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>tfw you're getting your life back in order after being a NEET for a long time
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But being a NEET is the life.
I was a NEET from 2006-2011. Those were good times. Better times.
please tell me this is true
Go for it m8

You can't be a NEET for ever.

Seriously get out the basement you faggot.


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femanon here, how can i get a cute sadistic robot bf who will treat me like a little girl if i'm ugly and i don't go outside?
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By posting on fetlife. Or /soc/. No contactfagging here.

I'll be on the lookout for your /soc/ post, can't wait to have my own little girl sex slave toy.
It helps if you have a vagina, "femanon".
how ugly are we talking?
how cute do i need to be?

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hm thinking.jpg
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yoga pants ruled 2010-2020. What do you think staceys will wear next decade?
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silk negligees
European cut
hopefully still yoga pants, I love seeing a gigantic round ass in those things

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why don't girls like asian men?
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Because they have itsy bitsy, teeny wheeny, yellow spotted, red peepees.
I thought this way of thinking was wrong and only losers on the internet believe this stuff.
small peeners/height/frame and submissive culture

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Have you drinked your first two glasses of water of the day yet? You wanna be healthy ain't ya?
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imagine all the backwash in that bottle

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gotta have my poorfag pep /sips/
Drinking water takes almost no effort. Are there really people who take take pride in staying hydrated?

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Post your conversations with fembots.

I don't talk to fembots, so here's this Spurdo instead.
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You won't believe me, but femanon here. OP, if you've never talked to a femanon, I can be your first.
I've nothing else to do, so hi I guess.
>inb4 post tits or gtfo
>inb4 trap/tranny
>inb4 reeee
prove it

original comment is original
OP here, sorry for the late reply. Can you give me your kik?

>tfw no Laura Palmer gf
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>when the Laura fag from /tpg/ are leaking
She was a drugged up slut you dumbass.
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was harold /our guy/?

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Anyone know the feeling you get after your finish masturbating in panties with your fingers in your still quivering ass while your dick twitches after shooting cum on your chest and face?
Just curious.
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is it the same feeling you get when you cum to the thought of teasing someones asshole with your cock until you accidentally cum?
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never tried anal play before

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>tfw you decide you're calling off work tomorrow
Drank instead of slept. Whoopsie daisy.
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>that drink

you know how we can tell you're gay?
It's just a picture I had. I'm drunk on svedka 100 proof
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How much of a pussy clean ass cocksucker fuccboi do you need to be to drink that

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how do i get my aunt to suck me off
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is blackmail on or off the table?
Acquiring ghb is a good first step

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Who here got through the /pol/ phase? Share feels. It's was a bad experience but it taught me a lot. Most /pol/ ideologies are either completely false, have very little truth to them or are taken to an extreme.

>Claiming blacks/mexicans/hispanics/etc are bad
Obviously a teenager-tier black and white world view. These people either never met any of these before or just hate them because of stereotypes or very specific cases. Can minorities have bad norms and a need for education? Sure. Not even the majority is bad.

>Gays/Transsexuals aren't people/Establish theocracy/Teach religion in schools
Fuck off pseudo-catholic cunt. Live and let live.

>Muslims are cancer!
No, Islam is cancer.

>The jewz are bad and they are responsible for everything I hate!!! Without them it would be a perfect world!!!!
/pol/'s ideas on jews are literally on-par with SJW mentality on white men or anarchist mentality on the government. They just want someone to blame for everything they see as bad. Also they often contradict themselves on this topic. I've seen them blame jews for communism, then for capitalism, then for anarchism. I've seen them blame jews for causing people to stray away from religion, then for maliciously creating religion in the first place. Do ultra-orthodox jews dislike the west? Sure. Are they a danger to the west? No. Is there a pretty high number of jews in the media and such? yes in some cases, but they act as individuals. Nothing to do with 99.99% of jews and claiming it is marks an outdated proven false conspiracy theory. Does the average jew hate white people, hate the west and wants global jewish control? fuck no. They judge a whole ethnicity based on some stupid nazi shit they read online. Meet an actual jew sometime. They act as if as every jew on earth is teaching their kids the secret Illuminati jewish master plan of taking the west under jewish control, issued officialy by the zionist elite of the state of isreal. Grow the fuck up.
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It was the lowest point of my life. Hating "others" gave me a cathartic feeling that made me feel better about myself. Whenever I see someone talking about hating niggers I see my past self in them and just feel pity
It was all okay until you claimed that trannies are people
Trannies are people, people who want to be the opposite sex, but they aren't people who are the opposite sex, and trying to force people to say they are is tantamount to a religious fascism.

