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What is the worst way that a bully humiliated you ? Ever been forced to smell a guys feet ?
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Nobody ever tried to bully me.
I've had girls who pretended to be into me on msn, only to come to school the next day and she'd be laughing at me with all her friends.

Started to avoid contact with girls after this happened 2 times. Still a 26yo kv at the moment.
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>I've had girls who pretended to be into me on msn, only to come to school the next day and she'd be laughing at me with all her friends.


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Mom got Mcdonalds after all.
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What did you get, anon? I haven't had one in a while.
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>Dad never let us get McDonalds because he hated a man whose surname was McDonald
ur daddy a homer simpson ass n*gga

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When a man once said, "All women are whores.", he was right.

It doesn't matter what their hair color, nationality, race, or how much you think they love you. One day, they will betray you. It doesn't matter the scenario it's a fact of life. Every man who has been around women has witnessed it themselves, or seen it done to others. And this is not a recent phenomenon, this has been going on since women have existed. Do you honestly believe the onslaught of the feminism movement changed women? No. It only allowed women to show their true nature. They don't care about you, they pretend to care, but in fact they just want to satisfy themselves, fake altruists is what they are. Egoists pretending to be altruists. But their is one particular women that has surprised me on how low her character is, and the lengths she will go to satisfy her degenerate pursuits. The Blonde Female. Yes, you've seen her in advertisements, movies, and other forms of media (Blacked). You seen her walk down the street in her scantily clad attire like a cheap whore in Bangkok. If you weren't a chad in high school, you probably seen her walk passed you in the hallway not even sharing a quick glance at you, pretending like you don't exist. And to her you don't exist. She holds so much contempt towards you that to her you are less than human. An insect. Anyone who doesn't fit her expectations is thrown under the bus and disregarded. And if you perchance do befriend her, she will use you as a walking doormat. She will release all of her bent up emotions and other bullshit that spews from her mouth so she can waste a few seconds of her day. "Chad doesn't appreciate me like you do, Anon.", "You are such a good friend."etc etc etc.
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Also, why are blondes so fervently obsessed with betraying their own race? Every blonde I come across is with a nigger now.
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get back to >>>/r9k/ you MGTOW manchild degenerate
I'm not mgtow or a manchild you faggot

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Have you been in a long distance relationship? Do they ever work? Did you find your special somebody? Did you get ghosted and cry NEET tears into your pillow? Tell /r9k/ your stories.
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Don't work.
You will be cucked.
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It sucks. Don't do it. LDR is only for super lonely virgins who never had anyone irl. It never works and it's practically equal to having a practice gf without the sex and real social interaction

Also this is true too. Never do long distance relationships
Only do a LDR if you ACTUALLY love the person you are in a relationship with, trust them and have some forseeable end to the 'distance' ie you will be moving in together eventually, and once you do you wont be able to LDR anymore unless its a necessity

So, I started dating a dude, things are going pretty good and so on but the thing is, his family doesn't know he's a fag.
He's also scared of telling his family he's one which means he wanted to keep us as a secret. Some stuff happened and his sister found out he was dating someone.
His brilliant idea was to lie and say he was dating a girl and now his family wants to meet his """"girlfriend"""" since before that he was a turboautist without a gf.

To make things worse he just joked that I should crossdress and he buys me some girl clothes that cover everything, like some girly pink hoodie or some other gamer shit.

Do I go with him and meet his parents while badly crossdressing or I ditch him?
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Those aren't the only two options. Tell him to come out to them.
You should stop posting here for being a disgusting normie
ditch him if he can't be honest about dating you then he ain't worth it.
Sounds like trouble.

What if everytime we experience deja vu, the universe just loaded up a previous save?
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What if every time we experience deja vu, it's because we truly have lived that moment a thousand times, and for a brief second we're able to, purely by chance, connect to our greater, eternal selves and realise this on a deep level?
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Far more interesting idea than >>36888284

OP is a colossal normie faggot ;)

Deja vu is probably just similar to a brain fart (technical term) where your perception of time gets fucked to the extent of 'happening now' is re-routed to feel like 'happened a long long time ago'
Bump for original potential.

