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/pol/ visitor here

Why don't you faggots become alt-right? Shit is hilarious. You have nothing to lose anyways.
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Because I'm already ancap
I consider myself alt-right but I don't go on pol. I live in the south though so I don't have any opportunities to assblast liberals with tiki torches and shit.

I can't because I'm Libertarian bordering on anarchist.

I won't stand in your way if you let me do whatever the fuck I want on my own property and buy and sell whatever I want, including cuck porn. I'm white btw.

caveat - I'll openly embrace and join the Alt-Right if you invent 99.9% real sex bots.

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>start diet
>mummy starts making my favourite foods

Post experiences.
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>sick of being skinnyfat (but i am a fatty deep down, just good metabolism)
>eat clean
>run/swim everyday
>do good for 4 months
>have a cheat day
>turns into cheat week
>give up
>wake up at 2AM
>sit at the pc till 5AM while eating a snickers in between
>at 5:30AM i make myself "breakfest" that would count as dinner
>after the "breakfest" at 5:50 im still bored (?) or hungry to make myself 2 peanutbutter sandiwches and cut the box in half to get the rest of the peanut butter
>around 6:10AM i feel disgusted with myself and my belly grew in size
>put a finger in my throat and force vomit
>you can tell that i became good at it since i feel the "bubbles" at the back of my tongue when i touch it with my finger
>vomit the sandwiches and half digested "breakfest" out
>need to get rid of the evidence so my mom doesnt see what im doing and take out the garbage and on the way buy myself a 7up and mountain dew
>drinking mountain dew now that hurts my sore throat

and you think its easy when you are mentally sickk
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>drive down he road
>There is a KFC there
>Try to drive straight pass but my body physically won't allow it
>end up getting a family bucket and eating it all in the car

Why did the demons choose to possess my body?

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Meet some robots, make some friends.

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This is not /soc/ anon.
Nobody fucking lives near me. Fuck off with this old ass zeemaps.
The map isn't intended for normie /soc/ cancer

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I'll show my butt to someone who can buy me 25 pound psn gift card!
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Give us an proof, ya britboi.
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I don't want to post myself for everyone :c
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I'm not an actual girl anon

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ITT Post depressing feels and stories.
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The only reason I am depressed is because of the inevitable and the way that things are, and mostly because I'm going to die anyway.
>The only reason I am depressed is because of the inevitable and the way that things are, and mostly because I'm going to die anyway.

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Here's one most people here I think can relate to.
>No friends
>Never part of the in-crowd; always on the fringes of conversations in groups unsure what to say
>No gf
>No special talents, interesting points, or other noteworthy features to set yourself apart
>Decent grades but dont care enough to try harder
>Shitpost on r9k after hiding the pain all day
Thats me
Accurate for any other robots?

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>last night friend tells me that he told his girlfriend about how depressed I am
>his girlfriend became so saddened by my plight that she began crying and hoping that I would get better
>this information gave me a huge boost
>tfw a girl cares enough about how I feel to actually cry about it
>feel like shit again
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leave normie, begone from this place
I am more of a robot than you will ever be, friendo.
>He's on the verge of getting pitty pussy

Get out, normie nuisance.

> be bi
> get free rent by blowing roommate daily
> he has me eat his gf out too

im down for this because sucking a dick once a day is way worth $1200 a month, but theyve been treating me shitty lately

it used to be a friendly thing but now they just expect me to do it at the drop of a hat, even if im busy, or if we get into an argument they bring up me sucking them off as a burn

next is stuff like her gf getting off on her boyfriend giving me facials when it was supposed to just be blowjobs and wanting me to keep it on

i dont mind getting the free rent but how do i get them to treat me with more respect? especially his gf, she puts encourages it
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You suck dick for rent. You don't deserve theirs, or anyones for that matter, respect.
>act like a worthless degenerate skank
>why aren't they treating me with respect?
they agreed with it though

im not making them accept it

Any sugarbabies on /r9k/

If so, when/how'd you start getting into it?
Did you hear of it before? Any misconceptions?

Would you recommend it to anybody else. I recently started getting interested and started learning about it.

Any recommendations/advice/etc.

also, if you're an sb, why are you still on 4chan? Just curious.
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I despise the thought of these types of relationships. Both sides of the relationship disgust me. The fact that someone is so miserable/lonely that they would stoop to the level of paying for affection and the fact that there are parasites who enable and profit off of this sort of behavior. Just thinking about it puts me in such a bad mood.

It does also inspire me to better myself and motivates me to make sure that I am financially successful just to lure out the little parasites who would want to be sugar babies and just fuck with them in various ways.
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get rich then.
spend your money on me anon :)))
All the pictures of attractive women and cartoon girls will never be able to hide the fact that you are most likely a mentally ill man or an unattractive woman.

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I'm going to kill myself when I get off work today. Is there anything I should do (like handing back books to the library) before I go?
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Not kill yourself. Snap out of it.
Cancel subscriptions, eat a good meal, take a shot, write a note(if you care).

What's your method anon?
Erase your internet presence if any

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smug asberger.jpg
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Is anyone here actually a diagnosed autist/aspie? or do you all just call yourself that to justify your social ineptness?
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Chan culture is the catalyst behind an as yet unnamed disorder on the spectrum, we're all a shade of autistic for coming on imageboards habitually.
i am but i never have akward interactions since i never really interact with people i prefer to do things alone
I don't think imageboards are autistic, I kinda treat 4chan as a social media site, kinda
I haven't been that awkward lately, I have my moments, but not all the time, my autism usually shows in my interests, my habits and my personality, I hate changes, I hate touching certain things, I hate metallic smells, I hate repetitive sounds if there's someone other than me making them, I've gotten completely obsessed with dumb shit like Ghostbusters or Doctor Who to just hate it months later because I liked it so much it was embarassing, stuff like that

do you think you are someones type of person they fall in love with?
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yes. it has happened several times before. They weren't my person, though. unfortunately, I am too introverted to go out and try, very often. I am too busy, right now, but I am not too worried that I will be single for the rest of my life. what worries me most is that I will never find the right girl. I met her, once, and that was years ago. I don't even know where that particular girl is, right now, and finding someone like her is something I don't know is even possible
Yes because I am a sociopath
Yes. I've been married and had a few girlfriends. The trick is to have at least an average dick and an average job and an average girl will love you someday.

>Freeze, muthafucka. u betta give me yo wallet or imma bust a cap in yo ass u cracka white boi

How do you respond?
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I give this poor guy some money because he obviously needs it to pay the bill for his stock photo.
I don't have a physical wallet, you dumb nigger. I only do transactions in bitcoin because it's not a jewish currency.
Do you know CJ from Grove Street? He is my homie so you better watch out

I have been smoking since I was 16, weed allows me to relax and act normal around normies.
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No friends anymore, can't source it.

It was really fantastic though, made everything almost alright.
Weed slows down my brain activity, which is nice.
also helps me shrug off cringe memories and gives me more "control" of my subconscious

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please post in this thread if you have not been outside in over 24 hours
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Haven't left my apartment in a week
thanks! how has your time inside been

did you do anything fun

What you got bots?
I'm sucking down some hydrocodone.
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nice try, copper. Ask the middle schoolers down at >>>/b/
Do you want to give yourself schizo?
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>27 years old
>never did drugs
>tried alcohol only once
Somehow pissing normies off since 1990.

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