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I am curious on how the r9 feels about the new Gorillaz Album. I have been waiting for months and got it day of release.
Personally I think it is a good album and I think it adds an interesting twist to the Gorillaz Phase 4 'lore' or story (if you follow that stuff). If you don't care, then what is your favorite song?

I don't feel like there is enough of THEM(Gorillaz) actually in it though, I like collabs as much as the next guy, But don't really get a whole lot to choose from when it comes to the OGs. Which is not necessarily a bad thing but almost all of my old classic favorites are usually just them. A whole lot of underground artists I never heard of, and most of them are pretty good. Not to mention De La Soul makes a comeback

I am pretty torn between Saturnz Barz, The Apprentice, and Let Me Out. being my favorite from the new album

that my 2 cents, thoughts?
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why gorillaz so popular?
Cause good music.
why don't you talk about this on/mu/?

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Smug Woman.jpg
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>be maIe
>rub your pee pee for 30 seconds (it doesn't even feel that good because patriarchal society decided you don't need a foreskin which has all the nerves)
>have a mediocre orgasm
>require another male to put his pee pee in your bum bum to have a truly great orgasm

>be female
>touch your pee pee slit for hours
>have multiple orgasms and be in total ecstasy the whole time

Jesus Christ, can we genetically modify males to not be so pathetic?
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Nature already did it for us by giving us foreskins. We already are "genetically engineered" (in a sense) by natural selection to have loads of erogenous nerve endings and tons of ways to stimulate them.

It's society that decides this is somehow wrong and then dismantles what natural selection crafted over billions of years.

The issue is with society, not the form of man per se.

Luckily im not an amerishart so i wasnt mutilated at birth.

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>tfw "Amerishart" and not mutilated

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Star Trek thread

I love Star Trek and you all should too. It is THE stereotypical robot show, it's obviously just cheap entertainment but it's also filled with deep philosophical and scientific questions, all answered with highly optimistic predictions of the future of humanity. It is a truly beautiful show and a bright light in this dim world. I feel like many great episodes should be mandatory watches for some of our politicians...

Anyone else love Star Trek?

Discussion topics:
Kirk vs Picard
Data vs Spock
Best episodes
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I used to love Star Wars more than Star Trek. But then the new episodes came out and shit up the Star Wars universe forever.

Star Trek however, remains strong (we won't talk about the shitty JJ Abrahams reboots). TNG and DSP were easily some of the best Sci Fi we'll ever have.

>It is THE stereotypical robot show, it's obviously just cheap entertainment but it's also filled with deep philosophical and scientific questions, all answered with highly optimistic predictions of the future of humanity. It is a truly beautiful show and a bright light in this dim world. I feel like many great episodes should be mandatory watches for some of our politicians...
I loved watching TOS (I haven't watched subsequent ones yet) but this description seems more apt when describing The Twilight Zone.
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2MB, 1206x780px

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Who /selective mutism/ here?

Everyday at work is a shameful experience as I cannot even muster the courage to say "good morning" or "bye" to my manager. I talk only when talked to.

Everyone must think I'm a fucking freak.
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Sometimes I say thank you or hello so low that I'm sure I don't actually make any sounds at all
i got in trouble in highschool for not talking
>has a job

nice try normie

Hello robots this is a very important message.The purpose of humanity is to evolve into gods but achieving godhood is only possible if we get eliminate parasites.
Parasites are people who just leech of others and contribute nothing for the improvement of mankind.Parasites are my enemies because they slow down the process for humans to become gods.My purpose in life is to make parasites change so that they can become valuable members of society.My prefered plan to change them is by establishing a minarchist governent that will give them no option other than to work or starve to death.I dont know if i will ever be able to establish that goverment but i will still try other ways to change them.I declare war on all parasites on this board im talking to you neets & betabux collectors.Neets are parasites for obvious reasons and betabux collecting females & traps are also parasites because they are taking advantage of their female sexuir market value raised artificially by the banning of prostitution.Parasites dont only harm mankind they harm themselves because not focusing on improving humanity is a nilisthic way of life that can only give you q depressing life.You guys are my enemies and i will ruin all of your lives through online bullying and hopefully by establishing a minarchist goverment.So watch betabux collecting traps and roasties, i will ruin your lives
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Nice copypaste, famalam
This is not pasta its completly original.
And what do you think of my message, do you agree with it?
This is s very important message shameless self bump

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Why do I have zero motivation to do anything?

It's Saturday, I've got the whole day off. The weather outside is beautiful.

