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Who else here is unable to smile?

>be me
>full time employee at starcucks coffee
>actually good doing this
>everything but to connect with costumers
>this conection thing seems to be really serious
>constantly annoyed by manager for this
>we need to give a sincere smile Anon! so smile now!
>trying to use any power will to smile
>only achieve smile curve in my mouth who is imposible to see or rapist smile
>no like that! you look tired!
>guess why bitch
>fucking district manager comes twice a week to check everything
>excuse to use her fucking discount card in the store
>always being respectful and try to smile
>she do not say anything and then goes to store manager to complain about the lack of connection
>store is a shit and partners are fucking retards but that is not important
>Anon you are the worst worker here! just create an emotional connection
>try this once asking a costumer how was his day
>they ignore me or just have the eyes on their mobiles
>really close to be fired
>just because a smile
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Just smile like a normal human Anon
Just got fired from starbucks before quitting. They take customer service seriously, which is good but some of the partners are just such retards. My boss for example used to shout in a high pitched voice at partners and sometimes customers. Fucking glad I left that shit hole
>be robot
>work in place where you have to be sociable

That is the fucking problem

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>you will never experience teenage love
>you will never know what it feels like to be loved since middle school
>you will never know how it feels to receive a shy first kiss from your first true love
>you will never get to discover your bodies together
>you will never have her support you through your school exams and college applications.
>now you're 24+ and all you will get to experience is to fuck sad mentally ill girls off dating apps.

Why live?
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to experience the comfort of locking myself away in my room and just beeing myself
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>you will never get to be yourself with someone else
sucks, anon.
hang in there.
death will come for all of us soon enough.

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So let me get this straight. You guys are virgins and avoid social contact as much as possible, yet you still think you have some kind of nuanced opinion about women and society?
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Normies just won't understand.
Because its illogical and doesn't make a damn shred of sense. That's why
/r9k/ isnt one person. These groups of people probably do not overlap very much

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trash chad vs moral chad

who wins ?
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That Chad is mad he has to look up at him
nobody wins. everybody is miserable
>tfw Jake Paul will soon get evicted, arrested, fired, and shipped back to his doublewide in Dayton
there is justice in the world

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Why are weeb girls who move to Japan suddenly converting to Islam?

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Too many harem animes and guro lolicon doujins for her.
purge all religion

Nerf shamans

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The definition of a normalfag.
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Have family, sex, work, friends, hobbies.
I ment him
Bobby is pure shut the fuck up he's borderline incel anyways

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How do you forget a bad memory? I want it out of my head
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You don't that's the best part of it.
kill yourself
pre occupy yourself and drink

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I'm meeting her today for coffee
It's been forever since I've heard her voice
What do I say what do I do
Do I get my coffee when I get there? Do I wait for her and get her coffee too? Should I show up late? Early?

I'm so fucked I'm so fucked
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Show up on time and order together
post more of her pics plz
Say "Hi, I just posted your photo on an anonymous image board asking for date advice from a bunch of virgins, why don't you like me?"

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Do any other former bullies here hate it when the people you bullied at school have mental breakdowns/suicide attempts

Makes me feel like I broke them years ago but in reality there was probably much more going on in their lives than the impact I had on them
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I don't I should though. One of the kids I bullied got arrested for trying to shoot up the school.
kek, was it just psychological bullying or did you get physical with him as well?
Wow. You narcissistic little bitch.

It makes YOU feel bad? They should stop having mental breakdowns to make YOU feel better?
Fuck you. Fuck everything you represent. Your mentality never changed. You're still a bully.
Even though its just a stupid fucking imageboard, your post honestly made my blood boil.

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What's /r9k/ reading this summer?
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Diary of an oxygen theif was a good time.
Also found a cool book called Queequeg's Odyssey that's pretty fun. It's about this guy who drops everything to build a trimaran boat and sail around the world. Gives me hope of escaping NEET life at sea
Schopenhauer, Essays and Aphorisms
Mishima, Confessions of a Mask

Miura, Berserk
Bulghikov, Master and Margarita

"Soon" backlog:
Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamozov
Dostoevsky, Demons
Jung, Red Book
Reading the lattimore translation of Iliad right now. i'm enjoying it

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Your resume looks great Anon, but we're looking for someone who's more of a diversity hire than you
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just tell em you're gay
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You think this is something that doesn't actually happen
Does MIT have gender quotas? Are those results publicly available?

I just want to feel and woman and then die.
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You should do nofap. If you're also a virgin, then your urge to rape will increase by about 125%.
Yeah theres loads of like 5'6" to 5'8" qts that could be easily overpowered. A day surveillance, then chloroform her so she never even remembers me violating her.
A shotgun in the mouth afterwards.
No. You are fucked in the head, mate. If you urges are that strong, go and get yourself a hooker. Then you'll see that your problems are still there.

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That's it! I give up! Hahaha I fucking give up!
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There are people on this board who have not showered/brushed their teeth in literal years and child predators. You may be a gross KHV loser, but you're not even halfway down the barrel here
Why would you assume that? I mean, you're right, but I didn't say anything about my personal hygiene or life ambitions.
isn't it freeing?

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>go to public bathroom again
>go in stall
>toilet clogged with shit
>get hard from smell and cum on it
how can i get the willpower to stop
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Eat shit and get so disgusted that you'll never like it again. :3
i accidentally tried it and it was bittersweet

wasn't disgusted
How did you even ever start liking shit?

Welp.I've been on 4chan since 2003-2004 (can't clearly remember). I started coming on here originally to us this as a message board to help figure out quests on runescape at the tender age of 6.

I've been on here ever since and I lived the robot life up until around today. Today I go into work and I might be promoted to manger and over the last 2 years I've been working as hard as possible to grow out of being a NEET and make something with my life.

I took the robot test and finally got normie today. Really scared I won't get the manager job and stay a full time wage cuck.

Pray for me bois I might be out this shit hole.
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I got 88 points, what should I do? I'm INTP.
personally what I did was:

Keep where I live clean
Make a diet
Use my money properly
Find a good and productive hobby (I did music for 3 years and make good money off of it now)
FORCE yourself to go out at least once ever two days
Get a job so you can have stable income
and the biggest thing is to move out.
I've moved out, did it already when I was 18. I wonder actually whether I am a normie or not. What would the threshold be?

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