have to read
Why does God hate me so much he throws opportunities i can, but will not take right in my fucking face?
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>can anyone help me? i needed to read something in public but i can't go, could anyone read it for me? i'll wait for someone until the end of the day

Imagine if a man said this. They would beat his ass. Why are women so infantile?
because men enable it
but what do i do? leave it or try, fail and spill spaghetti again?

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