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Can't sleep
Need advice as I need to get rest big day tomorrow
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Daniel Dennett.png
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Just choose to go to sleep. Use your free will.

Nobody is holding a gun to your head keeping you awake. You are not being coerced.

Whether you sleep or stay awake is up to you.
Lying in bed
Been there for 5 hours trying
Staring at selling but still no sleep
take some nyquil, or some benadyl, thatll help. looking at screens before bed is bad too, so try and just focus on getting to sleep as quick as possible instead of being on 4chan

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Surprise Birthday, Anon!
Happy Birthday!
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I don't know any of you. Did my mom hire you? Do you even know my name? I'm leaving
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>aww man, I wanted to give you your first lapdance too :(, guess I'll just call Chad and Tyrone to celebrate with us instead

Who the fuck are you??

If you dont get the fuck out im gonna call the police

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Is step fathering the ultimate cuck trap?
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Pretty much yeah. Ultimate cuckold is raising another races kid though. I'm not even racist, but everyone will know right away that you are the step father.
Passing on your genes is the basic goal of life, and you failed in it,
i personally cant think of anything more humiliating than another man raising my child. For my son to come into the world and have the love and respect owed to me given to another man would be the ultimate emasculation. You would be seen as the degenerate and the other man would be seen as the hero.
Would having your own biological kids with the mother lessen the cuckoldry?

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Why wasn't I born looking like this?!! Life would be a fucking cakewalk! FUCK.
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yeah but you'd be a woman
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> You only get to live once, yet you were unlucky enough to be a balding short neckbeard crippled by social anxiety instead of a 11/10 qt with a body of a greek goddess.

how is this ok
What's her life like? Honestly wondering.

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If you learn to be homeless well you will need to learn no other skill nor do any other work. This is the patrician's lifestyle.
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Why aren't you homeless, then
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>Want to be a peaceful, ascetic traveling vagabond with no need of the material
>Am a soft NEET who has never camped or hiked in his life and is totally dependent on other people

It sounds perfect. No responsibilities, free to travel or go wherever and living day to day.
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I was homeless for 4 months and it sucked. I almost got kidnapped and raped a few times.

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>tfw you will never sniff a muslim girl's asshole

Are there any muslim girls on r9k? If you want a white bf I'm decent looking, come from a wealthy family, and am going to college. I'll convert and do anything you want.
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Why do you want a muslim girl?
You do know that they're not allowed to date outside of their religion?
More traditional, plus I think they're cute, all they're clothing makes them sweat more, and theres something really erotic about doing very sexually degenerative things with a sexually repressed girl in bed.
I would like a nice whiff of a curryhole too :P

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Anyone here a bit scared of how artificial normies can be? When I walk through my town, people take pictures and the girls immediately stop smiling when the picture is done, like they never were happy to begin with. This is one of the main things I've seen regarding how artificial they are. Can anyone provide more examples? I've only started noticing and haven't found much else.
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Reminds me of something I saw the other day. I was at the train station when I heard three boys (probably aged between 6-10) singing "happy birthday" in unison. A woman who I can only presume to be their mother was standing in front of them recording it with her phone. I thought this on its own was creepy enough so I began to watch them. Towards the end of the song one of the boys looks away from the screen to his left, and his mum freaks the fuck out on him. She stops the video, puts the phone down and starts yelling at him about how he's stupid and can't follow basic instructions. I could tell that they were holding back sobs, all three of them. She then got her phone back out and started the song again from the beginning. I was too nervous to say anything so I just stood there.

Do you think that whole incident would've happened if not for Facebook? "Social media" has, in fact, made us more unsociable forever. We're encouraged to create facades of happy, contented lives. Some of us will make ourselves or others miserable just to project the appearance of self-fulfilment to people who won't give less of a shit anyway. It's sad, really.
>"Social media" has, in fact, made us more unsociable
I love this talking point, it's the perfect sound byte for fingerwaggers to let me know I can dismiss their prepackaged opinions.

You're no better than the people you deride, pal.
That is horrible. A 6 year old looks away from a screen for a second, and his mother freaks out? She also instructed him to sing Happy Birthday for her. Shouldn't that be something the boys do on their own will?

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Why are there no rape asmr vids? I want my penis to tingle.
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That's a dude isn't?
Is that a tranny? If not its very hot.
Why would you rape a man or in this case an ugly tranny?

>hahah I show that fag who's gay by having gay sex with him.

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How do I convince my wife to have a child?

I'm 27 and she's 30, and she doesn't want a child and I want one so bad but can't tell her real reason.

I want to marry my daughter when she's 18. That's the reason. But I need good reasons to use as excuse for her to make child for me.

Please help.
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What if she has a son? Also, why would you ever marry someone who doesn't want kids?
Is that what your parents did for you?
is that why you are so fucked up?
She doesn't want kids, so if we find out boy i'll have change of heart, or maybe we'll invest in artificial insemination to ensure girl.

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Post your favorite pornstar

Mine is mellanie monroe
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Proxie Page, her asshole is literally beyond human
She's the best looking pornstar that does crazy anal insertions/gapes. BothRoxy Raye and HotKinkyJo do crazier/bigger anal insertion gapes, but are not as hot. Same with DirtyGarderGirl (or Gal), but she's fucking hideous.
I could stick my entire head in that thing she's amazing

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I fucking hate Metalheads
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B-but I love you desu
yeah they aren't conformist enough for me
that first pic is kind of cool
origoreno commenteo

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Try to talk to each other for more than just a day. Show your Steam and Discord ids
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I didn't make the thread but I'm posting my ID!

Looking for friends that play Town of Salem only.

Or any of my other games, or just friends desu.
can you originally post that sweet madoka profile pic please?
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This is comfy thread.
Can anyone recommend comfy games?

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Who here is actually a wizard. I am tired of 20 year old faggots whining about no gf when they will probably have a serious relationship before they finish college.

Feel free to ask a wizard anything.
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I just want to play music with somebody -- I don't even care about sex anymore.
What make you reach this point of magic?
same, if you have a 2 in front of your age or lower than you have no reason to complain. you faggots haven't hit your prime and you don't even know it

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FUCK the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Most normie "drugs r kool" leftist band EVER. Wholly unoriginal, too. HATE THEM!!!!!
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drugs are cool you fucking loser faggot. kys. autist on this board are pathetic
They were alright in the 80's and 90's. Everything they made since then is just garbage.
You have terrible taste in things

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say no to japan.jpg
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Japan is disgusting
Anime is a product of japan stop consuming it
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explain why Japan is disgusting
fuck off original
Agreed, anime is gay af

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