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What is your alignment, robots? I'm genuinely curious... Or do you have another system?
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i've always been an isfj lawful good, i can answer questions if u want babe
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Soes are you liken a white knight, type?
Chaotic neutral sounds the best cause freedom, but it's also the go to for edgy teens, and most CN's are just fags. Besides, being a chaotic neutral is impossible irl unless you're a fucking psychopath and lucky enough to dodge cops. Are there any good Chaotic neutrals in fiction?
>Hardmode; is not chaotic evil most of the time, they're legit unpredictable

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I think I'm finally going to see a therapist, I've been putting it off for so long.

Does anyone here have experience with that?

Did it help?
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They don't understand robot problems, they only care if you're self harming or have attempted suicide, otherwise they think you are wasting their time.
What's with this photo? seriously why would you save something like that?
thats... realllllyy fucking upsetting.

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> make a profile that says i'm looking for a girlfriend
> Make the profile nice and full, give a lot of information, fill everything out
> Add my photo, i'm average at best
> message a few girls, while looking though their profiles and seeing that we have tons in common
> they don't reply 99/100 times
> when they do reply they show complete zero interest
> no views from girls for weeks. Sometimes months, unless I browse them and they browse back, probably to see who this disgusting shit is

> make a new profile
> fill in the exact same likes, dislikes, basically almost copy paste my whole profile
> find an image of a well groomed model tier chad
> go away for a couple hours
> come back, there's a dozen of views already and two messages
> message the same girls I messaged with my original profile
> they ALL respond, some still play "hard to get", but more than half of them respond with extremely long psots. All of them end the posts with saying how good "I" look and are basically drooling. If I forget to respond for a few days, they leave atleast two messages asking where I left

This is depressing. I even messaged average girls, that others wouldn't say are the best lookers, but they looked cute to me. Yet they still had extremely high standards for looks.

Why is this allowed? Why do I have to have a pristine profile, make the effort to look for girls and also look ATLEAST 8/10 + be 6'0" minimum and muscular, while they can just do whatever, be bland and STILL get invites from every single person.

When did this culture of only wanting Chads start? I fucking wish that for a month atleast things flipped and girls had to go through this shit.
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dude online dating is a meme. ive been turned down by poor and gross mentally ill girls on there. ive also got a suckie from this really hot chick once. its a crapshoot but most have stupid standards. my gf is more attractive than most girls on those sites and is a better person. make friends and try to expand social circles until a girl starts talking to you and giving signals. its what i did. i have actual bergers too. you can make it work. chemical confidence helps but dont go overboard. seriously fuck dating site girls they are mental, go irl instead.
>while they can just do whatever, be bland and STILL get invites from every single person.

Because you're talking to them like a desperate fuck and because there are thousands of other desperate fucks like you prowling dating arenas right now for a chance at an average girl who recognizes you as below average.
But how do I do that if I haven't had an irl friend in over 5 years now. It's not like I can just go out, meet someone on the street and become friends. I don't know where to begin to ease my way into finding people.

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>tfw you woke up and you're in your late-20s
What happened? I feel like I was a teenager just yesterday. I have wasted my life.
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tfw when you wake up late 30s, was alcoolic 2 years ago, quited hard drungs 8 years ago, only making 45k a years, but shit son, youve come a long way since drug-head high.
45k a year is good
What's stopping you from making your dreams a realitee?

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