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Guys, I need advice.

>Be me
>Have BA in English, probably worst mistake of my life.
>Work at grocery story
>Have no debt.
>Am about to inherit about 60-70k from deceased grandpa

I have virtually zero prospects, skills or employable qualities and I want to use this money to finance another degree. Problem is, I wouldn't know what to go back for. I'm trying to narrow down my options, and I'm contemplating either Accounting or IT. I'm mainly considering the latter because the tech field seems to favor socially deficient people, on the other hand it's a field that requires you to pretty much be informed on what's going on in the industry like every other week, and I don't really have much of a passion for anything tech related other than gaming. Accounting seems like a more general purpose skill, but I'm afraid that it's not as kind to people who are socially anxious, awkward, etc.

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i'm in the same boat. i was going to try and do engineering but i'm pretty stupid.
whats a usable degree that a stupid person can reasonably hope to attain?
Any job that isn't shit minimum wage or slightly above you need to have some form of social skills to be reasonably proficient at. First thing you have to do is learn to socialize better, force yourself to go out and talk to people.

As for a degree I'd recommend probably cs or IT, any kind of business is full of hyper extroverted people which you will not be able to compete with.

I thought about engineering too, and I feel like the program would be too math intensive to really excel well in. I could probably apply myself and force my way through the basic math courses, but applied math and calculus would probably destroy my GPA.

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How tall are you? Are you big?
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I am 6'1 150lbs
Uh, some places are big. I'm not a big person, if that's what you meant. Average build.
How about you, OP?
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6'4" 430lbs here. I'm the biggest guy on /r9k/

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Write a letter to a person that may or may not read it, include initials as well.
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Sorry for being a clingy autistic faggot. I had some problems on my end, but you didn't seem to be interested in staying friends with me. You weren't very reciprocal. I wonder if your new friends you made when I left.

I saw you recently, we didn't make eye contact. Was that your boyfriend? Hope you are happy.

I hope you haven't found someone else by now

I love you. but I hate you as well.


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Would you accept your new girlfriend on the condition you are to be locked in chastity and only release for pleasure once every 1-6 months?
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You will be required to eat her out daily,

She may also require you to eat Chad's cum from her tight pink pussy.

It's 2-12 more times per year than now, so yeah

Post your philosophies, other anons rate and debate. Here's one to start us out: Violence is a good thing and should be kept around, this is because without conflict it would be impossible to create interesting books, games, literature or art in general. This would remove humanity's most valuable product: our art.
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bump, please ponder with me anons.
Conflict yes but not necessarily violence. Nature is dialectical in that regard so it's impossible to eliminate conflict altogether anyhow.
Heres me:
a : a doctrine or belief that conditions in the social organization are so bad as to make destruction desirable for its own sake independent of any constructive program or possibility

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Badass things you say before kicking someones ass:

>"blow it out your ass"
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Jesus, anon, that would be cringe as fuck. Sounds like a geriatric man yelling at a cashier
What about:
>"I'm gonna rip your head off and shit down your neck"

If you say that to someone, I hope they beat your ass into a coma

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>I'm saving my virginity for my true love
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What if you know who they are though?
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>your true love is 2d so you'll die a virgin
I did this, me and my wife have only ever felt each other's touch

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Alright, now I have a truly hard choice for you robots. A powerful being gives you these two choices:

>be with a Stacey, a basic white girl who by association will make you popular, you will eventually become Chad and can bang tons of bitches and no longer be beta ever again and will be well respected by humanity, also you will be guaranteed a place in Heaven because God loves normies. The one drawback is Stacy is not loyal at all and will cheat numerous times, likely giving you an std and emotional trauma at some point.

>be with this demoness, a powerful negative 5d astral being who will make you into a powerful demon(similar to her race) as well, and her personal bodyguard(as she is a general of Hell). You can't fuck other females or she will get insanely jealous and kill you horrifically, she will be loyal to you as well and never stray from your side. You will also gain the respect and admiration of a number of other demons including her subordinates. The one drawback is you will be barred from entering Heaven or acquiring God's grace and on the day of judgement you must be willing to fight for the demons to destroy Heaven. Also the demoness is incredibly cruel and will expect you to horrifically torture humans and other sentient beings for amusement.