I could exercise, I could go out hiking, I could attend a festival that's happening nearby, I could go shopping
I could do some reading, learn new things, I could clean my apartment, hell I could do something completely simple like watch a good movie.

Yet I'm laying on my bed browsing 4chan and I lack the willingness to even stand up.

How do I get motivation to do... anything?
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It's called being depressed af

It almost certainly relates in some way to dopamine.

We don't fully understand how it works, but dopamine seems to have a clear causal relationship to many mental states, including motivation.


Dopamine is an incredibly powerful neurotransmitter that seems to play a role in almost every mindstate, including anger, depression, psychosis, happiness, fatigue, paranoia, everything.
I've been like that for about five years now.

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I just hanged up on a roastie after calling her a slut on the suicide hotline I work at.

Ask me anything.
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Do you know that you're doing God's work?
Keep doing what you're doing anon.

God's speed
It's not gods work yet, I recorded it and I plan on uploading it after I get fired, just in case this doesn't fire me I plan on doing it again. Don't want anyone tracing this back to me till after I get a collection.

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just want the pain to stop, hurts so much at night especially, need to kill myself, can't keep this up, scared to talk to anyone but my therapist and only see him every 2 weeks

need to die
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hey, me too except i don't have a therapist, and don't have the money to afford one, and also don't have insurance.

at least you get to talk to a professional every two weeks. my only outlet is an imageboard for toxic virgin autists who encourage me to kill myself
doesn't help much, just false hope
Haha maybe if you insttalled gentoo then you can be happy :<>)

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It's happening guys. Im being shipped to China
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post timestamped proof, mr. Shitposter.
you are already chinese
lol we're following ur story closely

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Can someone explain the psychology behind being a beta orbiter? There's a guy I ghosted and recently texted again. He still loves me, even though I was emotionally abusive and the only physical thing we've ever done was hug. He had a hot girlfriend pining for his attention and affection while we didn't talk and he broke up with her.

I don't get it.
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How "hot" was his girlfriend?
Like a 7-8/10
I'm not even close but he finds me good looking for some reason.
You're probably over-rating her. Post a pic.

Also maybe he's just bored, my ex is a 6.5/10 she still says she loves me and texts me every day. I broke up with her last month and fucked a 4 last night, i'm not orbiting though ig

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>tfw you like being a virgin
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The closest nonnormie virgin I know said that it was shit and he wanted his virginity back. I'm 19 and pretty much gonna keep my virginity.
I panic as I creep towards wizardry..... I guess I should just accept my fate. HOGWARTS HERE I COME!!!
The sex thing is whatever. It's seeing physical contact between men and women and remembering that my last non-incidental contact with a woman was years ago that kills me.

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That one cousin stories?

>extended family staying over/staying at extended families
>bedding is limited between you and your cousins, some of you have to sleep on the couch or a cot
>that one cousin who over-eagerly volunteers to sleep on the floor (even though there's other options) because he totally prefers it and finds it "more comfortable" than a bed just to seem interesting to his cousins

Hated that faggot. Nobody prefers sleeping on the floor you dumbfuck, you're not cool or mysterious for doing it.
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File: 1434080708736.jpg (61KB, 608x619px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Same OP, I hated him too
>being this bluepilled
Floor sleeping is super redpilled.
1. comfy as fuck
3. lots of room to roll around
4. good for your back
Literally only cucked normies who need to keep up appearances sleep on beds
You're only doing it cus you think it makes you look interesting....it doesn't faggot.

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i want a fembot gf
i want someone to spend time and do stuff with
please respond
im so alone
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post steam url fsgg
wtf i don't want you you're a complete loser bye

File: gay black guy.jpg (19KB, 473x340px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
gay black guy.jpg
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>Hey white boi, I heard you were thirsting for some pucci
>well, I'm thirsting for sum white boi dick.
>So I'll let you pound me in my boipucci with yo dick, that way, we get what we all want if thats cool wit you.
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hey monkey, go die faggot
It's people like you that bring me closer to thinking Hitler was right every day.

I don't want an ape shit hat on my helmet, and I can't eat your fucking putrid asshole like I would a cunt.
This post contains all the right words in their proper order.

File: 7gdyj10o.webm (1MB, 568x320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What the heck are these things and why do I want to suck them whenever I see one?
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Because youre a faggot.

Originally Original
They are literally meant for sucking. Why else would you get rewarded with delicious boimilk at the end?
File: Op_10201f_2272756.jpg (52KB, 600x449px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Psst hey faggot, guess what?
You are a faggot!

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