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I want to fill a submissive woman with my sperm and impregnate her.
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That's a novel idea anon
thats pretty gay

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my gf loves when I choke her while cumming. it feels so primal and raw. i recommend it anon

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All this self-imposed meme sadness is disgusting.
Is there anyone here who's actually suffering?
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I have other imposed meme sadness, does that count?
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>implying the meme's arent our autistic way of crying out for help while still being able to deny it as a joke
I am great at self-imposing stuff. Does that make it different? Not really, it becomes extra burdens and weights that I personally cannot seem to fight through. They are my demons.

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>tfw no motivation to play video games unless I get high
>tfw out of weed and no money

I'm fucking bored, guys. How do I find the motivation to start playing through my backlog?

Currently I still have Persona 5, Bloodborne, Demon's Souls, the Metal Gear Solid series, the Devil May Cry series, and Silent Hill 2 to play through, but I just cant seem to find the willingness to start.
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>I only can play singleplayer games while high
>nearly finished Silent Hill 2 while high
>been out of weed for 2 month
>haven't touched the game since then
>finally got weed today
>try to play Silent Hill 2
>twf I forgott everything about the story because I was high everytine I played it
Play some Bloodborne. The lore alone is pretty good.

Also learn to alternate genres. I occasionally burn out and need to switch it up. Right now I'm on my 3rd person kick (there Bloodborne) but before that it was Intense FPS with DOOM. Before that it was online survival with ARK. So on and so forth. Eventually I spin back around, and I'm sure after Bloodborne I'll go back to competitive quick games (OW, Rocket League, etc).
Try to explain sight to a blind guy here.
What's it like being high?

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Just got hired as a cold section stalker at my local Walmart with $10.50 as my starting pay. Fellow wagecucks does this seem as ebin as I'm feeling it is?
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if its frozen or dairy be prepared to work consttanly all day. need more info let me know
Don't work frozen and dairy it sucks. If you can go for general merchandise. It's way more comfy.
I care more about money than comfort

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>Be beta orbiter
>Fall for every single bait Anons drop like "FEMBOT HERE, LOOKING FOR BF"
>Look desparate to everyone without achieving nothing in the end

Imagine how it feels being this retarded.
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I actually just play along just to amuse me/trigger retards.
>Be neet
>Make trap, cuck, fembot, roastie b8 threads on /r9k/
>all day and everyday

What point in your life to you have to reach to do that?
I think you sound cute anon

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I find most women my age generally act fairly hostile towards me, almost like they have taken one look at me and automatically decided that they do not like me. However I have noticed that I don't seem to get that vibe from older women. Has anyone else experienced this?
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I dont know anon, some do. Can you describe yourself, are you a manlet? Maybe you come across nervous and some people pick up on it and know they can push you around desu
the only women that treat me well are older women. any girl that's around my age treats me like trash.

i guess i should just get over it though, right?
i have anon. Although there are times when some girls around my age smile at me too so idk.

Sometimes i think it could be that girls or age are just cunts.

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>Cant stop feeling lightheaded
Usually it goes away after an hour or so but ive been feeling dizzy all day
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Are you eating?
are you drinking/eating enough? I do this kinda often
>wake up 8am or so
>sometime pass and light headed
>check clock is 6pm
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Probably not enough, I had a piece of toast and cheese today and some tea. Trying to cut down.

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I want to fuck Quiet.
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Well that's easy just don't make noise. You're welcome, anon.
the only reason i leveled her up was to get more lewd animations in the heli
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>love MGS5
>forget to buy any of the shirts on those shirt a day sites when it was a hot meme
now I want a diamond dogs shirt but i cant find one anywhere

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Why do we enjoy misery? Why can't we take action? Why do we prefer short term gratification brobota? I want to stop shitposting and playing vidya, they take up 12 hours a day. Please help.
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We prefer short term gratification because we're impatient. Everything around us now is faster compared to before. Want some food? Order take-out or have it delivered. Want to talk with other people? There's the internet. We're so used to all of these that we can't be arsed to actually be patient and spend a little effort to get what we want.
What can we do to change that pattern then?
destroy your videogames and your wifi
there you go

I really need to win the lottery or something.

All my problems are caused by not being financially independent.

I don't want to spend 40 hours every week doing menial shit
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Good luck Elliot.
your option is kill yourself or get a degree.

once you get around 30, you will start feeling the pressure.
i have to go back to school, even though i have tourette's and am so shit at learning for extended periods of time.
i have to learn in frequent, short bursts, otherwise i freak the fuck out in tourette's outbursts.

i'll try to make it work, you should too for your future.
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pssst. get the magical beans man.

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So why haven't you become a badass fascist like me, /r9k/?
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Stop posting yourself everyday you attention whoring faggot.
>it is badass to want to submit to an authoritarian figure

imagine being this pathetic and insecure

you use nationalism to mask your own lack of identity
>there are hot guys on r9k
what !!! aSDG SDJGSA ?? where do i meet you

Basically I'm a few exams away from graduating. It's is finally achievable. It's here.

And I am scared shitless. I never really studied through the rest of uni. I don't even know how I got this far. But I'm here.

What do you guys do to get motivated?
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college means shit, if you didnt network, then youre fucked
>What do you guys do to get motivated?

uh, you sure you clicked the right board there lad?
>What do you guys do to get motivated?
Wait till the last day so it's biting my ass and study then. Then realize it was a bad idea and timetravel week before final and study that week.
Now that you have this knowledge, you can start studying

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>be me
>spend teens and early 20s getting friendzoned and BTFO
>sort out life in late 20s
>use hookup apps to meet up dozens of girls

If I think the girl would have rejected the old me, I find ways to subtlety punish them, including.

- Getting them to my place and putting on boring world/art cinema
- Sit browsing internet while they grow bored until they leave
- Give them glasses of prune juice that gives them diarrhoea (most people don't seem to know this is a characteristic of the drink, especially bimbos and foreign students)
- Stop fucking at random, go quiet and then say "err, I'm not gonna cum, this isn't working for me", especially if they are fairly hot (this crushes the girl)
- Try to ass fuck them, if I pull it off, I only ever assfuck them in future meet ups
- Humblebrag about banging many chicks and saying their race doesn't really rank that high

Anyone else here have a similar hobby to mine?
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this is classic pasta

i'm glad to see it again
>most people don't seem to know this is a characteristic of the drink, especially bimbos and foreign students

Bullshit, people can't be that oblivious
>- Stop fucking at random, go quiet and then say "err, I'm not gonna cum, this isn't working for me", especially if they are fairly hot (this crushes the girl)
>- Try to ass fuck them, if I pull it off, I only ever assfuck them in future meet ups
These sound pretty cool tbqh

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>tfw my hairline is already fucked at 19
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>tfw normies make posts on social media making fun of me for my height and hairline

i sympathise op
>hairline went to shit at 21
>real bad
>hop on dat fin
>1 year passes
>gained back like 70% of what I lost, around NW1 now
>hair real thicc everywhere, hairline stronk
>it just looks like I have a high forehead
thank you based jewish pharmacological gods
I will never abandon this sweet, youth-giving pill
Doesn't it fuck your cock up?

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>go to xhamster
>search for "rape"
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You have to search forced. 99% of it is movie scenes.
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>tfw went to imagefap and search lolita
What happens? I don't want to be put on a watchlist.

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