Which do you choose?
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Can I replace Stacey with a moderately attractive, loyal qt? If not I'll still take the Stacey option, I would never want to torture someone.
I choose Stacey, who the fuck wants to go to Hell?
You can either have Stacey who cheats, or a hot model looking Black girl who is loyal but is extremely belligerent and won't stfu, like this

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goddamn, i'm very into cowtits.


> what happened to that Highschool cowtit?
> did you got a titfuck before?
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Honestly, they're the most important thing in life. For me at least. I have to improve myself and being someone exceptional in order to voluntarily choose, or "create," my own titcow. All I want in life is to make sure that my natural abilities are utilized and to be able to share my everything with my loyal titcow wife
Become someone exceptional*

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Does anyone else want to leave the US and move to a different country because of all the political bullshit that's happening? I hate what this culture is becoming.
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Did you have any places in mind? It all depends on where you go.
I want to leave because of the system itself. Nobody dares to call it corrupt.
I'm eligible for right-of-return in an EU country so I will just bug out there if the US starts to go to shit. From there I will go to SWEDEN YES and get on gibs and claim that I'm fleeing the oppressive Trump regime.

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What happens if you eat at a restaurant and leave without paying? I mean, at best they're gonna get a blurry photo of your face and maybe a number plate that they can run, but if you don't drive then it's not like they're gonna be able to find you, right? If that's the case then why the fuck does anyone ever pay for anything?
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Wow dude no one has ever thought of this, I'm never paying for anything ever again
Uh they'd do nothing but you would've be able to come back again
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Wow what a totally novel crime you've thought of OP! You dine... then you dash!

I suppose people don't do it because although you will almost certainly get away with it once, so long as you never visited the area and especially the resteraunt again, degeneracy catches up with you in the end. Also because restaurants will start making people pay in advance if a few shitheads start making this into a problem making ordering food more of a pain in the dick.

Wait until you figure out how easy it is to steal bikes and rob homes. I mean lmao people are at work for hours a day who is gonna stop you from walking into a home and just taking their shit? Do you know how easy it is to shoplift too?

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Alright, /r9k/. Let's get at the truth.
Where were you on the night of the murder?
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The only murder the people of this board will ever be guilty of is that of themselves
Just answer the question please.
Keep in mind that you are under oath.
Fine. I was at the house of a fine young trap. Is that enough information for you, shekelberg?

I always wonder how these two work, too bad they don't want to be tested.
I hope they have kids.
This level of symbiosis is unbelievable.
Would you rather this or nothing?
>inb4 duckman
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is that still alive?
read up on how they work, it's super interesting
>Essentially dating two women at once
>They're literally inseparable
>Twice the amount of issues
>Same amount of pussy
>Also they're ugly
I wouldn't touch these cunts with a ten foot pole

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I found out today through an ancestry.com dna test that my father is 2-11% European Jewish. Should I convert now?
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Am I officially a dirty kike now though? I have blue eyes and dark blonde hair.
Then you're not Jewish. My DNA test says that I'm 100 % Jewish, so I can answer any questions that you may have.

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ITT: dumbest reason you got punished in school
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For being extra sexy ;^)
>eating dinner in junior school
>feel someone kicking under the table
>look under the table
>girl is just casually swinging her legs
>when I sit back up she's accused me of stealing her lucky rabbits foot
>sent to the teacher
>she was in the middle of teaching a class
>get berated and burst out crying in front of everyone

Nigga I was like 5 and she was sat across the other side of the table I'm not fucking houdini you cunt.
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> sixth grade
> in library class
> teacher has some medical condition which makes him talk really slowly
> learning about the almanac
> fuck this is boring
> skim through the book to find a page that's interesting
> read that page for a bit
> teacher comes up to me
> says I have to attend lunch detention tomorrow
> skip detention and face zero consequences

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