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how desperate are you guys?
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I don't want a gf but I'll push the button.
I wouldn't even press the button if I died in 2040
Haha jokes on you, I've been dead inside for the last 10 years

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My conversation with my dad minutes ago

>anon we spoke to your grandparents and they said they want you to come to Guangzhou (a city in China) to live with them so they can make your normal again, what do you think?
>I'm not sure, I'll think about it
>well it doesn't seem like you're getting better, if you're going to be at home most of the time, you might as well try living in china. You can go with your grands to buy a computer once you're there.
>okay I'll think about it and let you know
>you can't keep being like this, just remember that.
Looks like my family's had enough
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Stop posting this shit originally
he made an update about this story. stop larping op. it's done

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How does this make you feel r9k?
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Hell's gonna be full of these guys. Don't sin, otherwise you'll be stuck with them forever
you're confusing this board with /fit/

most people on /r9k/ would porbably be really annoyed in a place like that
go back to /fit/, faggot


All the "progress"we have made has been for naught. Thousands of years of civilization has brought life saving technology, but it has also created hedonism, shitty processed food, destruction of the planet, famine, wide scale war, slavery and wageslavery.
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Imagine being in ahunting tribe, surrounded by a your great family, your brothers and your qt supertraditional wife. You don't get ill because you live active life in nature and eat fresh food from the land.

Always an adventure. Always meaningful and exciting. You belong.
The fact that you are posting this is proof that it was worth it. Humans never had a better live than they do now thanks to civilization. Sure, life is still shit for some people. But that just means we still have a long way go before we live in a post-scarcity world.
>posting on 4Chan is proof that it was worth it

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>admitting to another real life person that you're a 30 year old shut-in friendless hugless handholdless kissless virgin

>mfw I actually did it for the first time to my psychologist yesterday
>kind of feel like a little weight has been lifted off muh shoulders
>she didn't even laugh at me or insult me
>she said shes worked with similar people but not as extreme as me

Kind of feels weird knowing how I split my heart out to another person for the first time in my life.
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Did she believe the no friends part?
>30 year old shut-in friendless hugless handholdless kissless virgin

I should probably mention, that's some of the least of my problems, hence why she said I was an extreme case. Not specifically because of that, but many many many other things.

(I feel like I had to point this out here to people who are still virgins but at least have a job, drive, have at least one friend, actually leave the house etc)
I'm jelly that you have a female psychologist.
I'm seeing two male psychologists, I saw them yesterday and I can't tell them shit.
I don't like talking to men about feels

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>meet up with guy from r9k
>talk about stuff and we seem to get along pretty well actually
>add each other on steam
>talking pretty much daily, playing games together, still meeting up sometimes to go on walks
>i must be some sort of huge faggot because i start developing a crush on him
>at one point he starts talking about traps and feminine dicks, says he likes them
>''heh.. y-yeah they're pretty cute i guess..''
>''hey anon, ever thought of going on hrt? you have the body for it''
>''uhm.. no, i mean i dont know why are you saying that''
>''oh nothing i just said you'd look great as a girl''
>''okay.. thanks.''
>rest of the walk is awkward as fuck
>few weeks pass where he keeps bringing up the same stuff
>developed a huge crush on him at this point
>finally break
>''okay well, let's try it, i want to be a girl... y-your girl''
>fucker smirks at it and takes me to his home
>logs up on some websites and together we decide which less expensive girl pills to buy
>buy them, they arrive a few days later
>start taking them
>been on hrt for 6 months now, my balls shrunk and i started growing tits
>whole time he still didn't make any move on it or tried doing anything lewd, just teased me most of the time
>2 days ago he removed me from steam, blocked me and he's no longer at home
>drop into the abyss, want to just fucking die
>today i receive a phone call from him
>really happy for a second, quickly pick up the whole and respond
>there's some fucking whore moaning on the other end while he tells me
>''hey yeah so i forgot to tell you i found a pretty cute girl last week and i'll be over at her house for a while now, sorry bro, no hard feelings yeah, bye''
>before he hangs up i can hear that whore screaming ''OH YEAH GRAB MY DICK FU--''


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Take some testosterone ya dummy.
you fucking faggot, just kill yourself
That's pretty hot, OP. You should be thankful for what he did to you, he got you started being a qt girl. Maybe some day you can be as cute as the one he was having sex with.

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Did we really reach the epitome of morality?

I mean in terms of mainstream western views, are they the most moral and "humanitarian"?

Will we look at today's moralistic views a 100 years from now and think "we were such savages back then"?

I don't mean what's actually happening now, but in terms of the mainstream western moral views.

I need your insight robots
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People still belittle everyone outside the box. For example, nobody seems to care for transethnic people and their plight.
I don't think moralism will even be considered in the future.

The same way we don't believe in witches. Humanity will be dragged kicking and screaming into reality te whole way but there is no going back.
We r a raep culture

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>already at 1kcal
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Move your hand up and down and you will burn like 10
How. Like fucking how
>Only at 4000kj

Where do I find a gf with tits like this?

This is my fetish. I love huge, huge monster titties. I wonder if any chicks like this browse /r9k/.
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Poor thing must have terrible back issues
>tfw ur a breastlet
I'm not hating on small breasts. I'm not gonna turn a girl down for small ones. I just love the huuuuge ones, especially with dinner plates.

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