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Why aren't you spending your Easter Sunday with a girl who enjoys your company just as much as you enjoy hers????
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Because I'm a worthless person.
because id rather be alone than be with an ugly girl
It fucking hurts.
I don't want to be like this.
There's something wrong with me.
I can't see it, but everybody else obviously can.

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>strongly dislike spiders
>keep finding these little brown fuckers crawling around on the basement carpet
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Stick them up your ass and cum on them
The yellow semi translucent ones are the only ones that freak me out. Woodlouse hunters are gross too, but I only find them outside.
>hate jews
>jew names in every tv show and movie

Coming back to this hellhole of a board to deliver a message to miserable robots everywhere. Pic related. Take 1-3 of these a day. This cheap bottle of lithium salts did more to fix my mental state than any antidepressant drug or anxiety medication or therapy program or exercise regimen or dietary supplement ever did. I can't even feel depressed or particularly anxious at all anymore, though other emotions seem normal. None of the side effects typical of people on high doses of the carbonate form. None of the side effects typical of antidepressants either. If you're about to kill yourself anyway, spend a few bucks and see if it works for you too.
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jesus christ are we really getting targeted by the supplement jew now?
any experience with 5-htp or st johns wort? or should i forget about them and go straight for this

5-HTP helps me sometimes but if I take it for more than a few days in a row I no longer notice any effect. Lithium orotate does not seem to cause tolerance in this manner.

Haven't tried St. John's wort. It interacts with practically everything else and I take other medications so it didn't seem safe for me. Very complex mixture of effects, not clear which ones are actually useful and which ones just cause side effects. Could be worth trying if you're not taking anything else though.

Is sexual frustration linked to crime and bigotry?
Look at Japan. It's so based it has legal sexual services and the lowest crime rate in the world. Tokyo is so safe 6 year olds travel by train.
I'm not a weeaboo, I've never watched a single anime in my life but sometimes I dream of living in japan.
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No it's because Japan is mainly homogenous. Racism is perfectly natural
its because nips are betas by default
it is the only non-white country that didn't get colonized.

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Is seeking truth and enlightenment a good thing, or a painful and dangerous thing?
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It's inherently painful and too difficult for the average person. That's why so many people give up half way through and end up in a nightmare purgatory.
Would you rather be happy and ignorant or wise? What wisdom holds, as far as mental states concerns, all depends on you and how far you take it.

It's not a question of good or bad, it's a question about what you really want.
The anger phase is the resulting outcome, but you learn to just live with it, its better to be aware than to be comfortable with lies. If you've heard the term then you know it passes. You get used to seeing things how they actually are and you'll actually like it more because, now you have control.

Why can't I make any real friends?
Why do people I start talking to slowly grow quiet in my presence?
Why do I need to practice making facial expressions in front of a mirror before meeting up with people?
How do I get the courage to stop faking my personality in front of people?
Why can't I just say what's on my mind to people without them feeling awkward / scared?
Why do I have this need to talk with a friend without any restraint?
Why am I bothered by my lack of true friendship?
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>How do I get the courage to stop faking my personality in front of people?
Because your real personality is messed up I guess. Which is my case, but it's getting better. It's super important to be genuine, but it's difficult if you're weird.
I've accepted that I'll never, ever, ever be normal. And that's OK. Doesn't mean I can't be something good.
Wtf, you rack confidence.
[email protected]

You been talking to idiots more like
What kind of friend are you looking for?

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any other good looking robots here?
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Yep. Origi na

Everyone below me looks like shit though

no such thing. get the fuck out.

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Why do white men with black/brown/mixed women suddenly look alpha? Take pic related for example, if he weren't with that woman I'd view him as a beta lolicon, but now he instantly gets my respect.

The COLONIZED meme is real.
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how do i acquire a black gf bros? Where do you go to meet geeky black girls?
go away /pol/...
wait what?
Do black girls like anime?
That 's because you view your opinion as fact. Also you assume that others share your opinion. And you have a fetish for brown girls.

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It's Easter Sunday. Let's share our beautiful bodies with our fellow robots and post sum lewd pictures for them. If we creep, lurk, attribute to their board, the LEAST we can do is show them a titty. Seriously. Why not? Robots are the best kind of guys out there, imo. Anyway, enjoy I guess. c:
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jesus died for your sins, so post tits

cool gyno fag
Tiddies are always nice to see. Thanks sempai

Shit normies do or say that piss you off

>Taking pictures of their food with their phones at restaurants
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>Shit normies do or say that piss you off
Posting here
>Posting messages to their SO's which could they clearly do in PMs.

they're trying to rub in everyone's faces that they're so sweet together. fuck off would you please
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>"Butt dial"
Are normies so stupid they can't figure out how to lock their phone? Then they blame the phones for causing the unwanted calls.

is this /our song/ ?

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Out of of all the underground rappers Bones is probably the shittiest
all the good ones are here
the point

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Benzos and alcohoI?
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What do you mean? If I want to die I can just take too many beta blockers and my heart will probably stop.
I don't think OP was suggesting it as a suicide method but as a way to deal with life.
I take 5 mg of Ativan and drink ~1.5 of vodka every day.
This >>36326523 was meant to reply to >>36326486
I switch the pills up with xanax that I trade for, and the vodka up with gin sometimes, to keep things fresh.

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Tic toc wagecuck, tomorrow will be monday and your slavery starts again.
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Jokes on you
I only work on weekends.
What the fuck is a tic toc?
you heard him you faggot

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Having critically low energy, deplorably weak self-discipline, and a severe lack of ability to focus is absolutely fucking miserable. I'm actively ruining my own life by wasting all of my time. I for the large part only do the absolute easiest and shallowest things, and I effectively put off doing all of the things that are important to me while still constantly obsessing about doing them, resulting in endless frustration and restlessness, living only through daydreams, reminding myself of my interests rather than touching them, filling my mind with nice concepts and terms and feelings to float through my head as a replacement for actually doing anything. I just cannot stop being fucking useless, and no matter how many times I write up a new productivity schedule or come up with a new plan or attempt to diligently focus on something, it all just ends up slipping away.

I never stop feeling empty and dissatisfied with everything. I have no plans and no hopes for my future anymore. No one can save me from this, and no one will try--although I daydream about it often, I could never reasonably expect it. I can only helplessly watch myself waste my own life.
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I just want to learn how to code and then go learn game design to finally fulfill my dream of starting my very own game development team but I just can't be arsed to learn codding and I have no fucking energy whatsoever 24/365
>learn how to code
You can do it anon. I managed to do it and I'm a little bit retarded. I mostly do webdev though, it's not super complicated stuff.

Seems like game development tools are pretty damn powerful nowadays. You can get started without too much coding it seems.

I don't think I have a low energy situation as extreme as you do. I have depression and it's getting worst though. Do you exercise? It helps.
ADHD-i -- seek stimulants.

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Alright boyz. School shooting time! What weapons do you choose? Maximum budget 20k for me: benelli pump action shotty, glock 19, colt .45 revolver, hunting knife, Browning 1911
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Go on a stabbing spree faggot
Guns are for unoriginal pussies
Halo Battle Rifle because i'm only playing SWAT with these normies
It's the cockroach! Haven't seen you in awhile. I guess you can only attention whore for so long before you need a break. You will never be chad lmao. Sage

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